Gym Mobility Exercises For Muay Thai

Following the Gym Session Density article, I’ve been asked what mobility exercises I’d  suggest to fit into the gym session template. In reality, the specific exercises I select depend on the movement limitations of the individual that I’ve programmed for. However, Thai boxers generally need to work on ankle, hip, thoracic spine and shoulder mobility, and I’ve collected together some examples of exercises I use below (typically for 10-reps).

Ankle Self Mobilisation


Lateral or 3D Hamstring Stretch

Keep both feet pointing straight ahead, don’t let them fall outward. Rotate at the pelvis not just the shoulders. The hips and shoulders should move together as one.


Hip Flossing


Step Hip Flexor Stretch


Quad/Hip Flexor Wall Stretch


Thoracic Extension


Thoracic Rotation


Wall Slides or Doorway (Rack) Slides

Don’t let your head jut forward, pull your shoulder blades down and back as you lower your elbows — keeping your forearms in contact with the wall, doorway or rack.

Although mobility exercises may not be the sexiest part of your routine, using rest periods in the gym to such great effect massively increases session productivity. Simply plug-in appropriate exercises for your requirements into the Density Training Template, and you’ll make rapid improvements in movement quality and seriously reduce your chances of injury. Don’t scrimp, use every minute of your time effectively.

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