Well, as we rapidly approach the close of 2015, the Z1 8th Royal Cup Muay Thai Championship in Kuala Lumpur served as a great finale for me. This two day event presented a mixture of Super Fights, WMC Super 4 Tournament Champion’s Titles,  a Z1 Female Champion Title, and a Z1 World Champion Title.

I interviewed both Jordan Coe (Scotland) and Sophia ‘Cocopuff’ Alexis Torkos (Canada) about their training before they competed, and I’ll be sharing those videos just as soon as I get them edited. Both of these fighters performed extremely well, and I’m looking forward to presenting for you an insight into their training before the Championship, and their experiences on the day both in the ring and backstage.

But to give you a quick update, here’s the results, and a highlights video too:


Day 1 Results

Super Fight – Junior Under 12

Firdaus Che Halim – Malaysia vs Alif Red Arrow – Malaysia

Winner: Firdaus Che Halim via points


First Semi Final Super 4, 57 kg for Z1 WMC Super 4 Champion’s Title

Ali Yaakob – Malaysia vs Okbae Moon – Korea

Winner: Ali Yaakob via TKO Round 2


Second Semi Final Super 4, 57 kg for Z1 WMC Super 4 Champion’s Title

Jordan Coe – Scotland vs Leonard Shujaa – Kenya

Winner: Jordan Coe via KO Round 2


Super Fight, 57 kg

Chen Wee Dragon Boy – Malaysia vs Awi CTR 313 – Malaysia

Winner: Chen Wee via points


Super Fight , 69 kg

Kim Dong Hwan – Korea vs Mat Ropi Kuda Merah – Malaysia

Winner: Kim Dong Hwan via points


Z1 Female Champion, 56 kg

Dilara Yildiz – Germany vs Miriam Muay Farang – Italy

Winner: Miriam Muay Farang via points


Super 4 Finals, 57 kg for Z1 Super 4 Champion

Ali Yaakob – Malaysia vs Jordan Coe – Scotland

Winner: Ali Yaakob – Malaysia via points

Jordan Coe v Ali Yaakob

Super Fight, 62kg

Asanee Sitmonchai – Thailand vs Ban Mero Kuda Merah – Malaysia

Winner: Asanee Sitmonchai via points



Day 2 Results

Super Fight, 59 kg

Raysaldo Biagtan – Philippine vs Zulkifli Buaya Saka – Malaysia

Winner: Zulkifli Buaya Saka via points


First Semi Final, 72.5 kg for Z1 WMC Super 4 Champion’s Title

Jordan Watson – England vs Faizal Ramli – Malaysia

Winner: Jordan Watson via points


Second Semi Final, 72.5 kg for Z1 WMC Super 4 Champion’s Title

Mardsua Tum – Thailand vs Frank Giorgi

Winner: Mardsua Tum via points


Super Fight, 54 kg

Firdaus Janai – Malaysia vs Simon De Maria

Winner: Firdaus Janai via points


Super Fight Female, 52 kg

Sophia ‘Cocopuff’  W Santai-Canada vs Nang Hong Liangprasert – Thailand

Winner: Cocopuff W Santai via points

Cocopuff W Santai vs Nang Hong Liangprasert


Z1 WMC International Champion’s Title, 65 kg

Hamza Bougamza – Sweden vs Derek Red Army – Malaysia

Winner: Hamza Bougamza via points


Super 4 Finals, 72.5 kg for Z1 WMC Super 4 Champion

Jordan Watson – England vs Mardsua Tum – Malaysia

Winner: Jordan Watson via TKO Round 4

Jordan Watson vs Mardsua Tum

Z1 WMC World Champion, 63.5 kg

Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym – Thailand  vs Vahid Shahbazi – Iran

Winner: Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythai gym via points

Saenchai jump kick

Vahid Shahbazi misses Saenchai with a low kick

Saenchai vs Vahid Shahbazi

More video footage to come soon. Best I get editing!