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Best Shoulder Stretch For Fighters Guard And Dominant Defense!

Crack the code to an impenetrable guard! In this episode, we break down a powerful progression of standing shoulder stretch exercises designed to enhance your shoulder mobility and solidify your guard. If you've been struggling with mobility... Dive into dynamic warm-up stretches and end your sessions with static holds to ensure a rock-solid guard that can even break your opponent's attacks! [...]

Unlock Gains: DIY Micro Loading Solution for Dumbbells WITHOUT Fractional Plates

Struggling to find the perfect micro loading weight increments for your dumbbell workouts? Forget about expensive fractional plates and discover a game-changing trick to fine-tune your progressive overload and hit your target loads with precision. No more struggling with too-light or too-heavy dumbbells. In this episode, I'll unveil the secret weapon I use with my clients to achieve micro loading and maximise their training gains.  I reveal [...]

Jumping Higher For Fighters – Muay Thai Jump Knee Analysis

Elevate your Muay Thai jumping game with the secrets to jumping higher for fighters, and striking with devastating force. This in-depth guide breaks down the biomechanics of explosive jumping, inspired by the incredible technique seen in the analysis of a top-tier Muay Thai jump knee (hat tip to Bao Muay Thai)! In this video, we break down the intricate components that contribute to achieving maximum height in [...]

How To Use a Short Fight Camp In Thailand & Fight Back Home

Want to know how to use a short fight camp in Thailand to boost your fight performance for a fight immediately when you return home? The secret lies as much in what you DON'T do as much as what you DO do! In this episode, a behind the scenes of an in-depth coaching session where we dive into unlocking the full potential of your short yet intense Muay [...]

The Secret To Managing Life Stress and Training Stress

There’s an intricate relationship between managing life stress and training stress. In this episode, gain invaluable insights into how stress impacts your performance, both inside and outside the gym, from the unique perspective of a seasoned Muay Thai, and strength and conditioning coach. Join me as I decode the correlation between General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) and your body's response to various stressors. Discover the significance of maintaining a [...]

Too Old To Fight? Overcoming Age Barriers in Muay Thai – A Fighter’s Journey

Welcome fellow enthusiasts and aspiring fighters. I'm here today to share my own story, one that I hope will resonate with many of you who have ever wondered, "Am I too old to pursue my passion for Muay Thai?" You see, I've asked myself that very question, and what I've learned along the way is that age is just a number; it doesn't define your dreams. I [...]

From Imbalance to Powerhouse: The Truth About Muay Thai Strength Training

The untold truth about Muay Thai strength training. Learn more about incorporating resistance training seamlessly into your training routine. Discover why traditional Thai trainers have been skeptical, and how you can strike a balance between these two worlds. Resistance training isn't just about raw power; it's your body's insurance policy against wear and tear. Learn to treat your body like a well-maintained machine, and stay in the [...]

Weekly Muay Thai Muscle Mass Building

Let's face it; Muay Thai is a world where form and function are inseparable. For fighters, it's not just about how you perform in the ring; it's also about how you present yourself. A well-built physique can boost confidence and even intimidate opponents. While muscle-building isn't the primary goal for Muay Thai fighters aiming to dominate their weight class, there are moments when a little extra muscle [...]

Power Up Your Muay Thai Kick – Prof. Tony Myers

Uncover the science behind a more powerful Muay Thai kick with Prof. Tony Myers! From ongoing research, get exclusive insights into elevating your kick's power and mastering the art and science of Muay Thai. Dive into the nuance of speed, technique, and impactful strikes, exploring everything from relaxed effort to cultural differences in power application! Here are [...]

Pre Fight Breakdown ONE Championship Smilla Sundell vs Allycia Rodrigues

Explore the backstory of the highly-anticipated ONE Championship Strawweight World Muay Thai Title clash between Smilla Sundell and Allycia Rodrigues! In this episode, I had an insightful conversation with Muay Thai commentator and aficionado, Matt Lucas, as we dive into the details leading up to this epic showdown. Before the event, we delved into the background of this thrilling matchup, providing in-depth pre-fight analysis and expert predictions [...]

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