“Is it wrong to be ripped?”

That was the tagline banded about on GMTV in the UK yesterday, and there where the usual two guests to argue opposing viewpoints. But the attitudes they displayed got me thinking. For me, they’d missed the point.

I’ve trained countless clients over the years (both fighters and regular folks), and many of them literally for YEARS, both in-person and online.

And there are 3-steps they’ve all followed, and continue to follow… and that’s why they’re still at it – and me too for that matter!

This is my simple secret to sustainable training motivation – and they’re in this video…

If you want to be in the best shape physically, you just need a structured, guided approach that hits these three steps… repeatedly.

Going around in circles is demotivating. Wasted effort and lack of results kills your training habit flat. Lack of knowledge, and lack of confidence in your training program wastes your time and your gym membership! It really is a false economy.

You train to achieve a result. And if you’re not getting anywhere, things need to change.


If you’re ready for that change, you don’t even need to see me in-person! I’ve built an online coaching portal to serve you wherever you are in the world right now. And it really works!

Dave Yeomans

“All of the effort and work you’ve put into your blog and the program, I feel is having such a positive impact – (I hit new rep max PBs today while on a weight cut which is awesome!)

“But it’s been an eye-opener with a much safer and (saner!) approach to training that I completely agree and rationalise with!”

~Dave Yeomans, UK

I’d love to help you achieve the movement, the physical fitness, the championship title that you want, using the program where our clients get the best results.


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