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  • Tips for coping with pre fight nerves

Tips For Coping With Pre Fight Nerves

Even elite pros require methods for coping with pre fight nerves. And it begins with accepting how you really feel, before adopting strategies to manage that pre fight anxiety when it crops up... And [...]

  • Using fighters deload week to kill it!

Using Fighters Deload Week To Kill It!

Using fighter's deload week effectively takes discipline! Recovery is often a dirty word for fighters... However, it’s the difference between year-on-year progress, or a monthly boom and bust. In this discussion with Rolf Eijsink [...]

  • Fighter Mental Strength Training Tips

Mental Strength Training For Fighters

Fighter mental strength training isn't only about what happens on the pads or in sparring. Mental strength is built over the long-term from the habits you repeat each day. In reality, everything you do [...]

  • Barbell vs Dumbbell Shoulder Press For Fighters

Barbell vs Dumbbell Shoulder Press For Fighters

Both barbells and dumbbells have their place in a fighters program for exercises like the shoulder press... Either to target specific qualities in different blocks of training, to accommodate shoulder mobility or injury, or simply [...]

  • real Discipline For Fighters

Real Discipline For Fighters

In the last episode, I explained that consistent effort over the long-term makes the biggest difference to your performance. To achieve that, there’s a common denominator – DISCIPLINE. Discipline is what you need [...]