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Low Intensity Muay Thai Training?

Driven from a question left on one of my previous Q&A videos, here I expand on my reply and explain what I mean when I say a "Low Intensity Muay Thai Session"... Join the most informed Muay Thai performance community out there! Subscribe Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Further Resources Heart Rate Training Myths For [...]

Paul Banasiak – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

Not every fighter is as frank and honest as Paul Banasiak in their appraisal of themselves, with themselves, let alone sharing this with others. But, both with more than his fair share of introspective perspective, and also understanding the value of learning from other's mistakes as well as his own... He's happy to "take one for the team", and help you understand the lessons he's [...]

Tony Myers – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

I'm hard pushed to think of anyone who has made such an impact on raising the level of worldwide Muay Thai as Tony Myers. And this made for my biggest podcast episode to date! Tony Myers is Professor in Quantitative Methods at Newman University, a Muay Thai coach, referee and judge. Turning out fighters like Dean James, Nathan Bendon, & Rob Allen from Pra [...]

Jonathan Haggerty’s Mindset, Shin Bones, & Heart Rates!

In this episode I dig into Jonathan Haggerty’s mindset, methods of conditioning your shins for Muay Thai kicks and shin blocks, and the different maximum heart rates for different exercises. Let's get straight into it... Mandalorian footage – Star Wars (Youtube) Jonathan Haggerty – @jhaggerty_ Team Underground – @teamundergroundmma_official Keddles Gym – @keddles_and_bruce_gym_ The Knowlesey Academy – @theknowlesyacademy ONE Championship – @onechampionship [...]

Jonathan Haggerty – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

In this episode of the Science of Building Champions podcast... Jonathan Haggerty, the 24 year old, 3x World champion, and former ONE Championship Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion, after beating none other than the legendary Sam A! "The General" joins us from Singapore ahead of his ONE Championship main event fight against Taiki Naito on ONE:BIG BANG II on 11 Dec 2020. You [...]

Elevation Training Masks, & Breathing Pure Oxygen — Proven or Playing?

From Buakaw to Petchmorakot... is it real? Combat sports athletes are constantly bombarded with video clips of fighters using training methods or supplements that are seemingly a shortcut to fantastic results. Most of the time, these clips are little more than social media stunts, either to market a product or simply to get likes… And fighters are always up for having a laugh, [...]

Liam Harrison – The Science of Building Champions Podcast

In this episode of the Science of Building Champions podcast... Liam Harrison, 8x World champion, current UK number 1 (and has been for 18 years), renowned Muay Thai coach in his own right, both on the world-wide seminar circuit in-person and online, and more recently, host of the “Kickin’ It” with Liam Harrison podcast… The Hitman has conquered so much in his life [...]

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