Beyond the weekly commitment, where is your Muay Thai strength and conditioning training going in the next month, the next quarter, or the next year?

What should your training target, in what order and for how long?

The second of our “onboarding” videos from our online Muay Thai strength and conditioning (PRO Membership) program tells you exactly where your training is heading.

You see, your Muay Thai performance training is like a journey, you start from where you are, and your aim is arrive at your goal. And just like any journey, it’s crucial you know where are and how to get where you want to go. Randomly running off in any direction will certainly fill your time and keep you busy, but you’re highly unlikely to end up where you wanted.

Instead, you’ll eventually realise you’re heading in the wrong direction, ask for some directions, and then set off again having to recover old ground and cursing your wasted time and effort.

But what if you had a map, and took the time to study it before you started off running? Or even better, what if you had a guide who knows the route well and tells you where to go at every turn?

Check out the video below and let me begin to guide you to your best your fight performance.

Where is your training is going?.. It’s either heading the wrong way, going around it circles, or heading toward your goal!

You can watch all three short videos in this “Setting Expectations” series now, and download the 1-page reference sheet using the button below.


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