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How To Choose The Best Core Exercise For Fighters

I was asked about that Pallof Press w/ Perturbation core exercise that Tawanchai was using in my recent reaction video... "Could that be used in a Strength Block in a training program?" When choosing the best core exercise for fighters, it's important to first consider... How far a fighter is away from an important fight? Where in the training plan the fighter currently sits? The "best" core [...]

How To Coach Experienced Fighters – Professor Tony Myers

As fighters become more experienced, we must understand how to coach them so they don't become stale. Experts in any field are ruthlessly good at the basics. What marks the best apart from the rest, is their ability to revisit and resharpen their foundational practice. It's vital that those at the top of their game recognise both that skill is perishable and can migrate over time, and [...]

ONE Championship Fighter Strength and Conditioning – Coach’s Reaction To Tawanchai’s Fight Prep

Tawanchai has been putting in the work for his first defence of the ONE Championship Featherweight Muay Thai World title. And he's shared a glimpse of his strength and conditioning prep on Instagram. In the clip, we see him working through a series of exercises... Battling Ropes Band Resisted High Knees Band Resisted Agility Ladder Drill Landmine Push Press Band Resisted Pad Work with the kicks Band [...]

What Is Authentic Muay Thai Training NOW? Old School vs New School

Muay Thai training and Muay Thai as an art has a deep history. And when it comes to the ring sport we’ve all come to love, the period between 1980 and 1995 known as “The Golden Era”, spawned arguably the most talented fighters ever. Names like Dieselnoi, Samart, Jongsanan, and Sakmongkol demand almost superhero status. They were highly skilled and incredibly tough! Nostalgists will claim today’s fighters [...]

Dynamic Hip Mobility Exercises – Shin Box Switch With Hip Extension

For snappy punches and kicks, Shin Box Switch hip mobility exercises both warm up and challenge hip internal and external range of motion – they're harder than they look! And adding a hip extension movement turns these hip mobility exercises into combined hip strengthening exercises too... Not to mention increasing your ability to use your centre of mass to control balance and posture. I typically program these exercises [...]

Paul Banasiak: Losing A Fight By Doing Too Much!

Paul Banasiak shares that losing his Glory debut fight taught him to not over-effort... That it's important to balance risk and reward, and that doing more or going harder in a fight doesn't necessarily equate to bigger, better results. Be aware of the "glitches" you suffer by overthinking instructions and losing your flow! Further Resources Paul Banasiak: Trust, Honesty, [...]

Scheduling Your Weekly Training Plan For Fighters – Part 2

When putting together a training plan... Although many fighters and coaches are doing the right things, they organise their training weeks haphazardly and squander the full training effect, or inadvertently cancel out performance gains entirely. At best, this wastes effort. At worst, it burns out fighters and injures them. But, you can apply simple steps to design weekly schedules that ensure training is efficient and effective – maximising [...]

Scheduling Your Weekly Training Plan For Fighters – Part 1

These days, fighter training has become more sophisticated. Coaches, fighters, and hobbyists alike all realise that to remain healthy, injury free and perform their best it takes more than steady runs, bag work, pad work, and sparring. But, what types of sessions are needed? How often should you train? What order should sessions go? Organising your training week, whatever your level of commitment to Muay Thai, can [...]

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