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How Jonathan Haggerty Did That to Sam-A

I’ve been asked why I thought Jonathan Haggerty, at only 22 years old and 16 professional fights to his name, managed to defeat Thai legend Sam-A (with 336 wins and only 46 losses) to claim the ONE Championship flyweight Muay Thai world title. So here are my thoughts... I’ll begin by putting fight records to one side and look at the key elements affecting fight performance: [...]

Your Motivation – Stick, Carrot, or Fire Within?

Coaches are often asked for help, and frequently give it. But despite this, sometimes the results are less than desirable (for both parties). In my experience, the result depends where the fighter sits on a “self-determination continuum”. There’s a balance of commitment between the coach and the fighter, and if this tips the wrong way, everything falls over. I recently had a message from a coach, [...]


Harry, an experienced, old-school Nak Muay messaged me today – it went like this... “A lot of the greats of the current day have lost big. Nuegelek not only knocked out Kulabdam with a kick to the head… but a couple of weeks later, he knocks out Muangthai with an elbow over a lazy guard – giving Muangthai a taste of his own medicine. Tawanchai stays [...]

Beyond the Fight Camp – Jake Purdy & Sonny Perez @ Yokkao 32

Last October, I was privileged to speak with FSC Muay Thai’s Jake Purdy and head coach Sonny Perez, ahead of Jake’s battle with Bad Company’s Joe Craven for the UK #1 spot on the Yokkao 32 show in Bolton… What with computer hardware failure and a hectic personal schedule recently, it's taken me way too long to get this out there. But it’s worth the wait! [...]

What Other Exercises Should I Use With Your Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint?

I’m often asked "What other exercises should I use for the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint?" So let’s get straight into it... VIDEO TRANSCRIPT WITH FURTHER LINKS As I’ve laid it out, the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint highlights the principles of training – the underlying truths of effective training. Fail to match the principles and you’ll fail to achieve optimal results on fight [...]

Muay Thai Engineer: Who I Am, and Why I Think the Way I Think

My background is mechanical design engineering. I spent 18 years designing, prototyping, testing and developing video camera mounting products – from tripods through to robotic television camera pedestals. Serving companies like the BBC in the UK and ABC in the US. And when you’re an engineer, you very much work with a logical structure, and clear measures of what works and what doesn’t. [...]

Mind, Body, and Spirit in Muay Thai – the Hidden Qualities of a Complete Fighter

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Complete fighters aren’t only masters of all fighting modes and fighting ranges – they’re also masters of 3 intrinsic qualities that truly complete them as a fighter. They’re masters of the Mental, Physical and Emotional, or the classic Mind, Body and Spirit. And in this episode, I’m going to show you how these 3 qualities practically translate in fighting. “Welcome to Heatrick [...]

Muay Thai Fighting Styles and Becoming a Complete Fighter

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick Muay Thai fighting styles can be broken down into something far more useful. Something you can use to train your own personal style, and develop one that can beat whoever is in front of you. Let me show you how... VIDEO TRANSCRIPT In this episode, I'm going to break down the different fighting styles in Muay Thai, and what [...]

Developing a Successful Muay Thai Mindset

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick When it comes to developing a successful Muay Thai mindset, it all starts with these simple (but not easy) points... VIDEO TRANSCRIPT I’m often asked about my psychological approach to Muay Thai training. So today I’m going to start by sharing how to mentally set yourself up for success. Getting to grips with your mindset is a big player [...]