Training Age

At a seminar I delivered to Thai boxers in Cork, Ireland, there were some very experienced fighters — having invested many years of training both domestically and in Thailand, and amassing a large number of fights internationally. You wouldn't describe these guys as 'beginners'... or would you? A small part of this particular seminar [...]

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Periodisation of Muay Thai Technique Training

I've come across an interesting periodisation model while reviewing a classic article from the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal, "A Theoretical Model of Strength Training" by Stone, Bryant et al. And I thought I'd share it with you as it helps Thai boxers picture how their training should be structured approaching a fight. The [...]

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Your training must be specific to your sport. This is straight forward if you're either a sprinter (power) or a marathon runner (endurance), but we're Thai boxers and we need it all! Conflicting physical adaptations are part of our game, and managing this is crucial if you're to get the best out of yourself. [...]


Why Fighters Should Exercise on One-Leg

In the previous article I posted a video showing a progressive series of unilateral (single limb) leg exercises, and this week I'll explain why they feature in my Thai boxer's strength and conditioning programmes. Because We're Thai Boxers Thai boxers operate on one leg or in staggered stances, placing an unequal load on the [...]

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Thai Boxer Down — Injuries

It's easy to get carried away when preparing for a fight. I've seen many fighters 'self destruct' at this time and get injured – myself included. Injuries such as these either fall into the traumatic (sudden accidental) category, or chronic over use. Traumatic injuries are always possible, and can spontaneously occur by chance — [...]

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Training Fighters for Strength, Power & Speed

Fighters must train to be explosive... And a little knowledge is needed to train in a way that taps into your true explosive potential. Strength, power and speed are three different (although dependent) physical qualities. And each must be targeted individually in your training in order to reach your full athletic [...]

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Performance Preparation: Optimised Warm-up

Forget your old perception of a warm-up and now consider a new model for optimising performance preparation for both fights and training sessions. Time is wasted and physical potential goes untapped following typical ill-conceived warm-up routines. I know it's been done to death – a warm up will promote faster muscle contraction; relax agonist [...]

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Fighter Weight Training Sessions In a Nutshell

Thai boxers, like most athletes,  don't have much time to dedicate to weight training sessions. It's therefore critical to train specifically in the gym — be the most productive and get out again. Fighters must focus on strength and power development in the weights room, as these adaptations aren't maximally stressed during Thai boxing training [...]

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Following over a months lay off from training due to a persistent illness, I've lost a lot of muscle. Stepping back on the scales I'm nearly 5kg lighter. My composition remains good, but I need to get my weight back were it was so I'm competitive in my weight category at 75kg max (day [...]


Don’t Workout

Ok, I'm deliberately picking on semantics here. What I'm really asking, is you consider your approach to training for the next year. There are good and bad gym sessions, and I'm not referring to details like exercise selection and order, or sets and reps etc. (although they are important), I'm talking about your general approach. Good training [...]

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Is Muay Thai Bad for Posture?

High training volume in any sport will lead to overuse injuries and muscular imbalances, and Muay Thai is no exception. It's true, you really can have too much of a good thing! Fighting posture is designed to defend vulnerable parts of your body against imminent attack, not promote long-term health. And Thai boxers spend a significant [...]

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Buakaw Strength & Conditioning Training

Here's an interesting video of former Omnoi Stadium champion and two-time K-1 World MAX champion, Buakaw using landmine or coreplate exercises in his strength and conditioning programme prescribed by the Faculty of Sports Science at Kasetsart University. The movements selected are very sport specific, indicating they are toward the end of a meso cycle or block [...]

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Power Endurance Interval Bag Work or Spinning Session

This short, intense alactic capacity interval session aims to improve the ability to maintain explosive power for extended periods – perfect for fighters. The objective is increase the maximum capacity of the alactic system by increasing the amount of stored phosphocreatine. The interval session consists of a 15-second flat-out burst of punches, kicks, elbows [...]

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What Special Tricks Did You Learn?

"What special tricks did you learn?" is a common question others ask when you return from training in Thailand. But, if you want to be the best you can be, it's the wrong question. An expert uses the basics – done exceptionally well. Advanced "tricks" are simply the icing on the cake, not the foundation of [...]

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Sports Performance Training & Coaching Model

Successful performance enhancement training and coaching divides an athletes needs into technical, tactical, physical and psychological elements. These are all pieces of a puzzle that govern the success of an athlete in their chosen field, and areas that're immediately recognisable to a Thai boxer. To get the most out of training sessions — whether that's [...]

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