Liam Harrison: Failing Your Way To Success – SoBC Podcast EP 05

In this episode of the Science of Building Champions podcast... Liam Harrison, 8x World champion, current UK number 1 (and has been for 18 years), renowned Muay Thai coach in his own right, both on the world-wide seminar circuit in-person and online, and more recently, host of the “Kickin’ It” [...]

Liam Harrison: Failing Your Way To Success – SoBC Podcast EP 052023-08-06T14:59:18+01:00

Do You Cop Out?

You might not be ready to hear this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Guess what, everything that happens to you is your fault. …I can feel a wave of aversion rising – “but” what if this, or that… Ok, to pander to this argument a little... other people can affect what happens to [...]

Do You Cop Out?2023-08-06T14:52:58+01:00

Muay Thai: Balancing the Extremes

Every element within your being constantly swings between two opposite extreme states like a pendulum. This fluctuation is normal as your body strives to maintain balance. But, if the pendulum swings too far, balance is lost, problems arise and breakdown is inevitable. This principle is true at every level of existence, from the solar [...]

Muay Thai: Balancing the Extremes2023-08-06T14:53:23+01:00

Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training

It's commonly known that a fighter must be focused. An unfocused, mentally distracted fighter doesn't perform well. But, what isn't commonly known is there are two types of focus. One that can help a little (or potentially overload and paralyse you), and one that taps into your flow state, unleashing your full potential. This [...]

Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training2023-08-06T12:28:07+01:00
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