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Real Discipline For Fighters

In the last episode, I explained that consistent effort over the long-term makes the biggest difference to your performance. To achieve that, there’s a common denominator – DISCIPLINE. Discipline is what you need when your motivation has run dry… And it’s exponentially more important! Building Real Discipline Discipline comes from caring enough about achieving something that [...]

Optimal vs Peak Fight Performance – What’s The Difference?

Do you know the difference between optimal and peak fight performance? Too many fighters don’t, and it’s costing them! I see many pro and hobbyist fighters alike, rightly working incredibly hard in their training, but mistakenly believing that every session must push them harder than the last. “Go hard or go home” has its place. However, this attitude is regularly misplaced and over simplified. Understanding when [...]

How To Do Hill Sprints Without A Hill

Fighters instinctively feel that hill sprints boost their fight performance. And mixing these High Resistance Intervals amongst your “roadwork” develops your endurance in a way steady state running can’t. But, not everyone has access to a decent hill. What’s the minimum hill gradient required? And what alternatives to hill sprints are there if you live in flatter parts of the world? Let’s find out… [...]

Fighters, Is Stronger Faster?

To become a faster, more explosive fighter you must first become stronger – produce more force. If you can create more force, you can accelerate quicker, hit at higher velocity and do more damage. That’s the mechanics, but we’re biological machines not purely mechanical ones. If we want our strength to transfer into the greatest striking power and speed possible, we must understand how the human body [...]

Stronger Fighter Training

To become a stronger fighter, you must use resistance training correctly... Historically, old-school fight coaches claimed that weight training makes fighters big and slow. But that’s only true if you use resistance training poorly. When used in the right way, weight training can either make you much stronger WITHOUT getting any bigger, or both bigger and stronger together, meaning you get FASTER, not slower! And as we’ve [...]

Exactly Why A Big fighter Isn’t Always Stronger

Understanding exactly why a big fighter isn’t always stronger is crucial for fight performance. It explains why some fighters perform well in their weight class and others don’t, and informs how you can best train to dominate your weight class too. As we’ve seen in the previous two videos, it’s speed that kills! However, the ability to generate the highest possible striking velocity is first dependent on [...]

Being Both Big AND Strong Hits Harder – Bigger Weight Class

Continuing our look at who hits harder, now we consider fighters in different weight classes and the effect this has on the physics of striking! The last episode, “Fat Loss: Who Hits Harder, Big Or Fast?” created some fantastic points of discussion. And shone a light on some areas of confusion too. In this episode, I’ll take key elements from Adam’s comment to focus on one area [...]

Fat Loss: Big Or Fast – Who Hits Harder?

When it comes to fat loss, ever wondered who hits harder, BIG or FAST? Toni did when he asked… "I have a question regarding weight loss and punching power. Let's imagine we have 2 genetically identical fighters... Muay thai fighter 1 weighs 90 kg but is physically less muscular and fat. Muay Thai fighter 2 weighs 78kg but is physically fitter, has more muscle mass through maximum strength, [...]

Rich Cadden: Real Deal Muay Thai Veteran – SoBC Podcast EP 16

Not so common... Muay Thai coach to Muay Thai veteran fighter What happens when a 45 year old Muay Thai coach returns to the ring to compete for a Muay Thai veteran title, after 11 years out, and with 20kg to lose in 15 just weeks? …Huge lessons, and a big win! Rich Cadden, former 2x Muay Thai world champion, performance coach and chief instructor at his [...]

Without Burnout or Blowout – Planning Long Term Fight Performance Training

Fighters burnout all the time. Hobbyists, amateurs, and pros alike must learn how to balance high intensity fight training with adequate recovery, to not only peak on fight night, but to optimise long term fight performance and health too. We all have a training “Goldilocks zone” that boosts our performance without sending us into either overtraining burnout, or injury blowout. Spoiler alert, this zone is a moving [...]

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