When I’m working with my face-to-face clients, many of them have had injuries or moved poorly because limitations in range of motion. Left unaddressed, poor movement leads to a cascade of injuries further "along the chain" in the body. One of the main culprits for many, is bad or asymmetrical ankle mobility, which causes [...]


We’ve ALL Got Issues! Avoidance Is NOT The Answer

Stop kidding yourself, you’ve got stuff you don’t do well… If you don’t agree, you just haven’t looked closely enough. The physical stuff you don’t do well will eventually bite you. But, if you’re honest and make the effort, you can head things off at the pass before your body breaks down. I’ve done [...]

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Muay Thai: Balancing the Extremes

Every element within your being constantly swings between two opposite extreme states like a pendulum. This fluctuation is normal as your body strives to maintain balance. But, if the pendulum swings too far, balance is lost, problems arise and breakdown is inevitable. This principle is true at every level of existence, from the solar [...]

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Gym Mobility Exercises For Muay Thai

Following the Gym Session Density article, I've been asked what mobility exercises I'd  suggest to fit into the gym session template. In reality, the specific exercises I select depend on the movement limitations of the individual that I've programmed for. However, Thai boxers generally need to work on ankle, hip, thoracic spine and shoulder [...]

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Thai Boxer Down — Injuries

It's easy to get carried away when preparing for a fight. I've seen many fighters 'self destruct' at this time and get injured – myself included. Injuries such as these either fall into the traumatic (sudden accidental) category, or chronic over use. Traumatic injuries are always possible, and can spontaneously occur by chance — that [...]

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Correcting Muay Thai Posture Compensations

Following on from my last post, "Is Muay Thai Bad for Posture?", this time I look at some exercises that can counter balance the overuse and posture compensation that results from hours of Muay Thai training. These exercises strengthen and activate deep neck flexors and lower scapular fixators and stretch out the pectoral, upper trapezius and [...]

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Timing Training to Boost Recovery & Performance

It's not enough to just train hard, you need to train smart. Thai boxers must train many different qualities to be successful – highly skilled movements, tactical strategies, flexibility, strength, explosive power and relentless endurance. How can you develop all these without frying yourself in the process? In a previous post I discussed general [...]

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