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Bodyweight Training for Fighters – how to do it properly (what you should/shouldn’t do)

For many fighters, bodyweight training only serves as muscular endurance training – multiple rounds of upward of 10 reps per exercise. This approach develops endurance, or “conditioning”. It doesn’t touch the neuromuscular system that’s developed in resistance training sessions targeting strength, power, and speed. And in missing this, fails to plug the gap in athletic development left by Muay Thai training. [...]

Corona Efficiency – Tips for Returning to the Gym in 2020

Gyms around the world are either reopening or preparing to reopen very soon. It’s great news, but the reality of just what we’re going back to bears some thought. In order to reopen safely, gyms must abide by new operating restrictions and safe practice. The number of people allowed in the gym at one time will be limited to comply with social distancing [...]

Are Muay Thai Students Getting Ahead of Their Trainers?

I’m hearing more often from fighters that are doing their best to systematically improve their athletic ability... But are finding that well-meaning trainers are sabotaging them with regular “beastings” that set them back. A knowledge gap is beginning to grow between the students and trainers/coaches. Information is increasingly available online, and students are actively researching ways of optimising [...]

IG Live Muay Thai S&C Q&A 05 – Olympic Lifting Variants For Muay Thai, When Is Enough Aerobic Capacity, HIIT Or Threshold, Absolute or Relative Strength, & More

Another nice balance of questions between movement skill, resistance (strength, power, speed) training, and energy systems cardio (endurance) conditioning in this Q&A episode. In this second episode of the Q&A I'm asked... Hi, Don. What do u think of the Ido Portal method of focusing on proficiency in movement patterns? Why did u choose hang power clean/snatch [...]

IG Live Muay Thai S&C Q&A 04 – Full Fight Camp Cardio, Strength Standards, Landmine Twist Form, Neural Drive Warm Ups, Loading Legs Not The Back, Agility Ladders, Body Weight Muscle Mass & More

Some big questions this week! In this episode of the Q&A I'm asked... What is better for the longterm progression and why? MAS or Main Conditioning from Heavy Hitters? Warm-up protocols to stimulate greater neural drive? Training at home and having trouble with loading leg exercises as I can’t squat due to hip/ankle mobility putting pressure on [...]

IG Live Muay Thai S&C Q&A 03 – How Often to Push Hard in Training – Placing MT Skill & Fitness in a Fight Camp – Non-impact Cardio – Tournament Prep & More

With the increasing volume of questions to fit into the 30 minute segment, apologies if I didn't manage to squeeze in your question in this episode! In this episode of the Q&A I'm asked... How often should you schedule training sessions that really push your body? Is it more important to focus fitness outside the fight camp, [...]

IG Live Muay Thai S&C Q&A 02 – Namman Muay – Shoulder Pain – Strength Block Conditioning – Bodyweight Strength – Top Principles & More

More solid questions coming in this week, and covering a good spectrum too. I'm also getting the hang of things on Instagram Live, and the supporting images work better this week – my head doesn't get in the way for a start! In this second episode of the Q&A I'm asked... Tiger Balm vs Namman Muay Oil [...]

IG Live Muay Thai S&C Q&A 01 – Masturbation – Strength – Mobility – Aging – Theraband Punching

I said, "Ask me anything." Well I asked for it! While getting to grips with the Instagram Live format, in this first episode of the Q&A I'm asked... 1. Why don't you buy a toupee? 2. Does masturbation or sex before a fight negatively affect performance? 3. When you have the block periodisation, the first Block is strength correct? 4. [...]

Muay Thai Soft Tissue Work – Foot Release & Short Foot Exercise

As promised, here’s the first area of soft tissue work that you can do at home using a tennis ball, or similar. I’ve started at the ground, with the foot, because not only is a tennis ball the perfect implement for this part of the body… But also the foot is critical to optimal Muay Thai performance. A strong, stable foot [...]

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