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What Gym Equipment Do I Need?

It’s common to believe you need lots of fancy gym equipment to train strength and conditioning effectively… You don’t! To carry out World-Class training, you'll only need a minimal amount of training equipment. It's how you use them that makes all the difference. All you need is at least the following items... Barbell and plates Dumbbells Squat rack Weight bench Somewhere to do [...]

Fat Loss For Fighters

Fat loss is a huge issue for Muay Thai enthusiasts of all levels. Not just cutting weight temporarily for one fight, but a long-term change in body composition – losing all unnecessary fat, so the body has only what’s useful for the highest performance. And of course, looking great is a most welcome side effect! It’s an issue I’ve addressed for countless clients [...]

TJ The Thinking Man and Daisy Mrs The Thinking Man – The Science Of Building Champions Podcast

In this, the very first episode of the Science of Building Champions podcast, I’m joined by both TJ "The Thinking Man", AND "Mrs The Thinking Man", TJ’s wife Daisy, from Phuket – just a week out from both of their next fights on the same weekend… Originally from Houston, Texas in the US, TJ and Daisy sold everything back home and upped roots [...]

How A Novice Can Become An Expert – And Why Some Never Will

Phase 1: Newbie Gains When you first start Muay Thai training, you’re swimming in a sea of technical corrections! As time goes on, with consistent practice of the core (game-changing) movements and techniques, fewer corrections are needed to achieve reliable performance. You’re moving along the continuum from novice to expert. Repeating movements reinforces habits, forming motor pattern “engrams” that you no longer have [...]

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