I’ve put together a couple of videos that should answer a few questions for you. The first one considers what I believe is the biggest mistake in Muay Thai strength and conditioning. Rather than just waffling on, just watch this 2-minute video and all will become clear…

The second video elaborates on how I plan Muay Thai strength and conditioning as an overview. I got myself a touchscreen stylus pen, and I decided to put together a scribble and ramble. It’s gone down really well on social media, so here it is for you to check out yourself…

And if you want to download the whole whiteboard image as an infographic for your reference, you can get hold of it here:

Download – Whiteboard Coaching: Planning Training Infographic >>

I hope this helps you out, any questions or feedback, please let me know.



    Part 1 | The Optimal Performance Pyramid
    Part 2 | Functional Training & Periodisation
    Part 3 | Relentless Endurance & The Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp

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    Don Heatrick, owner of Heatrick Strength & Conditioning, is a renowned Level 4 Strength and Conditioning coach, Muay Thai coach and former pro Thai boxer from the UK.

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