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  • Daniel-McGowan-vs-Rungarai-Yokkao-28


Something big happened at Yokkao 28 at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Daniel McGowan took down a top-level Thai, Rungarai Kiatmoo9 in spectacular fashion. And this wasn't a lucky shot from an otherwise losing contender, [...]

  • Is Muay Thai Dead?

Is Muay Thai Dead?

Is Muay Thai dead... or just misunderstood? In this video, I share a few ideas that serve as a healthy discussion around the points made in a Muay Thai Guy guest-post that obviously plays devil's advocate... [...]

  • Are you fighting TOO often?

Are you fighting TOO often?

Fighters in Thailand have a notoriously high fight-frequency, sometimes even multiple times in one day for children. But is this suitable for everyone? What should determine how often you fight? Are you fighting too often? [...]