Muay Thai Strength & Conditioning Periodisation (Planning)

Following the Muay Thai Guy Podcast, I’ve been getting lots of questions regarding my approach to periodisation for Muay Thai. So as I’ve just set up my new ‘green screen’, I thought I’d shed some more light on this subject via the medium of video. Yeh, I know, boys and their toys!

“How can I ‘keep all the plates spinning’ as you’ve suggested in the podcast? Are you suggesting a linear periodisation model? What about undulating, or concurrent, or conjugate sequence models?”
The list goes on… Hopefully the following video will help explain my thought processes behind the way I plan my programmes and why.

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  1. […] emphasis shifts depending on the particular block in the training phase. My video post regarding my choice of periodisation model for Muay Thai programming is a useful adjunct at this point if you'd like to delve a little […]

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