In Thailand, each day of the week has an associated colour. The day that you were born on will dictate your lucky colour. Many fighters wear Druang Rang or the Prajioud armbands, Mongkon headbands, shorts or anklets that are primarily their day colour to bring them good luck in the ring.

Monday – Yellow
Tuesday – Pink
Wednesday – Green
Thursday – Orange
Friday – Blue
Saturday – Purple

Don's Red Amulet

Don’s Red Amulet

I was born on a Sunday, so my lucky colour is red. A 90-year-old Thai Theravada Buddhist monk made a good luck amulet for me, containing a sacred metal scroll (or tagrud) inscribed with a personal Sanskrit prayer, bound in red thread to maximise its power for me. I have it on a silver amulet chain and it means a great deal to me.

The current King of Thailand, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, has just celebrated his 87th birthday (although not in good health). He was born on a Monday, and you’ll notice his flag has a yellow background as a result, and many Thais wear yellow on a Monday to bring him good luck. And the last time I was in Thailand, it happened to be the Queen of Thailand’s birthday, she was born on a Friday, and there were her blue flags everywhere!

Now you may not believe in all this superstitious tradition, but I personally embrace it. It’s part of the culture of the art that I study, and I respect the tradition, and I also benefit from the psychological mindset that such ritual and tradition fosters.

If you’re interested to find out what day your were born on, so that you can discover you’re lucky colour, then click on the following link (opens in a new window) and enter in your birthday and year.

What day of the week was I born on?

My personal Prajioud and Mongkon are red and black, and you may have noticed I wear a lot of red in my photos and videos, that’s just me getting my good luck on!



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