I’m all set to head out to Malaysia in December, to attend the eighth consecutive Z1 Royal Cup MuayThai Championship. It’s the longest running Muay Thai event in Malaysia, and I hope to get some behind the scenes access to fighters to discuss their training methods. I’ll be sure to share anything I learn with you all right here.

This WMC sanctioned event hosts 2 tournaments and 2 title fights over the course of 2-days, bringing together Muay Thai fighters from around the world. That’s a good mix for spectators, both singular title fights and the unpredictable tournament format too. Should be good to watch.

Championship Details

Malaysian Muay Thai promoter Z1 International Sdn Bhd has announced the preliminary details as follows…

Date: 4th and 5th December 2015.

Venue: The historic Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Time: Scheduled to start at 8 pm local time and is expected to last for 3 hours each night.

The event, organised by Z1 International Sdn Bhd, is sanctioned by World MuayThai Council and Malaysia MuayThai Association. This year’s championship is organised as an effort to promote Malaysia as a MuayThai venue and exposing local talents to the world.

Among the interesting additions at this year’s championship:

  •  Z1 WMC Super 4 tournament 72.5KG on day2 and it features 4 fighters from the challenger series 2012
  •  Z1 WMC Super 4 tournament 57KG on day 1 and feturing local hero and defending champion Ali Yakob
  • Z1 WMC World Champion title 63.5 kg
  •  Z1 WMC International Champion title 65 kg.

To add to the excitement, we will feature four female fighters with the main event being Dilara Yildiz from Germany who will be defending her Z1 Female Champion’s belt .

You can get all the latest information at either the  Z1 Facebook Page and the Z1 website.

Final Results & Interviews

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