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The Truth About Muay Thai Training ‘Best Practice’

Consider this… Accepted ‘best practice’ is only the ‘best so far’. In his book Rebel Ideas, Matthew Syed discusses what we accept as ‘best practice’... It makes sense that if there’s a way of doing things that proves superior, that everyone should adopt it. But it's important to also realise that the accepted best practice is only the ‘best so far’. If an [...]

Muay Thai Performance Riddle: What Becomes More Difficult The Better You Get?

Riddle me this... What becomes more difficult the better you get? ...Have you got it? I'll tell you where I'm going with this, my answer is... Improvement But this is much more than just a riddle... If you want to become the best you can be, we must unpack this so we can properly exploit it. I've previously spoken before about "newbie [...]

Why Your Progress Stalls – The Secret To Relentless Gains

When do you need more work on a particular aspect in your training? When do you have enough? What’s the most important aspect to focus on right now? When do you shift your focus onto something else? Etc... The questions are endless...  And meaningful answers require deeper insight of both the individual person in question and their daily environment/circumstances. As you’ll realise from [...]

How Do Thais Train So Much – And Why You Don’t Have To

I’m often asked questions similar to this… “I was wondering something while I was training at Attachai. The sessions over there are way harder than I’m used to, but I assume he just puts me through Bangkok training. ⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣“How do Thais do this twice a day + running so much? I mean they have mostly long careers and I’ve never heard the [...]

Panicos Yusuf – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

Panicos Yusuf came to England from Cyprus on a one-way ticket, with just £60 in his pocket and a habit of working hard... He's since achieved an incredible amount in the sport of Muay Thai, owing everything to his family, his friends, his coaches and training partners. And he's grateful to have been noticed by those in the game, and he's keen to [...]

Bryan Popejoy – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

Bryan Popejoy has found himself at the forefront of American Muay Thai since the 1980's, literally involved from Illinois in the East, through Arizona, to California in the West. His experience both as a Muay Thai fighter himself (in the early "Wild West" period of American Muay Thai), and as a coach to some of the best fighters in the US, provides a [...]

What Do Men REALLY Think of Women in Muay Thai?

Confirmed! Women are valued by Men in Muay Thai! I want to start with the huge positive before I share the NEGATIVE I experienced in response to my recent podcast episode with the awesome Angela Chang. Let me explain everything… Subscribe Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Muay Thai Sexism? After the podcast, I was shocked [...]

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