Accelerated Muay Thai Performance

Don Heatrick
We believe that people, inspired by Muay Thai to test their REAL LIMITS, deserve CONFIDENCE in every aspect of their training, and their ability to meet every CHALLENGE, WIN or LOSE.
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Online training programs…

If you’re looking for complete online training solutions, we offer a number of training options, designed for different requirements…

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Panicos Yusuf Video Call

Consulting Call w/ Don Heatrick

Battle tested strategies and tools to solve the Muay Thai performance puzzle

Whether you’re a coach seeking to elevate your knowledge on creating training programs for your fighters…

Or, a fighter wanting to level up and better understand how to balance Muay Thai specific S&C alongside your Muay Thai training, work-life, and family-life…

You’ve come to the right place!

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Heavy Hitters Program

Coaching, and a lifetime of progress

For those seeking a private, supported start, and years of progress.

Working with me 1-on-1 for the first 4-months of training means you get the best start possible, and continue on through the program modules for the best possible long-term progress.

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Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning Accelerator Program

Muay Thai S&C Accelerator Program

Make more progress by focusing on LESS

A Fully Comprehensive 8-Week Strength & Conditioning program to Build the Foundation for Optimal Athletic Performance in Muay Thai

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MEP - Minimum Equipment Program

Minimum Equipment Program

It’s unfair to be sabotaged by lack of training facilities after you’ve been working so hard to move forward

A complete 12 week fight camp S&C Protocol built for the traveling fighter with a TRX, or one stuck at home!

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Functional Bodyweight Program

Scientifically designed to meet the needs of fighters & martial artists.

The purpose of this program is to help fighters & martial artists turn periods of training in isolation into periods of superior transformation.

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Fighter Nutrition Course

This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE combat sports nutrition course there is.

With this information, you can tailor your nutrition to your primary goals all 52 weeks of the year.

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