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New Era Of Muay Thai: Unlocking Athletic Performance

The world of Muay Thai is changing. And athletic performance matters more than ever. Gone are the days when Thai fighters had a monopoly on the sport. Today, Western fighters are using sports science and professional training methods to close the gap on their Thai counterparts. If you're a Muay Thai fighter or a coach who wants to stay ahead of the curve, then you need to [...]

The Importance Of Discipline in Strength And Conditioning For Fighters

Don't underestimate the importance of discipline in strength and conditioning. It's all too easy to become distracted by what's shiny and new, only to shortcut progress by playing your ace too early... Or, to charge headlong into overuse injury and the frustration of time out of training. You can look at that next block of training, but don't touch! ;) [...]

Technical Tips To Prevent Low Kick Foot Injury

Technical tips to prevent injuring your foot throwing your low kick! The Muay Thai round kick is one most powerful kicks in martial arts. To avoid smashing your foot to smithereens when throwing your low kick, you must master range, kicking foot position, and tactical set up. Check out the full video for in-depth thoughts on getting these aspects of your low kick right. [...]

Fighters: Even More To Motivation Than You Know – Part 2

Winning by knockout is the best feeling in the world. Seeing the referee standing over your opponent waving off the fight, you feel almost immortal. But, in a well-matched fight anything can happen. Sometimes you're the hammer, and others you’re the nail. In an instant, one mistake can render YOU helpless – all your hard work cancelled out. You become the mortal and your opponent feels that [...]

Balancing Strength and Conditioning and Muay Thai w/ Damien Trainor

Muay Thai strength and conditioning is gaining popularity, but can go off the rails. Damien Trainor cautions that it's important to correctly balance strength and conditioning with Muay Thai training! Done well, strength and conditioning will enhance fight performance, however... Strength and conditioning should supplement Muay Thai training, not replace it. Too many fighters are beginning to skew this balance incorrectly, causing Muay Thai performance to suffer. [...]

Fighters: There’s More To Motivation Than You Know – Part 1

Taking action is only half the battle. Your REASON for taking action is just as critical, and can either kill your determination off completely, or ignite your motivation along with your results. If you want to stay in the game long enough to find out how far you can really go, you  must get under the hood of motivation and figure out which of the 6 types you [...]

Injury – Liam Harrison Motivation

After an injury, motivation can be in VERY short supply... And when you've had an elite Muay Thai fight career as long as Liam Harrison, and a fight style like he has, injuries WILL come. Motivation comes from discipline – both in training and in the fight itself. Arguably, the discipline built during training is all you can exhibit during the fight. It starts and ends with [...]

Kevin Ross – The Public Perception of Fighters is Wrong

Those in Muay Thai, especially at the highest level, know that the public perception of fighters is wrong. Kevin Ross is a fighter. He may have retired from competition, but he IS a fighter. For him, Muay Thai is not just a ring tool, it's really a life tool.... It makes you face your struggles in a way the world tends not to, and you come out [...]

The Problem With Your Muay Thai Trainer

Most likely, if you ask your Muay Thai trainer what fitness training you should do outside of your Muay Thai sessions, you’re told to simply run a number of times a week, and maybe do a little weight training if you want to… It’s largely down to you. And aside from “do more” when you have a fight coming up, there’s little guidance and rarely any structure. [...]

Jonathan Haggerty – Lessons From Fighting Rodtang!

NOBODY can deny that the fights between Rodtang and Jonathan Haggerty were some of the most exciting bouts in combat sports. And, surely, fighting with Rodtang is going to shine a light on areas you can improve. Styles make fights. Knowing your own fighting style, and not allowing emotions to sway you into playing the fight in a way you won't win, is crucial. It's a valuable [...]

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