Muay Thai greatness sucks? Step into the vibrant world of Muay Thai with Don and the Muay Thai aficionado, Matt Lucas.

With a decade under his belt in Thailand, Matt offers unparalleled insights into the fighting world and what it truly means to train, fight, and evolve…


  • Gearing up for the Showdown: Analysing the imminent ONE Strawweight Muay Thai Championship battle between Smilla Sundell and Allycia Rodrigues. How will Allycia strategise against the towering presence of Smilla?
  • Snapshots of Combat: Delve into the world of combat photography, capturing moments of triumph, despair, and sheer determination.
  • Muay Thai’s Journey: Navigating its evolution from high-stakes betting to a stage that celebrates pure entertainment. What’s been gained, what’s been lost?
  • Small Gloves, Big Impact: Delving into the heightened risks and rewards of smaller gloves in combat, and what this means for fighters.
  • Bridging Cultures: The nuanced challenges Westerners face when dipping their toes in the deep waters of Muay Thai culture.

Tune in for a mix of personal anecdotes, expert analysis, and a deep love for the sport. If you’re passionate about Muay Thai’s past, present, and future, this conversation is unmissable.

by Don Heatrick

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Before we wrap up this episode, gear up for a thrilling showdown in the world of Muay Thai! On September 29th, mark your calendars for an epic clash between two fierce warriors, Smilla Sundell and Allycia Rodrigues, as they face off in a fierce battle for the ONE Strawweight World Muay Thai Title. This epic clash will be streaming live on the ONE Championship YouTube Channel here and available on Amazon Prime.

But that’s not all! If you’re hungry for more Muay Thai insights and adventures, be sure to follow Matt Lucas on Instagram @mattlucasmuaythai. Matt shares his experiences, training tips, and behind-the-scenes moments that every Muay Thai offcionado (dare I say, nerd- like me) can appreciate.

As always, you can find all the relevant links and additional details in our show notes further resources below. Thanks for tuning in to this episode, and we’ll catch you in the next one, where we continue to explore the world of Muay Thai!

Episode Timestamps

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 02:40 Matt’s Fight Club and Photography Journey
  • 04:42 Photography Discussion: Sports, Lighting, and Digital Techniques
  • 07:25 Successful Fighter Traits: Repetition, Patience, Growth
  • 09:54 Why Achieving Your Goal Isn’t Enough
  • 13:12 Predicting Fight Outcomes: Smilla vs. Allycia
  • 24:28 Small Gloves, Big Impact: Fighting Analysis
  • 29:12 Muay Thai’s Evolution and Entertainment Potential
  • 32:27 Cultural Barriers in Muay Thai: A Western Challenge
  • 37:47 Fight Evolution and Fan Education in Muay Thai
  • 42:11 The Effect of 3 Round And 5 Round Fights
  • 45:34 Aerobic Capacity & Mental Toughness in Athletic Training
  • 51:11 Lacking Tenacity: Why Most People Fail
  • 54:56 Rounding Up & Further Resources

Don Heatrick

Founder of Heatrick Strength and Conditioning

Don Heatrick is a family man from the UK, former mechanical design engineer, European Muay Thai silver medallist, former pro Thai boxer (ranked 4th in UK while aged 40-years), a Muay Thai coach, podcast host, and the go-to expert on Muay Thai performance training with over 25 years of coaching experience.

Don helps ambitious fighters and coaches take their game to the next level by bridging the gap between Strength & Conditioning, Performance Science, and Muay Thai.

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