Carbs for fighters... this podcast came about as a result of calls for a follow up after the last podcast discussing the keto diet for fighters. In it you'll learn how I manipulate carbs for individual fighters to ensure their body composition, training quality, general recovery, and competitive performance are reliable and progressing nicely! [...]

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Muay Thai Nutrition with Sam Miller

I got the chance to talk Muay Thai nutrition with Sam Miller, founder of SBG Nutrition, and we certainly cover some ground in this Podcast interview. Sam candidly shares his experience working in person with Thai boxers at Sumalee Gym in Phuket, and online with fighters from around the word, along with regular 'health' clients. We [...]

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For those that like a direct answer... YES.  ;) Why as a Thai boxer should you be concerned with the carbohydrates you consume? Here's another direct answer:  fat loss or gain energy crashes during training and fights fuelling for training sessions over an hour long refuelling for multiple training sessions in one day weight [...]

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A Supplemental Workout Challenge

If you want either better muscular endurance, or a little extra lean muscle, I have a challenge for you courtesy of Chad Waterbury. It's called the 60-day PLP Challenge and it's really simple, requiring just your body weight and a chin up bar. Are you in? I must stress this daily challenge is a supplemental workout, done [...]

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