While on lockdown, your cardio conditioning can either maintain fitness, or develop fitness…

It can encourage poor movement mechanics, or promote sound movement and stability.

Done well, progressive shuttle run training does both.

I encourage you to improve how you move when you’re training at home.

With some thought, cardio training can bring about great quality too.

As well as your shuttle run technique, the shuttle run protocol you use affects the energy systems that you develop.

In this video I also share that I manage this precise personal exercise prescription in my Minimum Equipment Program using MAS intervals – to train the progressive training blocks in a complete fight camp.

It’s like rep max testing for you cardio!

Intervals can be calculated and prescribed based on your currently level of fitness…

It doesn’t matter if you’re super fit, or somewhat out of shape, you are trained at exactly the right level.

Google “maximum aerobic speed dan baker” if you want to learn more about this highly effective cardio training method.

And check out the Minimum Equipment Program Bundle if you just want to jump in and get going straight away.