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Is Fighter Performance Training Healthy Or Not?

Combat sports have so many athletic qualities and technical and tactical skills demanding attention, that training opportunities are inexhaustible! But, is fighter performance training healthy? In truth, the objectives are different when either training [...]

  • The Best Reaction Time Training For Fighters

The Best Reaction Time Training For Fighters

There are a ton of different reaction time training methods and an ever-increasing crop of reaction training devices… And for fighters, they’re NOT all created equal. Some methods really only function as warm-up or [...]

  • Liam Harrison fighter mindset

Wow! Liam Harrison! Mind Over Muangthai!

The mindset of Liam Harrison, capable of coming back despite being knocked down twice in succession by a fast-starting Muangthai PK.Saenchai in the first round at ONE 156... Looking on, it seemed he was done. But Liam's [...]