Heiden and Stick – Muay Thai Balance and Stability Exercise


The Heiden and Stick exercise is an important progression in a Thai boxers speed and plyometric training. It targets sideways, lateral movement, involving adductors and glute medius muscles at the hip to control the knee, and multiple muscle groups in the feet, ankle and calves. And it not only trains unilateral (single leg) [...]

Heiden and Stick – Muay Thai Balance and Stability Exercise2023-08-06T14:59:44+01:00

Shoulder Butt Drill For Explosive Punches and Elbow Strikes


If you can throw a good shoulder butt, you can throw an awesome punch or elbow! This drill coordinates explosive power from the ground up, and really tells you if your timing is good enough. In this video I share with you a foundation drill that I use to teach fighters to connect [...]

Shoulder Butt Drill For Explosive Punches and Elbow Strikes2023-08-06T14:59:46+01:00

Muay Thai Elbow Mechanics – How to Develop Sharp Technique & KO Power


by Don Heatrick @donheatrick To develop a devastating Muay Thai elbow, that ends fights, you've got to watch this video! GET THE 4-WEEK TRAINING PLAN VIDEO TRANSCRIPT In this episode, I’m going to breakdown one of the most feared weapons in Muay Thai. The elbow. I'm going to show [...]

Muay Thai Elbow Mechanics – How to Develop Sharp Technique & KO Power2024-02-01T12:01:43+00:00



by Don Heatrick @donheatrick Who wouldn't want to teep like Buakaw?! There are many ways to throw a teep in Muay Thai, with different tactical objectives. But my favourite version is the aggressive teep, designed to stamp your opponent off balance! And it happens to be one of Buakaw’s favourites too, so we’ll use [...]

HOW TO TEEP LIKE BUAKAW!2023-08-06T14:57:22+01:00



Saenchai is a Muay Thai living legend, and his trademark moves are based on a particular athletic foundation that he’s naturally exploited to awesome effect. Saenchai is an elastic animal! He’s super efficient at storing and returning elastic energy in his muscles and tendons, what sports scientists call stretch-shortening cycle – and not [...]

HOW TO MOVE LIKE SAENCHAI!2024-02-01T11:28:47+00:00

Muay Thai Strength vs Speed – Sport Science


Strength vs speed, what would you pick? Before you answer, how about a little Muay Thai sports science review of the fight between Rafi Bohic vs Dylan Salvador at Lumpinee Stadium... A massive thanks to Timo Ruge at Muay Ties for allowing his footage of Rafi vs Dylan to be used [...]

Muay Thai Strength vs Speed – Sport Science2023-08-06T14:57:37+01:00

Hitting Harder – Muay Thai Movement Efficiency


Often, fighters understandably become preoccupied with upper body strength when it comes to training to improve punching power. This yields poor results! What seems to be an obvious cause and effect is actually a lie. Understanding where your KO power comes from allows you to target training that develops it... Spoiler, a bench press [...]

Hitting Harder – Muay Thai Movement Efficiency2024-02-01T09:26:19+00:00

It’s Not Your 8-Limbs Striking


The private Muay Thai sessions I've coached recently have handed me a common-thread that I thought I'd share with you. Muay Thai is often referred to as the science of 8-limbs, but being pre-occupied with the striking limbs themselves is a big mistake. This is something I've found to be true myself, and can [...]

It’s Not Your 8-Limbs Striking2023-08-06T12:27:38+01:00
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