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12 Minute Cooper Run Pacing For Fighters – Weaponise Anaerobic Threshold Part 2

Pacing matters. And pacing during a 12 minute Cooper Run for fighter fitness testing is crucial. And I've seen even the fittest fighters completely blow this test! Done well, the Cooper Run not only reveals your anaerobic threshold heart rate (see part 1 for more), but also teaches you how to pace your fight for maximum power output too. In this week's video I explain: Exactly how [...]

Fighter Heart Rate Training – Weaponise Anaerobic Threshold Part 1

When it comes to heart rate training, your maximum heart rate is far less important than knowing your anaerobic threshold heart rate. Most of the time, I don't care what a fighter's max heart rate is. But it's vital I know their anaerobic threshold heart rate... Was that a hard training session?  Your heart will tell you – if you know what you're doing! Testing for, and training [...]

Body Weight Squat Tutorial – Movement Pattern Essentials

This Body Weight Squat tutorial video breaks down this essential knee dominant foundation movement pattern... You'll learn how to do it, the common mistakes and how to correct them, and regressions if you need them too. Master the Body Weight Squat before loading up your Goblet Squats, Front Squats, Split Squats, Lateral Squats etc. This knee dominant pattern tutorial gives you the tools you need to practice [...]

Fighter Training Twice A Day – Coach’s Quick Chat!

Talking about fighter training twice a day... If it's needed, how to organise S&C training around your Muay Thai training to best effect, and which sessions to drop when you're in a pinch! Also, check out my two-part video series deep dive into scheduling your most productive training week in the further resources below... Further Resources Scheduling [...]

Overdoing It? Training Youth Fighters Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of Training Youth Fighters! In this episode, we continue our exploration into the art of training youth fighters, focusing on the crucial concept of finding balance. Join me as we dive deep into the intricacies of youth training methodology. We'll dissect the common pitfalls of early over-specialisation and the detrimental effects it can have on our budding athletes. We explore why encouraging [...]

Is Weight Training Safe For Muay Thai Youth Athletes? Training Youth Fighters Part 1

In this part 1 episode, we dive into a crucial topic that concerns many coaches, parents, and young athletes alike: the safety and effectiveness of weight training for Muay Thai youth athletes. As a seasoned coach with a deep understanding of athletic development, I break down the nuances of incorporating weight training into the training regimen of young Muay Thai enthusiasts. We'll explore the importance of timing, [...]

Janet Todd Tips – Remember To Have Fun | Exclusive Interview

Janet Todd – Farewell Fight Join us for an exclusive interview with Janet Todd, the reigning Atomweight Kickboxing World Champion, as she shares invaluable insights and tips on how to stay at the top of your game while having fun! In this interview, Janet opens up about her mindset leading up to her farewell fight and how she's embraced the journey with a renewed focus on enjoyment. [...]

Muay Thai Pad Work Drills – Observation Clusters!

Join me in this video coaching session as I share a series of Muay Thai pad work drills using a concept I call “Observation Clusters”. I'll guide you through advanced techniques designed to sharpen your combat skills and enhance your ability to read and react to your opponent's movements effectively. We'll explore the art of throwing combinations while strategically observing your opponent's responses, allowing you to adapt [...]

Muay Thai Passion – I Did It. You Can Do It Faster!

Dive into how my Muay Thai passion triggered my transformation from engineer to Muay Thai pro and discover how you can fast-track your own journey to success! In this compelling video, I share my pivotal decision to leave behind stability for the thrill of Muay Thai. Learn how I merged modern science with tradition to create a winning formula. From founding a full time Muay Thai gym [...]

Muay Thai Head Movement Drills – From The Feet!

Muay Thai head movement is subtle... Want to get better at slipping punches and angling off attacks? In this video, I break down my go-to combo for drilling evasive Muay Thai head movement - the classic 1-2-3 of jab, cross, hook. The key isn't just bobbing your head, but using footwork and hip rotation to naturally shift your head position as you step into your punch... Muay [...]

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