Last time I showed you an exercise for core rotational speed and power, this time I serve you the foundation… anti-rotational strength!

And this is a true strength exercise, one designed to create enough overload on your neuromuscular system to really increase the amount of force your core can produce and withstand.

Combine this with the ability to apply that force explosively (using the Forward Lunge Explosive Unwrap), and you’ve got some real athletic development going on.

Have fun… this one is harder than it looks. ;)


A real core anti-rotational strength exercise!

“That’s some athletic preparation for you right there, using kit you can take with you anywhere.”

In the previous exercise video, I shared my Forward Lunge Explosive Unwrap from my Suspension Training Programme. And that exercise develops core rotational speed and power.

This time, I’m sharing the Suspension Anti Rotation Press from the programme… which builds core rotational strength.

I’ve combined the right amount of both of these exercises in the first block of training in the programme (the Strength Block), to concurrently build core strength while maintaining core speed and power.

That’s some athletic preparation for you right there, using kit you can take with you anywhere.

[Followed by the exercise tutorial demonstration]

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