Important question for all Muay Thai fighters and coaches looking to rise to the top of the fight game this coming year!

Why is it that some fighters rise to the top and compete with the elite in just a few short years…

While others train for hours on end, day after day, doing “all the right things” yet never seem to get much better?

It’s not because of genetics.

While genetics do play a factor in each fighter’s body type, capabilities, and style… good genetics aren’t enough to become a champion, especially in a combat sport where skill and intelligence are the great equalisers.

According to the legendary teacher Yodtong, Samart Payakaroon had “small lungs” when he first came to the famed Sityodtong camp. Yet he still managed to overcome his unfavorable genetics, and became the fighter many consider to be the Greatest Of All Time.

It’s not because they were “born talented”.

While some people do have natural talents, strengths, and advantages over others…

No one is born with a championship belt around their waist and 100 fights “under their belt”.

In the fight game, everyone starts at the bottom, no matter what talents and abilities they’re born with.

Any natural talent has to be nurtured, trained, and developed through a relentless work ethic, determination, and dedication.

And it takes tenacity, courage, and resilience to face struggle and hardship and make use of them.

As the saying goes…

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”

That being said…

It’s not because of work ethic or dedication.

We all know it when we see it – the overly ambitious fighter who always tries to work harder than everyone else

The one who’s always willing to run the extra mile, do the extra push ups, and put in the extra rounds on the bag.

Despite all the “blood, sweat, and tears”, all the days he pushed himself to his limit and “burned out” after every session, doing everything his trainer told him to do and more…

When fight night comes, he’s never as strong or dominant as he trained to be.

What he didn’t know, is that he was bound to fail

Because he was missing the ONE thing that separates those who rise to the top in a few short years, from those who remain mediocre their whole lives:


Fighters Eye Focus

The elite know that the difference between good and great fighters is NOT the amount of time and effort spent training.

It’s the laser focus on the quality and purpose of every moment in training that allows them to get more out of their limited time and energy.

The ambitious yet average fighter doesn’t know that willpower and determination means nothing when used in the wrong way.

That no matter how much time, effort, and energy he puts into training…

A typical Thai-Style Strength & Conditioning regimen looks like this:

  • Run 11km in the morning, 5km in the afternoon
  • Skip rope for 10-20 minutes
  • Shadowbox, bagwork, padwork, spar, and clinch
  • Push ups, pull ups, crunches and neck exercises
  • Rinse and repeat 2x/day, 6 days a week until your kicks break arms like Yodsanklai

This is what almost every Thai champion has done since they were children, and after a decade or more of this process, they eventually become champions.

But what if you didn’t start as a young child, and don’t have 10-15 years to let the “slow and steady” gains build up?

And why is it that some foreigners are able to catch up so quickly and compete with the best Thai fighters in the world, despite YEARS of less training and HUNDREDS of less fights?

The problem with the “Thai-style” Strength & Conditioning is that gains are slow!

This is fine if you start training when you’re 10 years old, as many Thais do. After 10 or 15 years of hard training and fighting, you’ll eventually develop the athleticism you need to compete with the elite…

But if you’re like most Westerners who don’t start until they’re much older…

A regimen built almost entirely on running, skipping, push-ups and crunches is a terribly inefficient way to build athleticism.

It was all they knew back in “The Golden Age”, so it makes sense why this has been the go-to regimen for Thai boxers.

But sports science has rapidly evolved since then. And with a better understanding of scientific principles and training methods, today’s athletes are able to achieve in 5 years what used to take 10-15.

Yet so many fighters and coaches are still stuck on the “traditional” way of doing things. Many refuse to evolve, sometimes out of pride or valuing “tradition” over truth.

Muay Thai Making Weight

And while many fighters are doing their best to learn and adapt… there is so much conflicting information on Strength & Conditioning, and a lack of knowledge on how to do it specifically for Muay Thai.

This results in many fighters wasting time and energy on training methods that aren’t practical for Muay Thai.

So while their performance may improve in the weight room… they don’t become much better fighters in the ring.

The industry of Muay Thai is YEARS behind when it comes to Performance Science…

So the few fighters who execute strength & conditioning properly have an unfair advantage over the competition.

Because while many coaches and fighters will choose to stay in the slow lane…

Those who train the best, become the best.

While everyone else is stuck in their heads, living their “fighter’s fantasy”…

Burning themselves out daily with long runs, skipping, push ups and crunches like they see on YouTube, and calling it “hard work”…

The best coaches and teams in the world are already using modern sports science to build superior fighters (I would know, because I’ve been invited to work with these coaches & teams, to bring their fighters to the next level).

They’re already using principles such as Functional Training and Periodisation to get better results in less time

To ensure their fighters build the exact qualities they need to dominate in the ring, using movement patterns & exercises that translate directly to performance in Muay Thai

To manage each fighter’s fatigue, recovery, and energy systems to ensure they get the most out of each S&C session without compromising technical training sessions

And to peak exactly on fight night and ensure maximum performance when it matters most.

And this is precisely why these teams and their fighters are able to rapidly rise to the top, and stay at the top when they get there!

But the rest of the industry hasn’t kept up and is still rooted in the old ways of doing things, repeating training cycles that build to the same performance levels between one fight and the next…

Instead of progressively getting better and better with every training session.

And unfortunately for those who are driven to reach the top, and committed to reaching their goals in the most effective & efficient way possible

Not everyone has access to a personal Strength & Conditioning coach who truly understands the demands of Muay Thai, and can reliably improve performance in the sport.

Not everyone is able to move to a different country to train with the few teams and coaches in the world who actually know what they’re doing when it comes to S&C for Muay Thai.

And not everyone has the time and money to spend years studying and learning sports science (on top of work, training, and other life responsibilities) like I did.

Which brings me to why I’m here today.

Hi, my name is Don Heatrick

I’m a family man from the UK, a former mechanical design engineer and pro thai boxer, a Muay Thai coach and the go-to expert on Muay Thai strength and conditioning.

  • I’ve amassed 25 years of experience in Thai boxing, both as a competitor and coach
  • I’ve won amatuer Muay Thai titles (as many as three different titles in one year), and a European Silver Medal
  • I’ve formerly been pro ranked 4th in the UK at the age of 40 years old
  • Trained 1000+ fighters in 30+ countries worldwide, from beginners to Yokkao fight team champions such as Liam Harrison, Singdam, and Manachai
  • Been featured in Fighters and Combat magazines, and the MuayThai Guy, Lawrence Kenshin and MuayThai Scholar websites and podcasts
Liam Harrison Turkish Get Up
Don World Championships

I’ve spent over half my life deep in the trenches of the sport, and fell in love with it

I always had so much passion for the sport… but between my career and family commitments, I never had as much time or energy to train as I’d liked.

I wanted to compete with the best and rise as high as I could in the sport, but due to a career in engineering, I didn’t have as much time to train as the full-time fighters I was competing against.

So I became obsessed with Sports & Performance Science and was determined to find the best Strength & Conditioning methods science had to offer. so I could reach my goals despite the limited time and energy I had available.

I researched, studied, and trained intensely day after day – in between work, social life, and family commitments – in order to become the best fighter I could.

And after years of learning, training, and competing… I developed a system that allowed me to maximum results with minimal time and effort and achieve elite levels of Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai.

So despite holding a full-time career in engineering, raising a family, and being well past my “prime”…

I was able to compete and win against fighters 10 years younger, who were in their prime. I won a lot of fights I “shouldn’t” have, considering how much older I was than the fighters I was competing against.

I was able to win multiple amateur Muay Thai titles, a European Silver Medal, and even climbed the rankings and became the #4 ranked pro in the UK at age 40.

If it weren’t for all the time I spent diving into the science of Strength & Conditioning, there would’ve been no way I’d be able to achieve any of that…

And now it’s become my mission to use what I’ve learned to help the new generation of fighters reach new heights and take the entire sport to the next level.

Using this system, I’ve coached fighters and enthusiasts of all levels to successfully achieve their fight and fitness goals.

Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Panicos Yusuf (2x Muay Thai World Champion)

“I’m getting in the gym, I know exactly what to do, and then I’m going home”

Darius Thurk

“It’s so much fun working with you… Tears of joy my friend, it’s really amazing.”

Yin Ling Kwan

“Like gradually I could sort of see it translate into my padwork… It’s a little bit louder than before! “

Mo Morel

“I can feel the improvement… And I’m looking forward to more improvement, becuase I know there will be more.”

Pascal Schmidt

“I love the program to be honest, what you’ve put together is amazing.”

Rolf Eijsink

“I feel this program gives me the things that were missing…”

Jon Mora

“I wish I would’ve did this 15 years ago instead of, you know, 3 years ago!”

Paul Banasiak

I first started working with Don as a last resort to a number of serious injuries, and man I wish I had done it sooner.

After the first few phases, not only was I able to trust my body in not breaking again, I was moving with better stability, speed and overall power.

My aerobic conditioning has always been a naturally strong part of my game, but Don’s programming showed me the holes that needed to be patched up when doing threshold training and anaerobic work.

I had three major injuries in back to back fights before working with Don.

Since we started working together 3 years ago, I haven’t had a single major issue and that’s a godsend – there is nothing more limiting than the mind of an athlete not trusting his or her own body.

Don gave me the confidence that has translated itself into three straight knockout wins and a WBC title.

Bernat Palanques

Before working with Don, I suffered from all kinds of problems…

I had a huge lack of mobility, and suffered from frequent injuries.

I was constantly overtraining – I was always exhausted from all the conditioning work I was doing, but kept pushing because my conditioning still wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

I couldn’t train regularly, or with quality, because of how hard I was pushing myself.

I didn’t know how to distribute my training load across the week, so every time I tried to improve my Strength & Conditioning, I was too tired for my Muay Thai sessions.

I had to stop training many times due to injury, and spent a lot of time and money recovering.

Even though I was fighting professionally, I didn’t look like a pro, technically or physically.

And the fatigue and injuries from training and fighting professionally was ruining my personal life.

I was about to give up and retire early, until a friend told me about Don and convinced me he could help.

Within one month of working with Don, 90% of my problems were eliminated. In 4 months, I finally looked and fought like a real professional.

And most importantly, by eliminating all the overtraining and injuries, I could finally enjoy both Muay Thai and the rest of my life.

I recommend Don 100% because:

  • Muay Thai trainers know about Muay Thai, but not about Strength & Conditioning.
  • Physical trainers know about Strength & Conditioning, but they don’t know what being a fighter is like, so they don’t know how to distribute the different types of training. They forget that we are fighters, not runners or body builders.

Don was a fighter, still trains fighters and is 100% focused on Muay Thai. At the same time he’s also open-minded and is always improving his methods.

So trust Don, because he knows exactly what we as fighters need.

Before working with Don, I didn’t really do any S&C apart from random fitness exercises and basic training with weights. I didn’t have any knowledge on what I needed to do to get the best out of my performance.

I wasn’t naturally the strongest or the quickest fighter out there, but I wanted to be more powerful with my techniques when I fight.

I had a few postural issues with my shoulders caused by the way you stand in Muay Thai.

And because I never strengthened the smaller “stabilizer” muscles around my joints, I was lacking in mobility – which led to a few minor injuries, and a lack of speed and power in my fights.

My goal has always been to become a world champion and fight in the 2 big stadiums in Bangkok – Rajadamnern and Lumpinee.

Most gyms in Thailand still don’t use proper S&C as part of training their fighters, so where I might lack in technique compared to the average Thai fighter, I knew S&C could help me beat them in other areas.

Since working with Don, my fight performance has improved massively and continues to do so today.

Doing S&C with Don has really helped to improve my performance in so many areas, like speed and power of my punches and kicks, strength in the clinch, and better muscular endurance.

Don has so much understanding on how to incorporate S&C in to Muay Thai along with recovery methods and nutrition as well.

He noticed small things that could help improve my performance in the ring, especially with my body posture – he identified issues that had to be sorted out soon, that would have otherwise caused problems in later life.

Training with Don for these years has enabled my mobility to increase massively as I’m given exercises to ‘undo’ the knots in the weak muscles, and then strengthen them.

I would 100% recommend Don to all fighters I know, whether they are novice level or professional.

Unlike some or most S&C trainers, Don has competed in the sport for years at a very high level, so he fully understands the fight game and knows how to use science to get the best out of a fighters performance

He doesn’t just give me a plan and leave me to it, he explains the reasons why I am doing certain exercises and why it will impact positively on my performance better than other exercises

And he is flexible and will give you a plan to work around your Muay Thai training, work/school or any other commitments you have.

When I started doing S&C on my own, I was doing normal bodybuilding gym workouts with normal 20-25 minute runs and fatiguing my body out, which wasn’t needed at all.

I was never as strong or fit as I wanted to be, no matter how much work I put in.

I wanted to have better strength and conditioning… and wanted to learn more about all the physical attributes needed for proper Muay Thai performance, to make me a better fighter.

While I was in Thailand, a friend introduced me to Don and pushed me to get into his program…

I trusted him, began to work with Don and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Things changed a lot. I stopped my bodybuilding workouts and 20-25min runs. Strength and Conditioning routines were introduced along with a proper cardio conditioning program.

Working with Don really helped me achieve my goals – I got the proper strength and conditioning workouts and schedules, and of course learned more about my body more and performance… and I’m still learning as we speak.

In Don’s program, you don’t just get better Strength & Conditioning and better ways of doing cardio…

You’ll get more knowledge about how your body works and performs.

You’ll learn the science of performance in Muay Thai, and how you can correct your technique and energy usage.

He gives you everything in the program.

One more thing… gradually as you’re on the program you will start to see more improvement in your performance. The more you keep going the more you will achieve.

Trust Don and the program. You won’t regret it… I sure haven’t :)

And now, I’m looking to invite a new cohort of aspiring Muay Thai fighters into my premier Strength & Conditioning program, where I’ll coach you to become the strongest, fittest, best fighter you’ve ever been.

After 25 years of learning, training, researching and applying the latest scientific principles and methods…

I’ve made it my mission to create and design what I believe to be THE most effective & complete Strength & Conditioning system for Muay Thai fighters to date.

So without further ado… I’m excited to introduce the latest, newly upgraded & revamped version of my signature Strength & Conditioning system…

Heavy Hitters Barebones

HEAVY HITTERS 4.0 Barebones

The only Strength & Conditioning system designed specifically for Muay Thai fighters, providing them with the step-by-step process to develop elite fight-specific athleticism by leveraging only the most efficient and effective methods that sports science has to offer.

This is my life’s work. I’ve spent nearly 25 years of my life training, fighting, and coaching in Muay Thai, and over 10 years developing this Strength & Conditioning protocol.

I spent countless hours researching and testing anything and everything that could help fighters get more out of their time and energy spent training…

…to help the most dedicated fighters rise to the top and fulfill their greatest potential as fighters…

without sacrificing the their families, relationships, or careers for training!

And as far as I know… there is currently no other Strength & Conditioning system developed specifically for Muay Thai fighters in existence.

This is how it works:

Optimal 12 Week Fight Camp Blueprint
In a year you'll be a completely different fighter... In a few years you'll be untouchable

The Heavy Hitters program starts off with baseline assessments and preparation, then follows the Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp format…

With the option to adjust training blocks to peak for fights with anything from 2 to 12 weeks notice – while still maintaining long-term athletic progress.

Progressively building Muay Thai performance month-on-month, year-on-year, while your opponents repeat the same old cycles between fights, only hoping to reach the same level of performance as in their last fight.

The Prep Phase: Baseline Assessments & Planning

This special “Barebones” version of the program is the full Heavy Hitters lifetime program, just without the personal coaching engagement.

The program starts off with 2 tests to assess your current physical capabilities:

Range-of-Motion (ROM) Test assesses the ROM of each of your individual joints, identifies your limits & weaknesses, and prescribes the exact stretches and exercises needed to fix them

Baseline Performance Test – assesses your general athletic strengths & weaknesses and creates your Baseline Performance Profile.

Personality Testing – helps me (and you) better understand how your unique personality traits affect how you like to train (and compete, if that’s your thing), and how you’re best motivated to achieve amazing results.

Then it’s time to move into the main part of the program, which includes 4 blocks designed to develop strength, power, speed, and endurance

The Heavy Hitters Core Program

Stage 1: Movement & Mobility (2-4 weeks)

  • Develop movement qualities – mobility, stability, coordination, and balance – for better technique both in the ring and in the weight room
  • Strengthen tendons, ligaments, and joints to prevent injuries and overtraining
  • Prime the body to withstand intense levels of training in the following 12 weeks
  • Conditioning focuses on aerobic capacity to develop sustained endurance and quicker recovery throughout a fight

Stage 2: Functional Strength (4 weeks)

  • Focus on building a solid foundation of strength that will later be converted into power & speed
  • Train muscle groups & nervous system to generate maximal force using functional movement patterns
  • Exercises incorporate the same movement patterns used for punches, kicks, blocks, and teeps
  • Develop dominant clinch strength and performance through increased stability, balance,

Stage 3: Explosive Power (4 weeks)

  • Focus on generating high amounts of force as quickly and explosively as possible
  • Train contraction/relaxation patterns and timing to maximise explosive capacity and efficiency of all movements and strikes
  • Remove blocks & inefficiencies in technique – training emphasises smooth transitions & timing between relaxation & power
  • Conditioning focuses on aerobic power – optimise your energy systems to generate maximal power in short, explosive bursts

Stage 4: Dominant Speed & Relentless Endurance (4 weeks)

  • Focus on sport-specific exercises & movements to increase speed, impact, and efficiency of every strike
  • Eliminate any remaining tensions in muscles to ensure smooth, quick, and agile movement & strikes
  • Develop relentless endurance to push through the toughest conditions and intense demands of a fight
  • Fight week strategically tapers to peak exactly on fight night, ensuring maximum levels of strength, speed, power, and endurance in your fight

Stage 5+: Continuous Progression

  • Once you’ve completed the first 4 stages, a new cycle starts with a 2-4 week transition/recovery block to assimilate gains from previous phases, and prepare the body for the next intense phase of training
  • Then the next 12-week camp starts with a new set of more advanced exercises, loads, and progressions to develop even higher levels of strength, power, speed, and endurance
  • After 3 full cycles, you gain access to the Dynamic Progression algorithm, which identifies the most important quality for you to build (strength, power, or speed) and creates

After just one 12-week fight camp, your strength, power, speed and endurance will have significantly improved…

By the end of the year, you will be a completely different fighter.

In a few years, you’ll be untouchable!

Heavy Hitters Barebones

Sorry, enrolment for Heavy Hitters Barebones is now closed…


However, you can join the Heavy Hitters VIP Waitlist here!

Join The Heavy Hitters Waitlist

The Heavy Hitter Guarantee

I’ve spent the last 25 years developing this Strength & Conditioning system for Thai boxers and I have never seen any other program that consistently and reliably generates significant results like this does.

This system has been tested with over 200 athletes, ranging from total beginners to world-class fighters, and the system has produced significant results in every single athlete that followed the program.

And I’ve only ever been asked for a refund once – and I gave them their money back, even though they didn’t start the program.

Simply because this system works, as long as you do.

So here’s my promise:

Go through the mobility & movement module and the first 3 core modules.

Submit your performance tests and commit to the first 3 months of the program.

If, by the end of the first Explosive Power block, your performance hasn’t significantly improved as a result…

Just shoot an email to to get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can certainly figure it out on your own. I’ve even provided the scientific basis for this program in a video series – The Science of Building Champions – and have summarised the most important, practical elements in The Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint.

But this is NOT just another program with sets / reps like you can find for free anywhere online.

And the exact programming of sessions throughout the week to optimize energy systems and recovery is not so easy to figure out, especially for the sport of Muay Thai where you have to balance cardio, resistance training, and technical training across the week.

This is what makes my program unique from any other Strength & Conditioning program:

  • It is a complete S&C system that builds the 4 fundamental athletic qualities of a complete fighter –  strength, speed, power, and endurance – using only the most efficient and effective exercises and training methods
  • It’s designed precisely to meet the training and recovery demands of a Muay Thai fighter
  • It develops the exact qualities needed to excel in a fight, in the right order, with exact ratios and timing needed to peak exactly on fight night
  • It is designed so that you do NOT lose gains each time you move onto a new block of training… but systematically builds upon each quality, block by block, to ensure maximum strength, speed, power, and endurance by the end of each 12-week training camp

And not only do you get the exercises, reps, and instructional videos…

You get the principles and theory that teach you how it all comes together, so you understand the why behind everything you do.

As all champions know, the road to victory is never a straight path. You will surely run into less-than-ideal situations where you’ll need to use your knowledge to make the best possible training decisions based on your specific circumstances.

So I’ve made videos to cover the fundamental principles and theory in addition to all the step-by-step plans and instructions, so you can make the best possible decisions no matter what obstacles you run into, both now and for the rest of your career.

I’ve had many experienced fighters and athletes use this program to get faster, better results than anything they’ve tried before.

In fact, it’s the experienced ones who often get the fastest and best results, because they’ve already got the athletic foundation or skill needed to run the program properly.

They’re experienced in the weight room and don’t need to take as much time learning the movement patterns and exercises. And they’ve got the work ethic and discipline to do what needs to be done without excuses.

So the biggest game-changer in joining this program is learning how to learning how to structure their training – including cardio, skill work, strength training, and sparring – in a way that optimises for maximal gains, and manages both recovery and fatigue.

This allows them to break past those plateaus they’ve been struggling with for years, since they’ve already made significant progress toward their genetic potential.

The closer you get to your genetic potential, the more careful & strategic you have to be with your training to ensure you continue to grow rather than plateau.

A single session programmed incorrectly, with too much volume or in between other grueling technical/sparring sessions, can leave you too fatigued for your body to recover and kill your progress for the rest of the week.

Heavy Hitters 2.0 is optimized to ensure maximum gains with minimal fatigue, and prevent compromise between different training sessions.

So for more experienced athletes and fighters, this program takes the work ethic and discipline they already have, and channels them toward the most efficient efforts and methods, to create growth and development faster than anything else they’ve tried before.

You will still follow the 12-week fight camp structure. This is the ideal format for developing your fundamental athletic qualities – strength, power, speed, and endurance – in the balanced ratios ideal for Muay Thai.

While fighters will want to prolong specific blocks for “more gains” in a certain area, there is a significant disadvantage.

For example, some may want to extend the Functional Strength block for as long as 8-12 weeks because they’re ecstatic about the progress they’re making in their squat/deadlift/bench press numbers. So they want to continue full-speed ahead and continue to make as much progress in this area as possible.

The problem with this is that it creates an imbalance of strength-to-speed that is counter-productive to performance in Muay Thai. The extended time period training slow-twitch contractions takes a toll on their explosiveness, agility, and speed.

So they inevitably become slower in padwork, bagwork, sparring, and fighting because their training created adaptations suited for slow-twitch functions.

And when they finally start to convert strength into power, the process loses efficiency – a lot of conditioning and movement patterns must be undone in order to re-optimise for Muay Thai, and some of the strength they built in the last block isn’t fully converted into power later on.

To put it simply… they satisfy their ego with bigger lift numbers in the short-term, but gains are lost in the long-term.

The key is to train to create the right adaptations, in the right order, with the right ratios and timing.

Otherwise your body will optimise for other activities – e.g. olympic weightlifting or powerlifting – rather than for Muay Thai.

It’s a delicate balancing act that must be treated with respect and precision. This is where Functional Training and Periodisation come in – to ensure your body is optimised specifically for Muay Thai, rather than anything else that doesn’t matter come fight night.

Trust me when I say I’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into this, and I’ve tested with countless athletes and have fairly considered all options – until you’ve used this system for about 1 year to reach a certain level and balance of strength, power, speed, and endurance… it’s not worth it to play around with what’s laid out in the program.

Yes, absolutely – in fact, so many of my students are frequent fighters that I’ve included modules that explain exactly how to program your S&C to fit your frequent fighting schedule.

Also, the private community forum is somewhere you can ask questions and get answers. And, if you really want personal guidance, you can always purchase individual  1-on-1 video calls to optimise the program for your specific fight dates, to ensure you’re successful in both the short-term and long-term.

Yes, absolutely!

Although there are no video calls included with Barebones, you can purchase individual calls if you feel you need them, and ask any questions that you have in the private community forum, or message me.

Although I designed this program specifically for Muay Thai performance, it directly enhances any striking art.

For example, many combat sport athletes and martial artists from different disciplines such as kickboxing, western boxing, Taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, etc, have all worked through the program, and shared great results with me.


Despite me honestly explaining that I haven’t designed this program for MMA fighters, many have joined the program anyway. And they’ve all found it has massively improved their fighting foundation.

I’ve even had Heavy Hitter members tell me that they’ve now aced the fitness and agility tests required for military or police academy selection, after failing to pass before.

It’s apparent that a solid training program designed to enhance the various body weapons of Muay Thai, carries over incredibly well to anyone needing “all round combat athleticism”.

And the reality is that most MMA fighters haven’t used a combat sports specific program before, that properly develops mobility and movement, functional strength, explosive power, and maximum speed, all in a progressive fight camp (periodised) structure.

So embarking on a combat sports specific S&C program completely changes their game.

That being said, there are some tweaks to the HH program that I’d suggest for MMA – to take care of a few additional wrestling/ground-work based performance requirements…

Such as adding specific grip work, bicep strength/isometric work (to better resist arm bars), and a general increase in the volume of strength exercises (by adding extra sets) to better suit the demands of wrestling on the ground, as opposed to purely upright clinching.

The fight camp specific energy systems (cardio) also changes a bit, depending on the number, and the length of the rounds that you compete at.

However, we can discuss the specifics of what to use and where in the program, while we’re on our private video calls together.

I’m confident that MMA fighters benefit immensely from the Heavy Hitters program, just like those already using it.

I completely understand. It’s tough to be a fighter. Muay Thai isn’t a money sport, and you’ve got other bills to cover, including your MT training, food, rent, and all your other life expenses.

I’ve been in this boat myself. Even pro fighters don’t make a huge amount of money in this sport.

So I’ve made this as cost-efficient as possible, to allow dedicated fighters to get all the benefits of a personal S&C coach, without the massive price tag that comes with working with someone in person.

And not only do you get full access to all the modules, instructional videos, training plans, and the Dynamic Progression training algorithm for life…

This system is also designed to prevent injury by strengthening your joints/tendons/ligaments, installing proper functional movement patterns, and increasing your balance, mobility, and range of motion.

By following this program you will significantly fortify your body, and are likely to spend much less money fixing injuries in the long run.

There is a cashflow-friendly monthly payment plan for those who can’t afford full payment, but are committed to running the program this year.

You have lifetime access to the program, so there’s no need to feel pressured to start right away. When you have time, the program is ready to take your game to the next level.

The commitment required for this program is 2 resistance training sessions (60+ minutes each) and 2-4 conditioning sessions (15-60 minutes each) per week.

This amounts to about 3-4 hours of training per week.

If you absolutely do not have time to add more training to your schedule, this is not for you.

However, if you are already training Muay Thai 6x or more per week, it would most likely be worth it to replace 1 or 2 of those sessions with HH S&C sessions (due to the 80/20 principle and “diminishing returns”).

This program is already optimised to ensure you get the greatest results in the least amount of time possible.

I’ve spent years researching and testing all of this, and I’m still learning and improving every day. This is my life, and it is my mission to bring proper Strength & Conditioning to the world of Muay Thai.

I made this system to provide dedicated fighters with the best, most productive training methods precisely so they could spend less time trying to figure it all out themselves.

So all that time you spend sifting through all the conflicting information on the internet, researching and testing methods that may or may not work – you can now use this for training.

It’s common to believe you need lots of fancy gym equipment to train strength and conditioning effectively…

You don’t!

To carry out World-Class training, you’ll only need a minimal amount of training equipment. It’s how you use them that makes all the difference.

All you need is at least the following items…

  • Barbell and plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Squat rack
  • Weight bench
  • Somewhere to do chin ups
  • TRX suspension trainer (or similar)
  • Ideally, some kettlebells too.


Eventually with plates totalling up to 2x your body weight, but you certainly won’t need that much to get started!


Various pairs, depending on how strong you are.


Just a simple squat stand like the one shown is just fine. If you have access to a more sturdy power rack, then even better… you’ll usually get a pull up bar with those too.


A flat bench is all you need. An incline bench will give you even greater flexibility in the future.


A chin up bar is awesome, but anything you can hang from will work just fine.


Any suspension trainer is ok, it doesn’t have to be an expensive TRX!


Although strictly speaking, we can get away with just using dumbbells, having some kettlebells will make things easier.

If you want to set up you own gym at home this year, this is what you’ll need!

We can put your coaching on pause, or modify your program to help accelerate your rehab.

We’ll make sure you get back up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can continue your progress from where you left off before your injury.

The Barebones version of Heavy Hitters includes the whole program, just without the personal coaching engagement.

Although there are no video calls included with Barebones, you can purchase individual calls if you feel you need them, and ask any questions that you have in the private community forum, or message me.

And I’ve had a lot of feedback that the program structure is so easy to follow, step by step, that the video calls certainly aren’t essential!

In order to succeed, you need to have the focus and discipline to put in the work yourself. I am committed to you, but I cannot be committed for you.

If you have the work ethic and discipline to put in the work, and follow the guidance I give you in the program, there is no doubt you will completely transform as a fighter and athlete even as soon as the end of the first fight camp.

There are program modules that lead you through fat loss, functional muscle gain, carbs and energy periodisation, and that calculate daily calorie and macro requirements depending on your goals.

Along with this, if nutrition is your priority, you can dip into the community forum to finetune your approach.

And you can always buy video calls as an extra if you really need the personal support.

I don’t provide meal plans, as I find they’re really only a short-term fix…

They don’t provide you with the knowledge and habits to sustainably manage your nutrition once you come off the plan.

I believe in smaller, incremental changes to your current nutrition habits, that can create a permanent shift toward improved body composition and athletic performance.

And that means empowering you to make better decisions about what you choose to eat and drink every day and why

Not becoming dependent on a rigid meal plan that can’t accommodate your personal taste in food, or personal daily circumstances in your part of the world.

It’s made this way in order to ensure that you get the results you signed up for.

We live in an era where almost everything sold online is supposedly a “magic pill” or “instant success formula”.

This is not a magic solution that will make you a champion overnight.

This is a system based on principles and theory. It is meant to be molded to fit your specific goals and training situation, which is why instructional & theoretical videos are included, as well as 1-on-1 coaching calls.

This system works only if you put in the work. And it does NOT create “instant” results. It takes consistent effort in the right direction to achieve success and move toward your goals.

I’ve received many testimonials from clients and students telling me they’ve achieved significant results as early as the first couple of weeks. But after 3 months, there should be no doubt that your performance has significantly improved.

If this is not the case, just shoot me an email at to get a full refund.

Still not sure if Heavy Hitters 4.0 is right for you?

Heavy Hitters 4.0 is perfect for you if…

You’re a Muay Thai fighter who wants to grow as quickly and efficiently as possible, in order to reach your highest potential as a fighter and get the most out of your time and energy

You live a busy life and training schedule – you’ve got work, school, relationships and family to attend to, on top of all the training you do.

You want a step-by-step system based on principles, to consistently and reliably develop the athletic qualities needed to perform at an elite level in Muay Thai

You’ve tried the “Thai way” of Strength & Conditioning and have realised that it simply isn’t the most efficient way to make progress

You’re coming back from time off or injury, and want to get back into top shape as quickly and efficiently as possible

You want to develop the ability to execute explosive, devastating strikes with speed, precision, and efficiency

You’ve tried other methods that left you overtrained and fatigued, causing your technical sessions to take a hit… or simply didn’t get the results they promised

Heavy Hitters 4.0 is NOT for you if…

You don’t have access to proper gym facilities or equipment

This is the minimum equipment you’ll need.

We can work around and use variations or substitute exercises, but if you won’t have access to at least a barbell and squat rack for the next few months…

You are better off with my Minimum Equipment Program (MEP), or my Functional Bodyweight Program.

Your highest priority is strength training or bodybuilding, and not Muay Thai.

If you prioritise S&C over MT training, you’ll become a great general athlete rather than a great fighter.

No true fighter can afford to neglect MT training – this program is a supplement, NOT a replacement for your Muay Thai training.

And if you want a general strength training or bodybuilding program, rather than a Muay Thai-specific performance program…

You will be better off with another program, as this program is designed to prioritise Muay Thai performance and fight-specific athleticism over anything else.

You are already working with a competent S&C coach who understands the demands of Muay Thai, and can tailor the training specifically for you in person

If you can afford it, nothing beats working with a competent coach in person.

If you’re one of the few that is fortunate enough to be working with one (because there are very few in the world who understand both S&C and Muay Thai) – count your blessings, stay committed to doing whatever your coach tells you to do, and DON’T join this program.

The last thing I want you to do is to split your focus between your current coach, and my program. Full focus is the key to success in any endeavor.

If you’re going to split your focus you can forget about making any significant progress. Because the thing about half-commitment is that it doesn’t get half-results… it gets NO results.

You don’t want to learn a thing about human anatomy, biomechanics, functional movement patterns, and how to scientifically optimise the body for Muay Thai

This program is based on scientific principles.

And to really improve as a fighter, you’ve got to at least understand the basics of how your body works, so you’ll know how to use it to its fullest potential and make proper decisions on a daily basis.

Part of the fighter’s journey is learning and gaining master over yourself – your body, mind, and spirit, how each of them operate, and how to use them to their fullest potential.

If you are totally afraid of science and learning, and aren’t willing to face the responsibility of making educated decisions on your own… this is not the right program for you.

Heavy Hitters Barebones

Sorry, enrolment for Heavy Hitters Barebones is now closed…


However, you can join the Heavy Hitters VIP Waitlist here!

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I’m capable of producing more power… so when I kick, when I punch, I can transfer more power. And also cardio-wise. Like before, when training at a higher pace, my heart beats were higher (but I could tolerate it).

Now it feels at the same intensity now my heart isn’t really that taxed. So I can train longer, and it’s not really that hard on me. So I’m eager to move into my next training block and really push it.”


“I always say, ‘Average is not for me.’ I always want to find something different than others. Before your program, I was training like everyone – I go to the gym, I jog, I do some weights like this, I come back home, I feel tired, ok…

But not understanding what’s behind everything. So I say, no that’s impossible. I need to have some science behind, some technique behind… I was near to creating my own program, but it was stressful!

You say you’ve spent a lot of time, my life building this. It’s a lot of work. And I realised when I was trying to do my own program on my own, I was like, oh my god… That’s never gonna hang!

I tell you, when I go to the gym, and it’s a big gym, everyone watches me because I’m doing different stuff to them… I’m really happy with that. I’m proud that I’m that guy doing different stuff!

G.O., Australia

“I recently donated blood and here in Spain – you undergo a brief medical check before doing so. I had my resting heart rate checked, it was at 40bpm… Which is great, since in a video for this phase you talk about how it should be around 60bpm or lower by now.

Actually, the nurse was kind of worried – she asked if I had a condition, or if I just did loads of sports? :D

My Muay Thai sessions feel great, I’m more mobile – especially the shoulders… I used to feel pain when I whipped in an elbow, when I had to rotate inward at the shoulder. Now it just feels natural.

And when I’m throwing knees, now when I stand on my left leg, I can stand just perfectly, even though it was kind of “funky” at first.

During sparring, I can just keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing, even though here in Spain, we have to train with a mask on!

I’m feeling really good overall. I’m just falling in love with the training and the program.”

I.G., Spain

“I love your mobility exercises. I did two sessions so far and I can feel my posture is better and my balance felt better when walking…

Thank you so much for your knowledge, your time, and this program. I was just happy to see how logical you are with your program and couldn’t wait to experience it.

A lot of times in the past, I did my own research and tried it on my own but I felt that a great master is needed to enjoy this journey and do it safely. Thanks again and I am super ready to move forward.”


I’ve lost about 5kg, so I should have lost a little bit of power, at least weight, behind my punches…

But this is the first time my coach has had to put a towel behind his belly pad – because when I punch it, either hooks, or straights, he’s starting to feel it! He told me he can’t take 5 rounds of that, even if he’s wearing the protection of the belly pad!”

I.S., Australia

“I observed yesterday when I was practising my kicks while shadow boxing that my left side (which is usually much more stiffer) was quite flexible, and my right side kicks are getting higher. I’m 5.8” but can now kick as high as 6.1” sideways :)

I have been feeling more flexible, but I thought I was just psyching myself into thinking that. But with yesterday’s session, it was very evident that I’m getting more flexible. _/ | _”

K.W., India

Funny story: Everybody keeps asking me what happened to my chicken legs in the last 12 months. I just keep referring them to your website!  :)”

D.G., Netherlands

“Working with the active mobilisation between each of those sessions, the step hip flexor stretch, and things like that… Actually, the guys have been doing that with me, and they’ve definitely felt more mobility with this – in their hips and knees (strikes).

And we’re really enjoying it, it’s something different.”

A.C. (Muay Thai Coach), Australia

FINALLY! A Big Win! MTA NSW State Title!

“I’m not 20. I’m recovering from ACL surgery, I was pretty blue because I’d never had a win at the sport I’m obsessed with …And I have an 8-month old teething child!

“It was hard for me! But I have never been so dedicated, disciplined and devoted to any goal in my life. The structure and quality of this program bloody nailed it for me!”


Commit To The Program!

“Tailored strength and conditioning for Muay Thai from the very best.

“In around 4 months, my strength, power, speed, and fitness were at an all time peak.”

“Commit to the program and even the seasoned athlete will see improvement by way of the strategic and accumulative approach to training.”


Got The W!

“I just won my 5 round fight and thanks to Dons programme I didn’t gas and felt I was striking with power until the last bell!

“Great progressive and structured progamme to follow!”


Trust The Program!

“Got back in the ring last night for the first time in five years. Have heard so many good things about this programme so decided to give it a go. TRUST the programme, it works!”


The Best!

“The best I have seen by far! If you want to improve your fitness and strength levels, I truly recommend this program”


Meshes Really Well!

“Hey Don! I won my fight last weekend! Just wanted to thank you for all your help.

“I truly enjoy your S&C coaching and program, very happy with the results. The S&C program meshes really well with the MT training.”


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!

“As an experienced coach and fighter for many decades, I can unequivocally say that Don Heatrick’s online Muay Thai strength and conditioning programs is one of the best you’ll find.

“Plus, Don answers questions and helps with individual training planning. It doesn’t get any better than that. I highly recommend the course for both coaches and fighters.”


Great Results! Wise Investment!

“Don Heatrick really knows his stuff. The program has been a wise investment.

“I have gotten some great results from his teachings and so have my students.

“He is the man.”



“By working hard and following this programme I will reach my goal on being stronger than the Thai fighters and building a stronger foundation…

“I’m excited, very happy and impressed with the programme. I will continue to improve and work hard!”


Huge Value!

“My engine is running the best it ever has and I am very grateful.
Your product has huge value and I hope it continues to serve the Muay Thai community as they start to come around.


Never Over Trained!

“Hi Don, loving the training and definitely feeling fitter and stronger all round.

“And most importantly, I never feel like I’m over trained – even with my nightshifts and odd sleeping patterns.


Smart, Effective!

“Smart, effective programming with great online support. Don Heatrick provides the full package, combining all elements of the sport to really increase athletic performance.”


Work Of Art!

“I think the online set-up is a work of art.”


Changed My Life!

“Don, your product has changed my life and the community is great.”


More Productive Than… Physios!

“…It’s been much more productive than dozens of physios, both NHS and private, and a handful of osteopaths so far!


Clear Results!

“…This program has been awesome. So brutal, but I am feeling clear results.

“And as I move into the deload week, I am excited to see what next month will bring.”


The Best Thing!

“The program was amazing to me, the best thing that has happened to my training. I now enjoy S&C, and for the first time I look forward to lifting.”


Train…Without Being Too Sore Or Tired!

“…Challenging enough without being ridiculously hard. Anyone can design a program that kills you.

“…This program has met my needs of becoming stronger while maintaining my mobility, flexibility and while allowing me to train in martial arts without being too sore or tired.”


Avoiding Injury!

“…I feel much sturdier and stronger overall, while maintaining agility and explosiveness.

“…the foam rolling and movement prep has made a big difference in avoiding injury… which I would sometimes get in the past from training.”


Heavy Hitters Barebones

Sorry, enrolment for Heavy Hitters Barebones is now closed…


However, you can join the Heavy Hitters VIP Waitlist here!

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