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Functional Strength & Hypertrophy Routine for Muay Thai Fighters

I first published this in 2013, and it’s been my most popular video on YouTube even after all these years. So I’ve decided to update it and re-publish it for newer readers and anyone who wants to run it again, as it’s still as effective as ever in helping Thai boxers build functional strength and muscle. The aim of this particular routine is to build some muscle [...]

Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai 101 – A Science-Based Approach to Accelerated Athletic Development

This guide is for both Beginners & Competitive Fighters looking to grow as quickly as possible... For those looking to take advantage of every training potential, specifically to accelerate their Muay Thai performance and take their game to the next level. Contents: The Role of S&C in Muay Thai (why Strength & Conditioning matters more than you think) Why you should start [...]

How To Choose Exercises For a Fighter’s S&C Session

I’m often asked how I choose exercises for a fighter’s gym session. So I’ve broken down the steps I mentally run through when planning a strength and conditioning session – to ensure productive progress for every minute in the gym. So let’s get to it... My 9-step logic to selecting the best/most appropriate exercises for each category in any gym based session. As [...]

Heart Rate Training Myths For Fighters

There are many myths and misunderstandings when it comes to fighters using heart rate monitors in their training... And despite many Instagram posts showing fighters wearing heart rate straps during training, many aren’t using this tool effectively at all. So I’m going to debunk these myths, and explain how to use heart rate monitors to make you a better fighter, and avoid the pitfalls that I [...]

Why Fighters SHOULDN’T Train With Resistance Bands – They’ll Ruin Your Technique!

I’m often asked if it’s good training for fighters to throw punches and kicks with resistance bands connected to their arms and legs? You know, like in the Instagram posts? The short answer is no! Loading up skilled Muay Thai technique is never a good idea, because it changes how you move. An ill-informed attempt to produce the most sport-specific training method ever, actually creates several [...]

Heiden and Stick – Muay Thai Balance and Stability Exercise

The Heiden and Stick exercise is an important progression in a Thai boxers speed and plyometric training. It targets sideways, lateral movement, involving adductors and glute medius muscles at the hip to control the knee, and multiple muscle groups in the feet, ankle and calves. And it not only trains unilateral (single leg) explosiveness, but also great stability and balance. And this is [...]

I Won The Fight, But Nearly Lost Everything

Back in 2012, I won what turned out to be my last fight, but was taken by ambulance to hospital immediately afterwards to spend the night under observation.Of all my fights, this one felt the most physically gruelling… my trademark strength and physical fitness had suddenly abandoned me – as if my opponent was wearing Kryptonite. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Leading up to the fight, all [...]

How to Remain On It Without an Upcoming Fight

For a Muay Thai newbie, gains are quick, and therefore motivation is high. But inevitably, progress slows and only those that continue to feel progress will keep at it. In this video I show you practical strategies to remain “on it” even if you don’t have a fight coming up… VIDEO TRANSCRIPT For many fighters in Thailand, their next fight is their only [...]

Shoulder Butt Drill For Explosive Punches and Elbow Strikes

If you can throw a good shoulder butt, you can throw an awesome punch or elbow! This drill coordinates explosive power from the ground up, and really tells you if your timing is good enough. In this video I share with you a foundation drill that I use to teach fighters to connect the true source of striking power, the hips, through an explosively coordinated core, [...]

How Jonathan Haggerty Did That to Sam-A

I’ve been asked why I thought Jonathan Haggerty, at only 22 years old and 16 professional fights to his name, managed to defeat Thai legend Sam-A (with 336 wins and only 46 losses) to claim the ONE Championship flyweight Muay Thai world title. So here are my thoughts... I’ll begin by putting fight records to one side and look at the key elements affecting fight performance: [...]