Top 5 Posts of 2013

As we’re rounding off the year, here’s the most popular posts of the last 12-months in descending order. I hope you enjoy reviewing, or catching up if you previously missed them.

So in at number 1, Buakaw wins again!

  1. Buakaw Strength & Conditioning Training at Banchamek Gym
  2. Fighter Weight Training Sessions In a Nutshell
  3. Building Functional Muscle for Muay Thai – part 2
  4. Are You Fighting With The Brakes On?
  5. Building Functional Muscle for Muay Thai

My “Twelve Days of Christmas Progressive Workout” will be published day-by-day starting Christmas day — just a little something for you to have a crack at over the holiday period. :)

12daysChristmas Blurred350px


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