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Scientific Skills Training For Fighters – Part 1

In this first episode, we begin looking at how scientific skills training for fighters can accelerate your Muay Thai skill development by answering two fundamental questions: What’s the quickest way to learn a new Muay Thai skill with the highest quality? What’s the best way to practice so you don’t lose that skill? As a fighter, you might not like the answer... But, there’s a wealth of [...]

Coaching For Your First Fight – Damien Trainor

Coaching for your first fight can make or break your competitive Muay Thai aspirations – whether you're sharpening up with non-decision bouts or aiming for titles someday. World-class Muay Thai coach Damien Trainor shares his philosophy on introducing students to competition. He emphasises the importance of getting to know your fighter and, crucially, helping fighters understand themselves. More Muay Thai enthusiasts than ever are taking tentative steps [...]

Do & Don’t Do This Muay Thai Training In Thailand – Angela Chang

Pro fighter Angela Chang opens up about a critical mistake she made during her Muay Thai training in Thailand: pushing herself too hard and hitting the burnout wall. Discover how she learned to understand her limits and maintain peak performance without overstepping. Muay Thai Training In Thailand Many fighters don’t push themselves hard enough, missing their full potential. Conversely, those immersed in the Muay Thai lifestyle in [...]

Energy Cost: Is Watching Teammates Before Your Fight A Mistake? – Bryan Popejoy

Should fighters watch teammates competing ahead of their own fight? Coach Bryan Popejoy discusses the potential energy cost of doing so and the consequence in your own fight. Your body is a holistic system, mobilising energy based on your brain’s perception of your environment. The more emotionally invested you are, the greater the level of autonomic system arousal and the greater the energy cost, even if you [...]

Bulletproof – How To Take A Muay Thai Body Shot

I've always been able to take a body shot. A bulletproof core has always been my superpower. It allowed me to become a dominant Muay Khao fighter, completely unfazed by trading the heaviest of knees in the clinch... Confident I could inflict much more damage than I would take. To take a Muay Thai body shot you must both develop the prerequisite core strength and shot absorbing [...]

A Personal Muay Thai For You – You’re Unique

Unlike many sports, in Muay Thai you can excel regardless of your stature or body type. It's possible to find a personal Muay Thai style just for you. Tall fighters, short fighters, strong fighters, fast fighters! With so many tools in the box, Muay Thai allows you to play to your strengths. Develop the Muay Thai skill to fight using a style that suits your body type [...]

Johan Ghazali Teenage KO Artist! – ONE Championship Interview

Johan Ghazali Admits He's Shocked With a 5-fight winning streak, including 4 KOs, 17-year-old Johan “JoJo” Ghazali is amazed at how quickly he’s ascended to the ONE Championship pro ranks. Despite his success, JoJo isn't afraid of losses – he values the experience they bring. Patience is key for him, and he's been aiming for the top since he was 10 years old. JoJo exemplifies what happens [...]

Hindsight – My Young Fighter Training Mistake

Now in my fifties, the training mistakes I made as a young fighter are finally catching up with me... If some training is good, and more means quicker results, then even more training is even better, right? That's how it felt at the time. However, time and scientific evidence have proved me wrong! The fact is, I'm part of an emerging demographic of caucasian males in their [...]

Understanding Your First Fight Performance – Both Before And After

Why can't you fight how you spar in training? Why are you so stiff, clumsy, and fatigued? The key to understanding your first fight performance is to recognise the undeniable influence of your psychology on your physiology! Yerkes-Dodson anyone? In this episode, we discuss the tipping point between the optimal amount of stress to achieve your best and dropping over the cliff edge into the shadow of [...]

Fighter Training Through Injury – Right or Wrong?

Are you a fighter training through an injury? Should you be resting up or smashing on regardless? I've pushed on when I shouldn't have, and needlessly backed off too. There are lessons to learn here. Injury is part of any athlete's journey. But for fighters, managing injury well can separate you from the competition... In this episode: Two Types of Injury Testing It Out To See How [...]

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