Something big happened at Yokkao 28 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Daniel McGowan took down a top-level Thai, Rungarai Kiatmoo9 in spectacular fashion. And this wasn't a lucky shot from an otherwise losing contender, but the finale to a commanding performance that saw one of Thailand's finest fighters KO'd from a left hook in [...]


To put these three videos in context, this Liam Harrison interview at Bad Company Gym was given just after I’d helped him with some re-hab for a chronic separated shoulder injury – that was further aggravated during his successful Yokkao World Title defence against Rayan Mekki at Yokkao 24, and had prevented Liam training [...]


This video clarifies some of my thoughts regarding the changing face of Muay Thai training in Thailand itself. It's going to be a long process, but it has begun. Things are slowly changing in Thailand. And with traditional Muay Thai training habits so strongly embedded and blindly defended, it's the foreigners that could be [...]

Bad Company’s Richard Smith Interview – Preparing Muay Thai Fighters

Don Heatrick grabs the opportunity to speak to Richard Smith, Bad Company Muay Thai founder and senior instructor, about his philosophies and methods for preparing his team of Thai boxers, from undercard to World Title fight. These four episodes where filmed at the Supershowdown Presents Yokkao 23 & 24 event at the Bolton Macron Stadium [...]

Muay Thai Nutrition with Sam Miller

I got the chance to talk Muay Thai nutrition with Sam Miller, founder of SBG Nutrition, and we certainly cover some ground in this Podcast interview. Sam candidly shares his experience working in person with Thai boxers at Sumalee Gym in Phuket, and online with fighters from around the word, along with regular 'health' clients. We [...]

Body Fat Percentage, Not Body Weight

As a Muay Thai and strength and conditioning coach, you may expect that I'm focused on body weight goals for my clients. But I'm not. I really don't care what you weigh. Apart from making weight for a fight, scales aren't a big player in my assessment of your progress. Too much is made [...]

Power – Strength – Fat Loss Routine

Do you want to increase strength and power, while torching body fat too? Here's a two-sessions per week programme (used on non-consecutive days) that not only improves body composition, but also builds athletic ability. Each session consists of two circuits; firstly a short plyometric power circuit (speed), and secondly a power (speed-strength) and strength-endurance [...]

Bleed Less – The Steps to Take Before Climbing in the Ring

Cuts are part of Muay Thai. A well placed knee or elbow can easily result in a profuse cut that prematurely ends a fight (7, 22). This sort of external bleeding is obvious, but there's also internal damage; bruising and haemorrhage of various tissues within the body (17, 22) – the most consequential being [...]

Same Day Weighing-in and Fighting – Part 3

Following on from Part 1 and Part 2, this time I'll share my approach to rehydrating and restocking energy after the weigh-in. I'll begin with my rationale and then break down simply what to eat and drink, and when. Rehydrating Temporary weight loss for a fight comes almost entirely through mild dehydration. The battle [...]

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Same Day Weighing-in and Fighting – Part 2

Following the first part of this article, which discussed my thoughts on how much weight you can cut and why, this second part outlines my recommendations for how you cut. As before, my approach is one of optimum fight performance, not maximum weight cut – read the first part if you're not sure of [...]

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Muay Thai and Carbs — important? Part 3

This third and final part of my series looking at the importance of carbohydrates to Thai boxers, explains how carbs affect your final weight cut the week before a fight. Your body composition should already be on point (less than 10% body fat) by managing your calorie intake (especially carbs) for the previous 4-weeks or [...]