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Muay Thai Questions And Answers – Zone 2 Cardio, Sparring, Rapid Recovery, Fighter’s Deficits

You asked about zone 2 cardio, sparring frequency, recovering quicker between rounds and more... Here are the answers! In this episode I answer your burning Muay Thai questions, covering topics like: The benefits of Zone 2 cardio training and how to implement it into your Muay Thai training Optimising for faster in-between round recovery The ideal sparring frequency for casual and competing Nak Muays The biggest weaknesses [...]

Developing a Growth Mindset For Fighters – My Own Battle

I used to believe my abilities were fixed - until sporting achievements opened my eyes to growth mindset. After childhood math trauma, I was convinced I lacked numerical talent. But unexpected successes in sports showed me that with strategic practice, I could improve dramatically. My fixed mindset began to crumble. I realised if I could excel in areas deemed "impossible," anything was achievable through dedication and incremental [...]

Muay Thai Sport Specific Training Overkill? The Hidden Risks

Muay Thai sport specific training has it's place. But there are hidden risks. Many fighters don't realise there's a tipping point where more sport-specific training stops helping and starts increasing overuse injury risk instead. The more training hours you put in, and the more years you’ve been in the game, compounds this risk. And the older you are, the finer the line between levelling up and breaking [...]

Essential Exercise Movement Patterns For Fighters

Skip the outdated bro-splits and use the essential exercise movement patterns to start training like combat sport athlete… It's not enough to just lift weights - we need to train our bodies in a way that transfers directly to better striking, clinching, and evasion. In this video I break down the 8 fundamental exercise movement patterns that every fighter must master to build balanced, functional strength that [...]

The Truth About Fighters Achieving Goals

Fighters achieving goals! Feels awesome right? Well, yes and no... If you're struggling to feel fulfilled and find direction after reaching a big goal in the sport, you're not alone. In this episode, Muay Thai aficionado Matt Lucas shares his personal experience running a marathon but feeling indifferent after finishing. Achieving goals can be anticlimactic - it's more about the personal growth during the journey. The MENTAL [...]

Fight Training Without A Fight? Stealing Muay Thai Fight Camp Gains

Fight training without a fight? It may seem counterintuitive, but you CAN capture the performance benefits of a fight camp without ever stepping foot in the ring. The secret lies in periodisation - strategically planning your training into blocks that progressively build strength, power, speed, and Muay Thai specific skills. This optimised structure allows you to simulate a fight camp and its gains without the fight itself. [...]

Using Supersets The Right Way (Without Annoying Everyone)

Supersets done the right way pack twice the punch into your workouts without hogging gym space. Learn clever superset strategies to boost resistance training in half the time. Learn the ideal gym setup, pick the right exercises, and master timing for efficient workouts. Watch now to elevate your strength game without annoying your gym buddies! Supersets For [...]

Fighters and Front Squats – Why You Shouldn’t Give Up

Fighters and front squats don't initially tend to get on so well. But, with some perseverance, this relationship transforms! In this episode, I share my journey from hating front squats to making them one of my favorite lifts. Discover how to create a solid "meat shelf" with your shoulders, drive those elbows forward, and activate your lats to own the front squat like a pro fighter holds [...]

Real Muay Thai Muscle Endurance Training: Elevate Your Fight IQ

Ironically, a fighter's enthusiasm to dominate in the ring might lead them down the wrong path—both in training for muscular endurance and strategically on fight night. By making smarter decisions regarding how you train your Muay Thai conditioning, you'll not only enhance your physical performance but also elevate your fight IQ. In this muscular endurance episode, you'll find: Tactical techniques for varying punch and kick combinations during [...]

Best Shoulder Stretch For Fighters Guard And Dominant Defense!

Crack the code to an impenetrable guard! In this episode, we break down a powerful progression of standing shoulder stretch exercises designed to enhance your shoulder mobility and solidify your guard. If you've been struggling with mobility... Dive into dynamic warm-up stretches and end your sessions with static holds to ensure a rock-solid guard that can even break your opponent's attacks! [...]

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