Can I use Plyo’s before Muay Thai skill training? This short video explains the relationship between activation and fatigue, and how it relates to strength/power movements preceding Muay Thai technical and tactical training.

Triggered by a question on my Aerobic Plyometric Routine post, I felt the topic of post activation potentiation (PAP) needed to be discussed at this point. So here’s a little trick you can play on your own body…

There’s a ton of PAP research going on to determine what is a practical and effective time span between activation and the potentiation effect, what types of activation methods are most effective etc. For now, just realise that such an effect exists and that being aware of it can help you maximise your training sessions.

In my opinion, many of these variables will be dependant on the individual — experiment with different activities and time spans, and see how you feel and perform. The main thing is not to let strength and conditioning training interfere with technical skill sessions if skill is your focus for the day.