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Dynamic Hip Mobility Exercises – Shin Box Switch With Hip Extension

For snappy punches and kicks, Shin Box Switch hip mobility exercises both warm up and challenge hip internal and external range of motion – they're harder than they look! And adding a hip extension movement turns these hip mobility exercises into combined hip strengthening exercises too... Not to mention increasing your ability to use your centre of mass to control balance and posture. I typically program these exercises [...]

Paul Banasiak: Losing A Fight By Doing Too Much!

Paul Banasiak shares that losing his Glory debut fight taught him to not over-effort... That it's important to balance risk and reward, and that doing more or going harder in a fight doesn't necessarily equate to bigger, better results. Be aware of the "glitches" you suffer by overthinking instructions and losing your flow! Further Resources Paul Banasiak: Trust, Honesty, [...]

Scheduling Your Weekly Training Plan For Fighters – Part 2

When putting together a training plan... Although many fighters and coaches are doing the right things, they organise their training weeks haphazardly and squander the full training effect, or inadvertently cancel out performance gains entirely. At best, this wastes effort. At worst, it burns out fighters and injures them. But, you can apply simple steps to design weekly schedules that ensure training is efficient and effective – maximising [...]

Scheduling Your Weekly Training Plan For Fighters – Part 1

These days, fighter training has become more sophisticated. Coaches, fighters, and hobbyists alike all realise that to remain healthy, injury free and perform their best it takes more than steady runs, bag work, pad work, and sparring. But, what types of sessions are needed? How often should you train? What order should sessions go? Organising your training week, whatever your level of commitment to Muay Thai, can [...]

Ognjen Topic: How To Become The Best Fighter You Can Be

Put this battle-tested advice from Ognjen Topic into practice to become the best fighter you can be. Although distilled in fighting, these lessons apply to every domain of your life. There's a pattern to becoming the best you can be. Know the pattern, chase the challenge, and become your best... Further Resources Ognjen Topic: Seeking Perfection & Leaning [...]

Mid Back Rotation Mobility For Fighters | Thoracic Spine

Thoracic spine, or mid back rotation mobility is lacking in 90% of the fighters I’ve tested, from novices to world class pros. In the last episode, I demonstrated how I test and score this. If you scored between 1 to 3, you’re limiting your striking power and have an increased risk of lower back pain. Today, I share the exercises I program to fix this... I break [...]

Thoracic Spine Rotation Test For Fighters

How do you score on this thoracic spine rotation test? 9 out of 10 fighters can’t adequately twist their torso! They don’t have enough t-spine rotation, especially on the dominant side of their body. This means they’re limiting the amount of power they can produce in strikes (especially the close-range weapons like elbows and knees), and have an increased risk of lower back pain. In this episode, I explain how I test [...]

How Pre Fight Ritual Boosts Confidence & Performance – Part 2

Some pre fight ritual practices boost confidence and performance, while others hamper it! Having established an understanding of why ritual and superstition speaks directly to your emotional mind in high-stakes situations to boost confidence and performance in part 1... In this episode, we lever this understanding to pick the best rituals and personalise them, while avoiding those that could inadvertently sabotage you! If you like [...]

How Pre Fight Ritual Boosts Confidence & Performance – Part 1

The evidence is in. Using a pre fight ritual boosts confidence and performance, fact! Pre fight superstition and ritual are an inherent part of all combat sports, and are baked into the culture of Muay Thai. From Pra Jiad arm bands, Mongkhon headgear, lucky amulets, and sak yant tattoos, to wai kru and ram muay dances, modern day Muay Thai still carries many of the ancient Siam superstitions [...]

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