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Muay Thai Fighters Switch Step Tutorial – For Coaches & Students

A complete fighters switch step tutorial, including technical drill breakdowns to optimise power through timing and foot placement. Some fighters struggle to find the correct movement pattern for an effective switch step, and coaches can struggle to teach this to students that 'don't get it'. This fighters switch step tutorial video looks at building the foundation switch step footwork, ready to power up both your attacking and [...]

The Bad Attitude Fighter – A Cancer In Your Gym

Every fight team, every Muay Thai gym, will at some stage encounter a bad attitude fighter  – a destructive member who brings negativity rather than a supportive, positive contribution. These members gossip, sabotage, create conflict, and strive for 'them and us' divisions in your gym. The problem is, a bad attitude fighter may also be one of your technically best-performing fighters or students... And when they are, [...]

How Do Thais Train So Much – And Why You Don’t Have To

In this episode, we ask how do Thais train so much and explain why you don’t have to! I’m often asked questions similar to this one from Alex… “I was wondering something while I was training at Attachai. The sessions over there are way harder than I’m used to, but I assume he just puts me through Bangkok training. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣“How do Thais do this twice a day [...]

Fighters Push Up Variation for Muay Thai Clinch Escape

Fighters push ups aren't typically considered to enhance the clinch! Most fighters view push ups only as a punch-specific exercise, but programmed in your training correctly, it can make a serious difference to your Muay Thai clinch escape too. And being a bodyweight exercise, specific push up variations are super accessible for everyone’s Muay Thai training sessions, regardless [...]

Two Unexpected, Game Changing Tennis Ball Exercises For Fighting!

I'm not going to opt for the more obvious reaction or hand eye coordination drills, catching, avoiding, throwing or punching tennis balls. Instead, I’m going to share two strength and conditioning exercises for fighters using a tennis ball... Both of which directly contribute to two key factors that heavily influence your effectiveness as a Muay Thai fighter… Balance and stability before, during, and [...]

Dr. Lynne Miller: Making The Most Of Muay Thai In Thailand – SoBC Podcast EP 14

Wasted Opportunities! Most of us visiting Thailand to train are fleeting visitors at best, and fail to understand the nuance of Thai culture and the business of Muay Thai in Thailand... This both prevents us from getting the most from our time in Thailand, and from effectively contributing to the Muay Thai businesses that must remain viable [...]

Why More Shouting In Muay Thai TRAINING Than In Fighting?

Why is there typically more shouting during strikes in Muay Thai training than in fighting? In this episode, I’ll share my thoughts on this specifically, and on breathing during Muay Thai in general... Join the most informed Muay Thai performance community out there! Subscribe Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Why More Shouting In Muay Thai [...]

Deadlift Lower Back Pain & Adjusting Your Training Program

I'm often asked how fighters can adjust their training programs if they're experiencing lower back pain while deadlifting. Here's a recent question... "I'm struggling doing deadlifts at the moment due to my lower back being activated before my glutes in my posterior chain. "I'm working on the muscle imbalance in my physio in conjunction with tendinopathy. I've tried hex bar deadlifts and still [...]

For Fighters – Is ONE Run Enough?

Many fighters struggle to adapt their training program to suit their personal weekly schedule... A schedule that’s VASTLY different to a full time fighter out in Thailand. In this short podcast, I explain more by way of a worked example from Jamie. Join the most informed Muay Thai performance community out there! Subscribe Youtube: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: [...]

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