When it comes to your Muay Thai training, you’re either adapted or you are adaptable. In this video I explain what I’ve found through my own exploration personally, and with those I’ve coached, including elite level fighters in Thailand.

When you are new to any sport, you are adaptable, you’re body is coping with a novel stimulus. As your experience grows, you’re body becomes adjusted to the demands you place on it and adaptation slows. If you don’t vary what you do enough, if you’re training isn’t progressive enough, you’ll become “adapted” – able to meet the demands of the limited tasks that you set yourself, finely tuned, but static. You’ve reached a destination.

Now it’s important to become “adaptable” again, to move performance upwards, and shift away from overuse injury!

Don Heatrick BSc. (Hons) Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Muay Thai Coach

Don Heatrick
Founder of Heatrick Strength and Conditioning
Don Heatrick is a family man from the UK, former mechanical design engineer, European Muay Thai silver medallist, former pro Thai boxer (ranked 4th in UK while aged 40-years), and the go-to expert on Muay Thai strength and conditioning with over 25 years of coaching experience.
His mission is to take the sport of Muay Thai to the next level and build the next generation of complete fighters. This means helping you (or your fighters) reach the top of the sport, and one day become champions.
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The science of building a Muay Thai champion’s strength & conditioning, which results in…
  • Fastest possible short-term progress
  • Maximum long-term progress
  • More efficient movement patterns
  • Better technique
  • Relentless endurance (never gas out)
  • Reaching athletic potential as quickly and efficiently as possible (without wasting time on things that aren’t worth doing)
  • Free up more time for technical training AND life!
  • The Optimum 12-Week Fight Camp