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TJ The Thinking Man and Daisy Mrs The Thinking Man – The Science Of Building Champions Podcast

In this, the very first episode of the Science of Building Champions podcast, I’m joined by both TJ "The Thinking Man", AND "Mrs The Thinking Man", TJ’s wife Daisy, from Phuket – just a week out from both of their next fights on the same weekend… Originally from Houston, Texas in the US, TJ and Daisy sold everything back home and upped roots [...]

How A Novice Can Become An Expert – And Why Some Never Will

Phase 1: Newbie Gains When you first start Muay Thai training, you’re swimming in a sea of technical corrections! As time goes on, with consistent practice of the core (game-changing) movements and techniques, fewer corrections are needed to achieve reliable performance. You’re moving along the continuum from novice to expert. Repeating movements reinforces habits, forming motor pattern “engrams” that you no longer have [...]

Is The Chest Throw Against The Floor Any Good For Muay Thai?

One Championship has been doing a great job of showcasing not only the fighters, but some of the behind the scenes training footage as well. And I'm often asked to comment on some of the exercises that have been shared on social media. And here’s one I was asked to comment on recently… Med Ball Chest Throw Against The [...]

Thailand Training Guide

Naresuan the Great Shrine, Ayutthaya My first trip to Thailand was back in 2000, organised by Ajarn Tony Moore though the British Thai Boxing Council. The trip was an eye-opener in every sense possible! As a Muay Thai coach, I travelled to train in real Muay Thai gyms, to see fights at both Lumpinee and Rajadamnern stadiums, to experience the Thai [...]

Thais Aren’t Powerful, They’re Efficient

I’m often asked why Thais are so powerful without using resistance training. And here’s one I received recently... “I keep thinking that real power comes from perfect technique which is comes out of a result of hours and hours of repeating the same movement year after year that's why you see some small skinny guy who you wouldn't think nothing of to later [...]

Advanced Muay Thai Clinch Strength

What Clinch Strength Is & Isn’t Of all the Muay Thai tactics, the clinch demands the most raw strength. If you layout all Thai boxing techniques on the force-velocity curve, you’ll have clinchwork at one end (strength) and punches at the other (speed). BUT - Good clinch work comes from relaxed, efficient application of strength, not just brute force. If I’m clinching someone who’s using all-out [...]