Muay Thai Pad Work Drills – Observation Clusters!

Join me in this video coaching session as I share a series of Muay Thai pad work drills using a concept I call “Observation Clusters”. I'll guide you through advanced techniques designed to sharpen your combat skills and enhance your ability to read and react to your opponent's movements effectively. We'll explore the art [...]

Muay Thai Pad Work Drills – Observation Clusters!2024-02-19T18:32:36+00:00

Elusive Fighter Footwork Strategy – Yodsanklai Counter Attack

Muay Thai Elusive Fighter Footwork & Counter Attack Strategy... Unlock the true potential of elusive footwork in Muay Thai to power up your counter strategy with lessons learned directly from Yodsanklai Fairtex. Dive deep into strategic footwork patterns, leverage them for fight-winning techniques, and comprehend the rationale behind each move. Inside this episode: Footwork [...]

Elusive Fighter Footwork Strategy – Yodsanklai Counter Attack2023-08-25T06:17:51+01:00

The Best Reaction Time Training For Fighters

There are a ton of different reaction time training methods and an ever-increasing crop of reaction training devices… And for fighters, they’re NOT all created equal. Some methods really only function as warm-up or movement activities, whereas others can develop Saenchai-like reflexes in the ring! [...]

The Best Reaction Time Training For Fighters2023-08-06T09:17:39+01:00

Elevation Training Masks, & Breathing Pure Oxygen — Proven or Playing?

From Buakaw to Petchmorakot... is it real? Combat sports athletes are constantly bombarded with video clips of fighters using training methods or supplements that are seemingly a shortcut to fantastic results. Most of the time, these clips are little more than social media stunts, either to market a product or [...]

Elevation Training Masks, & Breathing Pure Oxygen — Proven or Playing?2023-08-06T14:59:17+01:00


There's a lot of video clips out there showing snapshots of Anthony Joshua's strength and conditioning training. I thought I'd take a quick look specifically at reaction training, and chat through some thoughts. And if there's another video out there that you'd like me to discuss, please get in contact and let me know! ;) [...]



My wife forwarded the following video to me, showing an apparent impact conditioning drill. Now, it's pretty obvious this is the dumbest idea ever. This kind of deliberate repeated trauma to the brain causes damage, and you can only accumulate so much brain trauma in a lifetime, so don't waste it with this kind [...]

BRAIN SAVING SPARRING – DON’T BE DUMB2023-08-06T14:53:10+01:00

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I was privileged to spend 2-days with Joel Jamieson of, widely recognised as one of the foremost experts on strength and conditioning for combat sports, and someone that has heavily influenced my personal approach to athletic training and energy systems conditioning in particular. This was his first time [...]

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment2023-08-06T14:53:11+01:00

Is There Ever Enough Fitness?

Sam posted this fantastic question on the forum: “Is there a point where your fitness level is 'enough', at which point you could spend all your time working on technique, sparring, and other such sport-specific things?“ In answering this question, I've taken the opportunity to link-in more detail on some of the topics discussed. [...]

Is There Ever Enough Fitness?2023-08-06T12:27:38+01:00


Last weeks post served as an introduction to this one, if you missed it please click here. I'm sure you've all heard before that a fight is 90% mental and only 10% physical. With this blog, I'm keen to share with you my thoughts on all aspects of Muay Thai performance, not just the physical. [...]

MUAY THAI FLOW STATE2023-08-06T12:28:08+01:00

What Special Tricks Did You Learn?

"What special tricks did you learn?" is a common question others ask when you return from training in Thailand. But, if you want to be the best you can be, it's the wrong question. An expert uses the basics – done exceptionally well. Advanced "tricks" are simply the icing on the cake, not the foundation of [...]

What Special Tricks Did You Learn?2023-08-06T12:17:44+01:00

Sports Performance Training & Coaching Model

Successful performance enhancement training and coaching divides an athletes needs into technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements. These are all pieces of a puzzle that govern the success of an athlete in their chosen field, and areas that're immediately recognisable to a Thai boxer. To get the most out of training sessions — whether that's [...]

Sports Performance Training & Coaching Model2023-08-06T12:17:45+01:00
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