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Muay Thai Engineer: Who I Am, and Why I Think the Way I Think

My background is mechanical design engineering. I spent 18 years designing, prototyping, testing and developing video camera mounting products – from tripods through to robotic television camera pedestals. Serving companies like the BBC in the UK and ABC in the US. And when you’re an engineer, you very much work with a logical structure, and clear measures of what works and what doesn’t. [...]

Mind, Body, and Spirit in Muay Thai – the Hidden Qualities of a Complete Fighter

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Complete fighters aren’t only masters of all fighting modes and fighting ranges – they’re also masters of 3 intrinsic qualities that truly complete them as a fighter. They’re masters of the Mental, Physical and Emotional, or the classic Mind, Body and Spirit. And in this episode, I’m going to show you how these 3 qualities practically translate in fighting. “Welcome to Heatrick [...]

Muay Thai Fighting Styles and Becoming a Complete Fighter

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick Muay Thai fighting styles can be broken down into something far more useful. Something you can use to train your own personal style, and develop one that can beat whoever is in front of you. Let me show you how... VIDEO TRANSCRIPT In this episode, I'm going to break down the different fighting styles in Muay Thai, and what [...]

Developing a Successful Muay Thai Mindset

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick When it comes to developing a successful Muay Thai mindset, it all starts with these simple (but not easy) points... VIDEO TRANSCRIPT I’m often asked about my psychological approach to Muay Thai training. So today I’m going to start by sharing how to mentally set yourself up for success. Getting to grips with your mindset is a big player [...]

Muay Thai Elbow Mechanics – How to Develop Sharp Technique & KO Power

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick To develop a devastating Muay Thai elbow, that ends fights, you've got to watch this video! GET THE 4-WEEK TRAINING PLAN VIDEO TRANSCRIPT In this episode, I’m going to breakdown one of the most feared weapons in Muay Thai. The elbow. I'm going to show you... 1. How to KO or TKO your opponent using elbows 2. Biomechanics [...]

Muay Thai Warm Up Drills – Bound and Hop Series

by Don Heatrick @donheatrick For many, Muay Thai warm up drills are a wasted opportunity to become better fighter. If raising your pulse and limbering up are all you are doing in your warm up, then there's plenty being left on the table. I'm not big on waste. And wasting time is my number 1 pet peeve. So let me cram some quality into less than [...]

Muay Thai – No Time to Exercise

No time for exercise? Fighters are juggling training and dropping balls. There’ll always be life outside of training –– and for a fighter, it’s a delicate balance. And despite the guru’s calls for you to “make time”, sometimes it’s just impossible to make it all fit. So when you’re in this situation, then what? Compromise? Yes. But, there’s a winning compromise and a losing one. Let’s [...]


by Don Heatrick @donheatrick Fighter training intensity is something to respect and use appropriately. It's easy to be misled by the majority of training montages and highlight videos shared around of pro fighters. It's important to realise that these snapshots are not what all of their training looks like. If it was, they'd be in trouble! As you increase the amount of time you train, every session [...]


Following on from the last Heavy Hitters Podcast (looking at post fight reviewing and goal setting), this video explains my logic for selecting what your next S&C goals should be... and it's simpler than you think!! VIDEO TRANSCRIPT & LINKS! After my last podcast on post fight reviews and goal setting… fellow S&C coach Todd Davidson got in contact asking about how I’d [...]

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