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Fight Ready Pad Work – A New Take

Fight ready pad work isn't just about sweating out; it's about crafting a strategic approach that replicates the fight's intensity. Dive deep into the nuances of fight-specific training in this episode, as we uncover how to leverage pad work sessions for maximum psychological and physical benefit, ensuring you're sharp and agile for the big day. Whether you're a Muay Thai enthusiast, coach, or fighter aiming for the [...]

Muay Thai Endurance Training – Mastering Fight Endurance Management

Muay Thai endurance training is more than just endless running! And this conversation with one of my Heavy Hitters is too good to keep ourselves. This isn't just any chat; it's about mastering the art of Muay Thai endurance. Ready for some insights? Here's a glimpse of what we uncovered: We break down the real deal behind "Fight Endurance Management". Explore the ever-mysterious law of [...]

Dope Test – Has Muay Thai Been Found Out?

A failed Muay Thai dope test? We're venturing into some controversial territory today, Muay Thai, with its rich legacy, finds itself at a crossroads, and it's time we address it head-on. Inside this episode: How the spirit of Muay Thai is being put to the test. The insidious rise of performance enhancers in the world of combat sports. The stark reality behind performance enhancing drugs and the [...]

Elusive Fighter Footwork Strategy – Yodsanklai Counter Attack

Muay Thai Elusive Fighter Footwork & Counter Attack Strategy... Unlock the true potential of elusive footwork in Muay Thai to power up your counter strategy with lessons learned directly from Yodsanklai Fairtex. Dive deep into strategic footwork patterns, leverage them for fight-winning techniques, and comprehend the rationale behind each move. Inside this episode: Footwork Foundation: How the simple nuances in footwork can make or break your elusiveness [...]

The Fight Camp Is Dead. Long Live The Fight Camp!

The truth is, the traditional fight camp is dead. Today, we're here to discuss a groundbreaking shift in mindset that modern fighters are using in their approaching training, a shift that can take your performance to a whole new level. It's time to challenge the traditional fight camp mindset and embrace a continuous, progressive approach that will transform you into a different fighter within a year, and [...]

Burnout Or Overtraining –The Truth And How To Recover Quicker

One thing’s for sure, at some stage, every fighter will push their training too far and burnout. Likely, getting sick or injured, along with feeling grumpy, depressed and lacking motivation to train at all. You can both catch this before it happens and recover from it quicker, IF you understand the three stages on the overtraining continuum. Only then can you choose the right recovery methods, to [...]

Adjusting Training Before Going On Vacation Or Holiday

Heading on vacation in five weeks? Let's make those weeks count! Join Lorenzo as he fine-tunes his standard 4-week training block to make the most of the FIVE weeks before his travels! In this episode, we review the proven 4-week strength conditioning structure: 3 weeks of progression and 1 DELOAD week... But how can you extend it to 5 weeks without losing momentum? I've got you covered [...]

What To Do If You Fail The Prescribed Number Of Reps!

If you fail the prescribed number of reps in your training program... why did it happen, and what should you do? In this episode, we delve into the intriguing nuances of rep max testing... We uncover the occasional phenomenon where exceptional performance during testing doesn't translate to sustained success in the training block. And highlight the importance of adjusting numbers and maintaining realistic expectations. We learn about the [...]

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