barefoot running hill sprints

Today with the sun beating down, it was a great opportunity to score some training in preparation for my Thai boxing training trip in Thailand. So I left the house wearing just my barefoot running shoes, shorts and a heart rate strap (and some factor 50 sun-lotion – yes, I’m that pastey skinned).

My objective was power interval training using a VERY steep 30-metre hill near my home. The session consisted of a series of 5x 100% effort hill sprints (each lasting about 8-seconds) with a 2-min rest between successive sprints.

This method increases the rate that your alactic system regenerates ATP (energy for muscular activity) by increasing the amount of enzymes involved in energy production. This complements the strength and power weight training carried out in the gym, by focusing on energy supply for this type of powerful muscular contraction.

I repeated this 5x sprint series twice before moving onto some standard aerobic running, employing 3x 5-min pose running intervals in my new barefoot running shoes. Still unaccustomed to pose running, my calves told me it was time to rest and I headed home for breakfast – encrusted with summertime bugs that had become trapped on my sun-lotion/sweat soaked body. Muay Thai bagwork tonight – in a sweatsuit of course. I should be good to go from day 1 in Thailand’s humidity!

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