Muay Thai strength training is a recurring question, so let’s take the opportunity to clear things up a little. We’ll look at how to build strength in the first place, and how to get stronger when strength gains dry up! We’ll look at this from both the novice strength training end of the spectrum [...]


Carbs for fighters... this podcast came about as a result of calls for a follow up after the last podcast discussing the keto diet for fighters. In it you'll learn how I manipulate carbs for individual fighters to ensure their body composition, training quality, general recovery, and competitive performance are reliable and progressing nicely! [...]


Recently I shared a post on our facebook page of Joe Rogan’s podcast with Dr Andy Galpin discussing the keto diet, and I commented, “As a combat athlete, your primary fuel source will always be carbs – nothing else releases energy fast enough!” Now there are a ton of opinions on this! And I [...]

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To put these three videos in context, this Liam Harrison interview at Bad Company Gym was given just after I’d helped him with some re-hab for a chronic separated shoulder injury – that was further aggravated during his successful Yokkao World Title defence against Rayan Mekki at Yokkao 24, and had prevented Liam training [...]


This video clarifies some of my thoughts regarding the changing face of Muay Thai training in Thailand itself. It's going to be a long process, but it has begun. Things are slowly changing in Thailand. And with traditional Muay Thai training habits so strongly embedded and blindly defended, it's the foreigners that could be [...]

Bad Company’s Richard Smith Interview – Preparing Muay Thai Fighters

Don Heatrick grabs the opportunity to speak to Richard Smith, Bad Company Muay Thai founder and senior instructor, about his philosophies and methods for preparing his team of Thai boxers, from undercard to World Title fight. These four episodes where filmed at the Supershowdown Presents Yokkao 23 & 24 event at the Bolton Macron Stadium [...]

Is This a Rant? Beware of Glitter-Turds!

If I’ve nothing of value to say, I don’t say anything. And it’s the same when I corner or coach a fighter – I prefer to chose a few good words and leave it there. I let those key points drill-deep and take effect, rather than clouding with distractive clutter. For me that’s the essence of coaching… [...]

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It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Get Results

Regardless if you're talking nutrition or Muay Thai strength and conditioning training, it doesn't have to be perfect to get results. In this super quick Vlog from the office, I explain what is important when it comes to getting results... and having the perfect training programme or nutrition plan isn't it! [...]

Muay Thai Q&A – Injuries, Muscle Building, Food Intolerances

Mariusz posed a few questions, wanting to know about common injuries in Muay Thai training (not fighting) and what to do to check and correct the causes; muscle building (hypertrophy) training for Muay Thai fighters; and eating allergies/intolerances. So here's another dog-walk talk, where I take the opportunity to chat through some ideas while out [...]


Following my interviews with full time fighters Jordan Coe and Sophia Torkos at different gyms in Thailand, I've been asked, "Are you surprised by the lack of strength and conditioning in Thailand?" ... And I must say I'm not. Generally the understanding just isn't there yet, and there's along history of training using traditional methods which [...]

Muay Thai Nutrition with Sam Miller

I got the chance to talk Muay Thai nutrition with Sam Miller, founder of SBG Nutrition, and we certainly cover some ground in this Podcast interview. Sam candidly shares his experience working in person with Thai boxers at Sumalee Gym in Phuket, and online with fighters from around the word, along with regular 'health' clients. We [...]

Muay Thai Tournament Conditioning

It’s hard enough preparing for a single fight, but what if you’re involved in a tournament and are expected to fight on consecutive days, or even multiple times in one day? Do you need to change your conditioning training to suit this? This article has been prompted by Sean, who asked this great question: “Hey [...]


I'm sure you've experienced this before – you're expecting to fight on a show at around 6pm, but the event organisation has gone awry. It's 9pm already, and you're STILL waiting for your slot in the fight schedule. You've planned and prepared your food and snacks to maintain energy levels, and that has now [...]

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Bleed Less – The Steps to Take Before Climbing in the Ring

Cuts are part of Muay Thai. A well placed knee or elbow can easily result in a profuse cut that prematurely ends a fight (7, 22). This sort of external bleeding is obvious, but there's also internal damage; bruising and haemorrhage of various tissues within the body (17, 22) – the most consequential being [...]

Same Day Weighing-in and Fighting – Part 3

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2, this time I'll share my approach to rehydrating and restocking energy after the weigh-in. I'll begin with my rationale and then break down simply what to eat and drink, and when. Rehydrating Temporary weight loss for a fight comes almost entirely through mild dehydration. The battle [...]

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Same Day Weighing-in and Fighting – Part 2

Following the first part of this article, which discussed my thoughts on how much weight you can cut and why, this second part outlines my recommendations for how you cut. As before, my approach is one of optimum fight performance, not maximum weight cut – read the first part if you're not sure of [...]

Muay Thai and Carbs — important? Part 3

This third and final part of my series looking at the importance of carbohydrates to Thai boxers, explains how carbs affect your final weight cut the week before a fight. Your body composition should already be on point (less than 10% body fat) by managing your calorie intake (especially carbs) for the previous 4-weeks or [...]

Muay Thai and Carbs – important? Part 2

In the last post I discussed how carbohydrates affect fat storage and how to stabilise your energy levels to avoid a crash in the ring. This time I'll turn my attention to the stored carbohydrate (or glycogen) in your body, fuelling physical performance during longer duration training sessions between 1 and 2 hours, and multiple [...]

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For those that like a direct answer... YES.  ;) Why as a Thai boxer should you be concerned with the carbohydrates you consume? Here's another direct answer:  fat loss or gain energy crashes during training and fights fuelling for training sessions over an hour long refuelling for multiple training sessions in one day weight [...]

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Recovery – The Secret to Rapid Performance Improvement

Fighters pride themselves on being hardy. But there's a difference between hardy and fool hardy! There's times to push through it, and there's times to back off. The trick is knowing which situation your currently in, and it's not as difficult to read as you might think. I'm sure you've either been training in [...]

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