Don’s Winning Fighter’s Principle

Don’s Winning Fighter's Principle Quick Coach’s Chat EP. 03 Featuring Manachai and Yodchai filmed at the Yokkao Training Centre in Bangkok. Head over to my YouTube channel and subscribe to get all the latest videos as soon as it goes live every Saturday. Don's Winning Fighter's Principle Video Transcript: I'd like to share with [...]

Don’s Winning Fighter’s Principle2023-08-06T14:52:44+01:00

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I was privileged to spend 2-days with Joel Jamieson of, widely recognised as one of the foremost experts on strength and conditioning for combat sports, and someone that has heavily influenced my personal approach to athletic training and energy systems conditioning in particular. This was his first time [...]

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment2023-08-06T14:53:11+01:00

Cornering Fighters – A Few Good Words

Sitting watching the 2014 Commonwealth Games, I was struck by the coaches activity — grabbing fleeting moments to refocus their athletes. The boxing corner-teams were especially interesting... What's imparted during these brief exchanges? What's useful, and (more importantly) what's not useful? Tuning Out? Although understanding how to coach effectively during competition is crucial, [...]

Cornering Fighters – A Few Good Words2023-08-06T14:53:22+01:00
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