Recovery – The Secret to Rapid Performance Improvement

Fighters pride themselves on being hardy. But there's a difference between hardy and fool hardy! There's times to push through it, and there's times to back off. The trick is knowing which situation your currently in, and it's not as difficult to read as you might think. I'm sure you've either been training in [...]

Buakaw Strength & Conditioning Training

Here's an interesting video of former Omnoi Stadium champion and two-time K-1 World MAX champion, Buakaw using landmine or coreplate exercises in his strength and conditioning programme prescribed by the Faculty of Sports Science at Kasetsart University. The movements selected are very sport specific, indicating they are toward the end of a meso cycle or block [...]

Resistance Bands or Weights to Build Strength and Power?

This question comes up relatively frequently, and I thought I'd share some ideas regarding the use of resistance bands for sports performance training and of course MuayThai specifically. In theory you could achieve the same levels of resistance from both bands and weights, however the nature of the load is very different. Bands produce [...]

Quality Before Intensity

Weight training sessions are far more than than merely pumping iron. They're an opportunity to learn and practice movement patterns that when performed correctly will transform your athletic ability and protect against injury. Sadly, without a coach overseeing the training session, all too often ego takes hold and too much load is manhandled with [...]

Strengthen antagonist muscles to get faster?

Today at the gym we had a rowing athlete training Olympic lifting. In the rest intervals I took the opportunity to discuss with her the programme prescribed to her by her rowing club. As we chatted, the topic of exercise selection arose. Although rowing is predominantly a lower body movement, the upper-body contribution is [...]

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Training Dose

More is better? No, better is better. It's about training smarter, not just harder. Two of the 6-laws of training come into effect here, namely the progressive overload principle and the accommodation principle. In one of our a recent chats, CST and TacFit Coach, Michael Addison and I were discussing training progression, and I happened to say [...]

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