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Are You Training, Practicing, or Spoiling?

Today, are you heading out predominantly for a Training session, a Practice session, or a Spoiling session? Let me explain what I mean by these... Training - moves you forward, it’s progressive, uses developmental loads and drills Practicing - reinforces existing skill, creates good habits, maintains athletic qualities Spoiling - excessively repeats poor form, builds bad habits (either under fatigue or not), and [...]

Will My Training Weaken My Immune System?

Like many others, I used to believe that hard training left your immune system temporarily at a deficit, leaving an “open window” where you're more likely to pick up an infection. Lots of previous research assumed this, and that’s where I’d got it from.... But it’s a myth. This video explains why this myth pervades, what the truth really is, and what you can do to make sure [...]

Shuttle Run Technique for Optimal Cardio – MAS Training

While on lockdown, your cardio conditioning can either maintain fitness, or develop fitness... It can encourage poor movement mechanics, or promote sound movement and stability. Done well, progressive shuttle run training does both. I encourage you to improve how you move when you’re training at home. With some thought, cardio training can bring about great quality too. As well as your shuttle run technique, the shuttle [...]

Nothing To Pull From? Body Weight Exercise – Floor Wiper Press

When you’re stuck at home without something to hang and pull from, you need a way to train that musculature on the upper back to retain strength and stability… Too much pushing will mess up your posture and increase your risk of injury. So I’ve put on my “thinking cap” to come up with a solution for all of you that have been [...]

DO BETTER – Working Out is NOT Training

Once you are tired of just “working out” (spinning your wheels), start TRAINING instead. When you’re training, you’re progressively working toward a specific purpose... And that purpose is far more targeted than “stay in shape” or keeping busy. A woolly objective like that may burn calories and prevent you putting on body fat, but it won’t make you a better fighter. Right now [...]

How To Train After You’ve Recovered From Novel Coronavirus COVID-19

The world-wide impact of the COVID-19 virus is now being truly realised… Events are cancelled and fighters are now feeling a little aimless, not knowing how long restrictions are going to be in place. During this time of inevitable social lock-down – depending on where you are in the world, it’s either already here, or it’s coming – it’s the time [...]

Strength-Power-Speed (SPS) Routine – A S&C Routine for Training at Home

I’m often asked for a genuine training program for Thai boxers that don’t have access to any gym equipment – something to supplement the typical training regimen in Thailand... And in the current climate, something you can do at home when your gym has closed to help control the COVID-19 outbreak. So I set about the following program design brief... Produce a 4-week strength and conditioning routine [...]

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Plan Your HOME TRAINING Options Now

Following discussions with my face to face clients this last week, and now the Coronavirus has been confirmed as pandemic by World Health Organization, I’ve been considering my personal obligation to those I train. Although many of us are young enough and fit enough to personally not be severely affected even if we did contract the virus, we are responsible for not spreading it [...]

How To Instantly Improve Your Running Technique

Despite what you may think, there’s a lot of technique involved in running economically. Just because you can run, doesn’t mean that you’re running efficiently… I know for a fact that a lot of you guys are making this same mistake I have… because your running cadence, or steps per minute tells all! Thai boxers are primarily fighters, so running economy is less important [...]