Everything has changed in 2020…

Everything is paused… no fights, and no training beyond what you can manage at home

Don Heatrick

As this pandemic goes on, I’m hearing from people stuck in their training…

I still cannot go to gym and don’t know when I will be able, so I am trying to do my best from home.”

I’m receiving requests for bespoke program design, using specific pieces of home training equipment.

It’s not something I usually offer.

I don’t like to significantly compromise when it comes to having the right tools for the job. But right now, everything has changed.

Many people are still confined at home with limited training equipment…

And ordering any new kit is increasingly difficult, as stock is still largely unavailable too.

Others are struggling to make any real progress under the current training conditions that their local gym can provide them right now.

So I’m offering something I haven’t offered before…

Bespoke training programs (including both resistance training and cardio training) targeting your personal goals – using your own kit, allowing for any unique constraints you may have, and that will get the very best results given all of these variables!

Things aren’t perfect right now, but I know what’s critical to your training and what isn’t, and how to squeeze the most out of limited resources.

I can 80/20 your home training to give you the best results given your own unique personal constraints.

I normally only offer bespoke or “private” programs with a minimum of 8-weeks engagement… Because they’re geared toward peak performance for a specific fight date…

But opportunities to fight are rare right now!

And local lockdown restrictions are in a constant state of flux.

So I’m going to break another one of my rules, and offer 4-week programs

Because you don’t need to “peak”, you need to rinse the best progress possible from the tools you have to play with in bite sized blocks.

How we can work together to get the best out of your lockdown:

  • To make sure I get this right for you, we’ll start with a 30 minute Zoom video call – so we can have a chat together and I can learn all about you and your goals, your injury history, and what training gear you have available!
  • Then I’ll design your program for you, and send you some exercise tutorial videos – so you can “rep max” test these exercises for me. That way I’ll know how many reps you can manage with a certain load or exercise version. And I can calculate your weekly exercise progression for the whole 4-week block.
  • I’ll then provide you with a training template detailing weekly loads/intensities/progressions, and with a template “run-through video” explaining exactly how the routine works.
  • Email support is available, and extra video calls can be booked if necessary, to make sure you get all the feedback and answers that you need.
  • And you’ll get permanent access to your private program in my online training portal.

And I’m going to drop my usual rate on this offering too

I’m far from profiteering… Quite honestly, those exploiting this pandemic situation like that make me sick!

And I know there’s a ton of financial uncertainty the world over right now.

Because these bespoke engagements are very labour intensive, my usual rate for a private 8-week program is £499.99

And my pro rata rate for 4-weeks (because most of the work is in the initial set up) would be £269.99 – but I’m not going to ask for that…

If you want me to help you by designing the best 4-week training block possible (which includes up to 6 different weekly sessions, depending on your requirements), I’m offering this bespoke service to the first 10 people for just £179.99

That’s over 33% off   :)

Private Coaching Program

I must limit the number of these places initially to 10…

To make sure I have time to look after everyone properly (unique program design is a labour intensive process).

Once those 10 places are taken, only regular priced places are available.

UPDATE: All 10 places have been taken already!

However, regular price places are available. If you’re interested in taking advantage of this service, complete your order now




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The Heavy Hitter Guarantee

I’ve spent the last 25 years developing my Strength & Conditioning system for Thai boxers, and over 6 years coaching fighters online, and I have never seen any other program that consistently and reliably generates significant results like this does.

This online system has been tested with over 1000 athletes, ranging from total beginners to world-class fighters, and the system has produced significant results in every single athlete that followed the program.

And I have never even once been asked for a refund. Simply because this system works, as long as you do.

So here’s my promise:

Go through the 4-week Lockdown Program as I’ve designed it personally for you…

If, by the end of the 4-weeks you feel that you haven’t squeezed the best out of your limited training equipment…

Just shoot an email to support@heatrick.com to get a full refund.

The Pioneer!

“I will never be tired of saying…Don Heatrick is the best online physical coach for Muay Thai. The Pioneer of all this.

If you really want an online program for achieving your best, don’t wait more! Subscribe to his programs. I achieved my best results with him”

Richi Alvarez, Spain/Thailand


“You’re the best my friend. I will have you and your family in my prayers. Be safe.”

Trinidad Savala, UK

Smart, Effective!

“Smart, effective programming with great online support. Don Heatrick provides the full package, combining all elements of the sport to really increase athletic performance.”

James McKie, UK