A quick video to illustrate the difference between a “vanity” post and a “value” post, and how this relates to your Muay Thai training. Bare with me on this! ;)


Recently, my family where all invited to my daughter’s friend’s teenage birthday party. It was a family disco with party snacks, including fried chicken, crisps and lots of cake… you know the kind of thing.

It was the weekend, and my wife Deborah and I helped our selves to drinks and food. Now, as a couple, we’re known in our circles as the fitness freaks and I’m particularly known for having a “six pack”. And there we were, tucking into crisps and cake.

But this snapshot of how we feed ourselves, is just that, a snapshot of how we generally relax our eating habits at the weekend… the rest of our week is far more nutritious and calorie controlled!

And just like a bad documentary edit, you could take that party feeding out of context and believe that you too can achieve a six-pack just eating crisps and cake!

Now I’m sharing this story to help illustrate a point… a point that’s nothing to do with nutrition and getting a six-pack!

I’ve seen new kit turn up at a gym, and the Thai boxers all jumping on it and playing around while the phones are out posting videos of this new novelty.

Don’t mistake a superficial snapshot for the comprehensive regime. Often, social media posts are crafted to gain vanity likes, rather than to honestly reflect what consistent training is really like.

Good training is not a magic pill or a quick fix. It’s consistently applied, progressive focus and effort – that closes the gap between where you are, and where you need to be to achieve your goals.

It’s about forming daily habits that move you closer to these goals rather than further away. This can’t be done by randomly throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks.

So I encourage you to develop a good filter for what’s a vanity or popularity post, and what’s a value post. And watch through this lens of understanding, being aware of the bigger picture rather than being swept up by assumptions and jumping to conclusions.

And the odd bit of cake won’t hurt your six-pack!

If you’ve got a Muay Thai performance question you’d like me to answer, just get in contact! ;)

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