This week, three Muay Thai strength and conditioning questions answered! Standing or sitting between rounds? Weightlifting belts (for fighters), yay or nay? MAS cardio sessions? Plus a bonus game changer to help focus your efforts! Is sitting between rounds best for recovery, or is it better to remain standing instead? How about fighters using [...]


What would you pick? Speed or strength? Before you answer, how about a little Muay Thai sports science review of the fight between Rafi Bohic vs Dylan Salvador at Lumpinee Stadium... A massive thanks to Timo Ruge at Muay Ties for allowing his footage of Rafi vs Dylan to be used in [...]


Are you making these 3 mistakes when planning your training? Not understanding the boundaries of different types of training Training the wrong types of training together Emphasising the wrong type of training either too far away or too close to a fight It’s important to understand that TYPES of training are different to training [...]


This is the first episode in a series, answering six great questions posed by Richi Alvarez in the private group for my online strength and conditioning programme. Richi is training full time at Khongsittha Gym in Bangkok, and has a background in strength and conditioning too. So there's some great thought behind the questions. And [...]

Sleeping to Better Muay Thai Performance

Muay Thai Performance Hack Episode 1: Sleeping to Better Muay Thai Performance In this series, I'll quickly share (in less than 5-minutes) hacks that'll improve your Muay Thai performance. The link between sleep and recovery is well known and documented, but just how much do you need, and how much does it affect your athletic performance? [...]

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Planning Strength and Conditioning Around Frequent Fights

Whiteboard Coaching Sessions Episode 3: Planning Strength and Conditioning for Frequent Fights. Ok, it's not on a whiteboard this time, but I needed a more dynamic presentation! ;) Head over to my YouTube channel - #MuayThaiTube and subscribe to get all the latest info as soon as it goes live every Saturday. ...How to plan Muay Thai [...]

If You’re Not Growing You’re Dying – Don’t Be Afraid of Change

It's true in every field... Don't be afraid of change. "Just because it's the way it's always been done, it doesn't mean it's the best way." ~ Dr. Bryan Mann, assistant director of strength and conditioning at the University of Missouri Are you still doing everything you do the way you started out doing [...]


Following my interviews with full time fighters Jordan Coe and Sophia Torkos at different gyms in Thailand, I've been asked, "Are you surprised by the lack of strength and conditioning in Thailand?" ... And I must say I'm not. Generally the understanding just isn't there yet, and there's along history of training using traditional methods which [...]

Muay Thai Specific Strength and Conditioning Part 1

Not all types of supplemental training will transfer well to Muay Thai. The training adaptations that your body makes are highly specific. You instinctively know training as a long-distance runner won’t improve your sprint performance. But it goes so much further than this coarse example. The concept of transfer specificity is misunderstood by many [...]

Muay Thai Tournament Conditioning

It’s hard enough preparing for a single fight, but what if you’re involved in a tournament and are expected to fight on consecutive days, or even multiple times in one day? Do you need to change your conditioning training to suit this? This article has been prompted by Sean, who asked this great question: “Hey [...]

Plyo’s Before Muay Thai Skill Training? — Activation vs Fatigue

Can I use Plyo's before Muay Thai skill training? This short video explains the relationship between activation and fatigue, and how it relates to strength/power movements preceding Muay Thai technical and tactical training. Triggered by a question on my Aerobic Plyometric Routine post, I felt the topic of post activation potentiation (PAP) needed to [...]

Short Term vs Long Term & Resisting the Marshmallow

Attitude is everything, it separates those that achieve from those that just don't. Everything is moving at an ever increasing rate and instant gratification is generally expected. But some things can't be rushed. Physiology is one of those things. It's nature, and you can't rush nature without some sort of trade-off, some sort of [...]

Bleed Less – The Steps to Take Before Climbing in the Ring

Cuts are part of Muay Thai. A well placed knee or elbow can easily result in a profuse cut that prematurely ends a fight (7, 22). This sort of external bleeding is obvious, but there's also internal damage; bruising and haemorrhage of various tissues within the body (17, 22) – the most consequential being [...]

Muay Thai & The Law of Accommodation – Part 1

When it comes to physical training, most haven't heard of the law of accommodation, even fewer have considered it's application to Muay Thai. But this great question came up on the Questions & Answers Forum. Although I've briefly touched on it before, it's a subject that's of particular relevance to Muay Thai and warrants [...]

The Science of Muay Thai — Lesson 1

Answering questions arising as a result of my last video, 'Strength & Power... What's the difference?', it became apparent the root of the answers all stemmed from a better understanding of fight physics! So at the risk of putting you off with explanations that include reference to stuff you probably didn't enjoy at school, [...]

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Mastery Begins With Your Intent

My early morning run was feeling easier today, my pace was quicker than previous outings and my mind was sparking - thoughts, ideas where hitting me without conscious effort as I sprung along. At last I was beginning to feel myself again after a training hiatus. As I neared the end of the run [...]

Periodisation of Muay Thai Technique Training

I've come across an interesting periodisation model while reviewing a classic article from the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Journal, "A Theoretical Model of Strength Training" by Stone, Bryant et al. And I thought I'd share it with you as it helps Thai boxers picture how their training should be structured approaching a fight. The [...]


In the last article I posted a video showing a progressive series of unilateral (single limb) leg exercises, and this week I'll explain why they feature in my Thai boxer's strength and conditioning programmes. BECAUSE WE'RE THAI BOXERS Thai boxers operate on one leg or in staggered stances, placing an unequal load on the [...]

Same Day Weighing-in and Fighting – Part 3

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2, this time I'll share my approach to rehydrating and restocking energy after the weigh-in. I'll begin with my rationale and then break down simply what to eat and drink, and when. Rehydrating Temporary weight loss for a fight comes almost entirely through mild dehydration. The battle [...]

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Performance Preparation: Optimised Warm-up

Forget your old perception of a warm-up and now consider a new model for optimising performance preparation for both fights and training sessions. Time is wasted and physical potential goes untapped following typical ill-conceived warm-up routines. I know it's been done to death – a warm up will promote faster muscle contraction; relax agonist [...]

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