Short Notice Weight Training Program PART 3

The fuse has been lit, it’s the final week of fight preparation. Sessions are now short and intense  to peak for the fight at the end of the week and we shift our focus to power-endurance.

During this final phase, your energy systems are going to go anaerobic-lactic. You will fatigue, slow down – the intention now is to build your tolerance to this.

All exercise repetitions have now doubled. As a result, the dumbbell snatch is swapped for a kettlebell swing (which is a much better option for power endurance) and the chin ups are now performed using a ‘kipping’ style, swinging into the movement and kicking with the legs to assist getting skyward faster.

This stage of training is also very metabolic, meaning it shifts calories – that’s great for helping you make weight – and also steps into the realm of mental toughness training.

This week we switch to a circuit format, 6 exercises in succession without any rest. You then rest for 1 to 2 minutes before repeating again for between 3 and 5 rounds. All exercises must be executed as explosively fast as possible, but keep an eye on your form.

So here we go, the final two resistance training sessions. Go at them hard – picture your opponent trying to keep up with you!

Sessions 5 & 6

Circuit format, no rest between exercises, rest 1-2 mins between circuits and repeat 3-5 times

1) Box jump x10
2) 2kg Medicine ball shotput wall throws x 20 per side
3) Kettlebell swing x 20
4) 3-4kg Medicine ball floor slams x 20
5) Push press x10
6) Chin ups (kipping style using momentum and kicking legs) x8

We haven’t had long to convert strength into power, and then into power-endurance, but we’ve done the best we can in the time available. I hope you go into this fight feeling in the best shape ever. It’s now time to apply your technical and tactical Muay Thai skills and do the business. Chok dee ;)

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