Keep Muay Thai Different

  Everything evolves, and in the quest to attract a greater paying audience, Muay Thai could be pressured to follow the model of pro boxing or the UFC. And don’t get me wrong, there’s a ton of good marketing points to be taken from these established combat sport giants, but… ...I hope Muay Thai [...]

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VLOG: Planning Strength and Conditioning Training

I thought I'd share a few thoughts that arose while planning a client's next block of strength and conditioning training... Have you moved training on before giving enough overload? Do you need to change all the exercises used between training blocks? How does stress outside of the training affect recovery? Check out this video [...]

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Z1 8TH Royal Cup MuayThai Championship

I'm all set to head out to Malaysia in December, to attend the eighth consecutive Z1 Royal Cup MuayThai Championship. It's the longest running Muay Thai event in Malaysia, and I hope to get some behind the scenes access to fighters to discuss their training methods. I'll be sure to share anything I learn with [...]

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Wanting more? Please give me your opinion…

I'm increasingly being asked for Muay Thai specific weight training programmes, videos, guides and webinars etc. I'd love to start providing more information, but to do so I need to dedicate more time to what started as a simple, weekly blog, sharing ideas. To realistically free up time to create more detailed content, I'll need [...]

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Training Age

At a seminar I delivered to Thai boxers in Cork, Ireland, there were some very experienced fighters — having invested many years of training both domestically and in Thailand, and amassing a large number of fights internationally. You wouldn't describe these guys as 'beginners'... or would you? A small part of this particular seminar [...]