In this Cardio Conditioning Program welcome video, I share three low-cost items that will make your cardio conditioning training incredibly effective and seriously easy to carry out.

And that’s critical. If there are too many steps between you and productive training sessions, then you won’t do them. Not regularly. Not progressively.

And then you’re not moving forward. Not improving. You’ll get random development that doesn’t build anywhere. Do yourself a favour, set yourself up for success. Make it your objective to set some targets and hit them.

If you’re not measuring what you’re doing, then you’re spinning your wheels. You’re not making progress that you can and should be making. Progress that your opponent might be making!

  • How are you training your Muay Thai fitness right now?
  • Is it going anywhere?
  • How do you measure it and how are you progressing it?
  • Is it working? Or are you wasting time?

I seem to be asking more questions than I’m giving answers this week. But by asking you to consider them, you can understand and value the answers I’m offering you in this video!

You DON’T need a lot of fancy, expensive gear to absolutely smash your cardio conditioning and become totally confident in your fight preparation. You just need a few simple items and a realistic, effective step by step plan.

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