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Show Some Finesse, As Well As Blood And Guts

Training requires discipline, but not the kind that fighters usually think of… This discipline I speak of is “restraint”. Knowing when to show restraint is what takes an athletically gifted fighter, and turns them into a beast! It’s the same kind of restraint you’d show when sparring a novice (well I'd hope so anyway — if not, get out of my gym)! …Just because you can knock [...]

Muay Thai Weight Class Mismatch?

I recently watched footage of my nephew, Matthew Butcher fighting at Bangla Boxing Stadium in Phuket… …it again seems the promoters abandoned the weighing scales in favour of  “eyeing up”, and memory. Obviously not the most reliable method of matching fighters! It’s frustrating for fighters and coaches alike. And Sumalee Boxing Gym now refuse to take such fights, regardless of how enthusiastic the fighters may be to crown [...]

Muay Thai Fighter – Are You An Addict?

Here’s the thing… You might not admit it, but I guarantee there’s something in your life that you’re powerless over… …And it’s become unmanageable. That’s an addiction, and denial is one of the characteristics! If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know I’m no stranger to drawing inspiration and expertise from diverse fields. And another such opportunity cropped up recently – and there’s some gold for you [...]

Is Muay Thai Dead?

Is Muay Thai dead... or just misunderstood? In this video, I share a few ideas that serve as a healthy discussion around the points made in a Muay Thai Guy guest-post that obviously plays devil's advocate... "Muay Thai Is Dead, And You Killed It." It's good to challenge conceptions, it gets everyone thinking. It provides the opportunity to reconsider you own understanding, and either justify it, or investigate a new [...]

We’ve ALL Got Issues! Avoidance Is NOT The Answer

Stop kidding yourself, you’ve got stuff you don’t do well… If you don’t agree, you just haven’t looked closely enough. The physical stuff you don’t do well will eventually bite you. But, if you’re honest and make the effort, you can head things off at the pass before your body breaks down. I’ve done it, and at some stage we all will have done it. And the [...]

If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying – Don’t Be Afraid of Change

It's true in every field... Don't be afraid of change. "Just because it's the way it's always been done, it doesn't mean it's the best way." ~ Dr. Bryan Mann, assistant director of strength and conditioning at the University of Missouri Are you still doing everything you do the way you started out doing it? Or have you learned a better, more efficient way as you've gone [...]

VLOG: Planning Strength and Conditioning Training

I thought I'd share a few thoughts that arose while planning a client's next block of strength and conditioning training... Have you moved training on before giving enough overload? Do you need to change all the exercises used between training blocks? How does stress outside of the training affect recovery? Check out this video for a few quick answers...

Are You Wasting Opportunities Your Opponent Isn’t?

Coach says, “Today is a low intensity day.” – The fighter’s body language slumps. But… by the end of the session, the fighter gets it. He’s come away with a list of things to work on, that’ll make him a better fighting athlete, and some cures for the reoccurring niggles that seem to plague his knees and shoulders. And all stuff that would remain unchanged had today [...]

Do You Cop Out?

You might not be ready to hear this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Guess what, everything that happens to you is your fault. …I can feel a wave of aversion rising – “but” what if this, or that… Ok, to pander to this argument a little... other people can affect what happens to you, and there’s just plain “bad luck”, but you put yourself in a [...]