This short, intense alactic capacity interval session aims to improve the ability to maintain explosive power for extended periods – perfect for fighters. The objective is increase the maximum capacity of the alactic system by increasing the amount of stored phosphocreatine.

The interval session consists of a 15-second flat-out burst of punches, kicks, elbows and knees on the punch bag, followed with 45-seconds of light combinations to recover. These burst/recover intervals are repeated 10-times though. After, 8-mins rest, attack a second series of 10x burst/recover intervals.

Although in the example above I’ve used sport specific Muay Thai bag work as the mode of exercise, you can use whatever you like. A fighter at my gym has recently broken a toe and finds weight-bearing exercise too painful. However, he’s found that he can get away with using the spinning bike. With just half-an-hour available for training during his lunch break, spinning bike sprints using this format will give him a very productive work out.

The 15-second thrash is on the extreme threshold of the anaerobic alactic energy system, and the 45-second active recovery is insufficient to allow full recovery and therefore painful waste products build with each burst repeat. The aerobic system has to contribute greatly to the recovery, and this session isn’t comfortable, it hurts. Short and not so sweet.



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