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Optimise Your Mind & Body For Muay Thai

Don Heatrick with Yodsaenkai, Manachai, & Liam Harrison
Don Heatrick

The Physical & Mental Demands of Muay Thai Are Greater Than Most People Realise

…Yet Thai boxers are still wasting time on methods that don’t get results on fight night.

I’m here to help ambitious fighters and coaches take their game to the next level by bridging the gap between Strength & Conditioning, Performance Science, and Muay Thai.

More About Don

“Don Heatrick is a special case because he has been in the trenches as an athlete and spent his life towards studying athletic development from the greats as well. I can assure you that his training principle and programs are well thought out and filled with both experience and research.”

Lawrence Kenshin

Combat Sports Analyst, Owner Striking Breakdowns

Featured Guides

Unlock Your Muay Thai Potential

with the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint

Elevate Your Game Through Strategic Strength & Conditioning

Becoming a dominant force in the ring requires more than just sweat and hard work; it demands a precise strategy

Our 12-week fight camp blueprint is your roadmap to superior athleticism and ring dominance, regardless of your current level.

When you adhere to scientifically-proven training principles, you’re setting yourself apart from the rest. It’s not a question of ‘if,’ but ‘when’ you’ll reach your goals.

Navigating this path can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve compiled the ‘Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint’ into a comprehensive PDF guide to simplify your training planning.

What Others Are Saying

Sean Fagan
Pro fighter, owner of Muay Thai Guy

“Don’s articles, resources and knowledge has been a godsend to me and the rest of the Muay Thai community.”

Damien Trainor
2x World Muay Thai Champion, Chief Instructor at K-Star Legacy Muay Thai

“It’s great to see a S&C coach that actually understands the demands of a combat sport.”

Melchor Menor
2x World Muay Thai Champion

“Please read Don Heatrick’s articles on his site. He’s a brilliant writer and has advanced knowledge integrating strength and conditioning in our sport.”

Our Programs

We believe that people inspired by Muay Thai to test their real limits, deserve confidence in every aspect of their training and their ability to meet every challenge, win or lose.
Don Heatrick

Minimal Training Model

For Aspiring Fighters:

You’ve caught the Muay Thai bug. Now it’s time to take your passion to the next level.

Whether you want to get fight-ready, hold your own at the gym, or compete in the ring, our Muay Thai training programs will equip you with the skills, strength and knowledge needed to succeed.

We offers personalised coaching for enthusiasts of all levels. Our science-backed training protocols will help you achieve measurable results faster.

Don’t just train – train like a champion. Start your journey today.

Thailand Training Model

For Experienced Fighters:

You’ve put in long hours at the gym. You’ve felt the sting of kicks and punches in the ring. Now take your Muay Thai game to the championship level.

Gain an instant performance edge with our elite training programs. Our strategic, integrated approach to skills, conditioning and nutrition will give you the physical prowess, mental tenacity and nutritional foundation needed to beat the competition.

Whether you want to add more KOs to your record or claim a title belt, our proven coaching system can take you to the next level. Train smarter. Perform better. Reach new heights.

OUR PROGRAMS: Unlock Your Potential
Liam Harrison

“The guy is an absolute genius. Opened my eyes to so many new things I need to work on with my training and lots of new things to help with my injury too. Can’t thank him enough.”

Liam Harrison

8x World Muay Thai Champion

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