This week, three Muay Thai strength and conditioning questions answered!

  • Standing or sitting between rounds?
  • Weightlifting belts (for fighters), yay or nay?
  • MAS cardio sessions?

Plus a bonus game changer to help focus your efforts!

Is sitting between rounds best for recovery, or is it better to remain standing instead? How about fighters using weightlifting belts in their strength and conditioning sessions, is that the best idea? And when are MAS interval sessions best used in context of an overall periodised training programme?

I’ve rounded up these questions in the following video and shared my experience of these topics, so you can make your own informed choice.

Don Heatrick BSc. (Hons) Level 4 Strength & Conditioning Coach, Muay Thai Coach

Don Heatrick
Founder of Heatrick Strength and Conditioning
Don Heatrick is a family man from the UK, former mechanical design engineer, European Muay Thai silver medallist, former pro Thai boxer (ranked 4th in UK while aged 40-years), and the go-to expert on Muay Thai strength and conditioning with over 25 years of coaching experience.
His mission is to take the sport of Muay Thai to the next level and build the next generation of complete fighters. This means helping you (or your fighters) reach the top of the sport, and one day become champions.
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