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I’m capable of producing more power… so when I kick, when I punch, I can transfer more power. And also cardio-wise. Like before, when training at a higher pace, my heart beats were higher (but I could tolerate it).

Now it feels at the same intensity now my heart isn’t really that taxed. So I can train longer, and it’s not really that hard on me. So I’m eager to move into my next training block and really push it.”


“I always say, ‘Average is not for me.’ I need to have some science behind, some technique behind… I was near to creating my own program, but it was stressful!

You say you’ve spent a lot of time, my life building this. It’s a lot of work. And I realised when I was trying to do my own program on my own, I was like, oh my god… That’s never gonna hang!

I tell you, when I go to the gym, and it’s a big gym, everyone watches me because I’m doing different stuff to them… I’m really happy with that. I’m proud that I’m that guy doing different stuff!

G.O., Australia

During sparring, I can just keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing, even though here in Spain (during the pandemic), we have to train with a mask on!

I’m feeling really good overall. I’m just falling in love with the training and the program.”

I.G., Spain

Thank you so much for your knowledge, your time, and this program. I was just happy to see how logical you are with your program and couldn’t wait to experience it.

A lot of times in the past, I did my own research and tried it on my own but I felt that a great master is needed to enjoy this journey and do it safely. Thanks again and I am super ready to move forward.”


I’ve lost about 5kg, so I should have lost a little bit of power, at least weight, behind my punches…

But this is the first time my coach has had to put a towel behind his belly pad – because when I punch it, either hooks, or straights, he’s starting to feel it! He told me he can’t take 5 rounds of that, even if he’s wearing the protection of the belly pad!”

I.S., Australia

“I observed yesterday when I was practising my kicks while shadow boxing that my left side (which is usually much more stiffer) was quite flexible, and my right side kicks are getting higher. I’m 5.8” but can now kick as high as 6.1” sideways :)

I have been feeling more flexible, but I thought I was just psyching myself into thinking that. But with yesterday’s session, it was very evident that I’m getting more flexible. _/ | _”

K.W., India

Funny story: Everybody keeps asking me what happened to my chicken legs in the last 12 months. I just keep referring them to your website!  :)”

D.G., Netherlands

“Working with the active mobilisation between each of those sessions, the step hip flexor stretch, and things like that… Actually, the guys have been doing that with me, and they’ve definitely felt more mobility with this – in their hips and knees (strikes)And we’re really enjoying it, it’s something different.”

A.C. (Muay Thai Coach), Australia

FINALLY! A Big Win! MTA NSW State Title!
“I’m not 20. I’m recovering from ACL surgery, I was pretty blue because I’d never had a win at the sport I’m obsessed with …And I have an 8-month old teething child!
“It was hard for me! But I have never been so dedicated, disciplined and devoted to any goal in my life. The structure and quality of this program bloody nailed it for me!”

Commit To The Program!
“Tailored strength and conditioning for Muay Thai from the very best.
“In around 4 months, my strength, power, speed, and fitness were at an all time peak.”
“Commit to the program and even the seasoned athlete will see improvement by way of the strategic and accumulative approach to training.”

Got The W!

“I just won my 5 round fight and thanks to Dons programme I didn’t gas and felt I was striking with power until the last bell!

“Great progressive and structured progamme to follow!”


Trust The Program!

“Got back in the ring last night for the first time in five years. Have heard so many good things about this programme so decided to give it a go. TRUST the programme, it works!”


The Best!

“The best I have seen by far! If you want to improve your fitness and strength levels, I truly recommend this program”


Meshes Really Well!

“Hey Don! I won my fight last weekend! Just wanted to thank you for all your help.

“I truly enjoy your S&C coaching and program, very happy with the results. The S&C program meshes really well with the MT training.”


It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That!
“As an experienced coach and fighter for many decades, I can unequivocally say that Don Heatrick’s online Muay Thai strength and conditioning programs is one of the best you’ll find.
“Plus, Don answers questions and helps with individual training planning. It doesn’t get any better than that. I highly recommend the course for both coaches and fighters.”

Great Results! Wise Investment!
“Don Heatrick really knows his stuff. The program has been a wise investment.
“I have gotten some great results from his teachings and so have my students.
“He is the man.”


“By working hard and following this programme I will reach my goal on being stronger than the Thai fighters and building a stronger foundation…

“I’m excited, very happy and impressed with the programme. I will continue to improve and work hard!”


Huge Value!

“My engine is running the best it ever has and I am very grateful.
Your product has huge value and I hope it continues to serve the Muay Thai community as they start to come around.”


Never Over Trained!

“Hi Don, loving the training and definitely feeling fitter and stronger all round.

“And most importantly, I never feel like I’m over trained – even with my nightshifts and odd sleeping patterns.”


Smart, Effective!

“Smart, effective programming with great online support. Don Heatrick provides the full package, combining all elements of the sport to really increase athletic performance.”


Work Of Art!

“I think the online set-up is a work of art.”


Changed My Life!

“Don, your product has changed my life and the community is great.”


More Productive Than… Physios!

“…It’s been much more productive than dozens of physios, both NHS and private, and a handful of osteopaths so far!


Clear Results!

“…This program has been awesome. So brutal, but I am feeling clear results.

“And as I move into the deload week, I am excited to see what next month will bring.”


The Best Thing!

“The program was amazing to me, the best thing that has happened to my training. I now enjoy S&C, and for the first time I look forward to lifting.”


Train…Without Being Too Sore Or Tired!

“…Challenging enough without being ridiculously hard. Anyone can design a program that kills you.

“…This program has met my needs of becoming stronger while maintaining my mobility, flexibility and while allowing me to train in martial arts without being too sore or tired.”


Avoiding Injury!

“…I feel much sturdier and stronger overall, while maintaining agility and explosiveness.

“…the foam rolling and movement prep has made a big difference in avoiding injury… which I would sometimes get in the past from training.”


Using this Heavy Hitters system, I’ve coached fighters and enthusiasts of all levels to successfully achieve their fight and fitness goals.

Here’s what a few of them have to say…

Panicos Yusuf (2x Muay Thai World Champion) – “I’m getting in the gym, I know exactly what to do, and then I’m going home”

Yin Ling Kwan – “Like gradually I could sort of see it translate into my padwork – Like yeh, that’s a little more force, it’s much… it’s a little bit louder than before!”

Adrien Pastant – “Honestly, I’ve never felt that strong or athletic in my life. So that’s quite crazy!”

Mo Morel – “I can feel the improvement. They’re very subtle at times, but other times I can just feel them… And I’m looking forward to more improvement, becuase I know there will be more.”

Pascal Schmidt – “I love the program to be honest, what you’ve put together is amazing… It’s improved my trainer (coaching) capacity as well… Everytime I do an exercise now, I think about what muscles do I use in the movement, and what exercises from Don can I use to activate the muscles.”

Jon Mora – “I wish I would’ve did this 15 years ago instead of, you know, 3 years ago!”

Bernat Palanques

Before working with Don, I suffered from all kinds of problems…

I had a huge lack of mobility, and suffered from frequent injuries.

I was constantly overtraining – I was always exhausted from all the conditioning work I was doing, but kept pushing because my conditioning still wasn’t as good as I wanted it to be.

I couldn’t train regularly, or with quality, because of how hard I was pushing myself.

I didn’t know how to distribute my training load across the week, so every time I tried to improve my Strength & Conditioning, I was too tired for my Muay Thai sessions.

I had to stop training many times due to injury, and spent a lot of time and money recovering.

Even though I was fighting professionally, I didn’t look like a pro, technically or physically.

And the fatigue and injuries from training and fighting professionally was ruining my personal life.

I was about to give up and retire early, until a friend told me about Don and convinced me he could help.

Within one month of working with Don, 90% of my problems were eliminated. In 4 months, I finally looked and fought like a real professional.

And most importantly, by eliminating all the overtraining and injuries, I could finally enjoy both Muay Thai and the rest of my life.

I recommend Don 100% because:

  • Muay Thai trainers know about Muay Thai, but not about Strength & Conditioning.
  • Physical trainers know about Strength & Conditioning, but they don’t know what being a fighter is like, so they don’t know how to distribute the different types of training. They forget that we are fighters, not runners or body builders.

Don was a fighter, still trains fighters and is 100% focused on Muay Thai. At the same time he’s also open-minded and is always improving his methods.

So trust Don, because he knows exactly what we as fighters need.

Before working with Don, I didn’t really do any S&C apart from random fitness exercises and basic training with weights. I didn’t have any knowledge on what I needed to do to get the best out of my performance.

I wasn’t naturally the strongest or the quickest fighter out there, but I wanted to be more powerful with my techniques when I fight.

I had a few postural issues with my shoulders caused by the way you stand in Muay Thai.

And because I never strengthened the smaller “stabilizer” muscles around my joints, I was lacking in mobility – which led to a few minor injuries, and a lack of speed and power in my fights.

My goal has always been to become a world champion and fight in the 2 big stadiums in Bangkok – Rajadamnern and Lumpinee.

Most gyms in Thailand still don’t use proper S&C as part of training their fighters, so where I might lack in technique compared to the average Thai fighter, I knew S&C could help me beat them in other areas.

Since working with Don, my fight performance has improved massively and continues to do so today.

Doing S&C with Don has really helped to improve my performance in so many areas, like speed and power of my punches and kicks, strength in the clinch, and better muscular endurance.

Don has so much understanding on how to incorporate S&C in to Muay Thai along with recovery methods and nutrition as well.

He noticed small things that could help improve my performance in the ring, especially with my body posture – he identified issues that had to be sorted out soon, that would have otherwise caused problems in later life.

Training with Don for these years has enabled my mobility to increase massively as I’m given exercises to ‘undo’ the knots in the weak muscles, and then strengthen them.

I would 100% recommend Don to all fighters I know, whether they are novice level or professional.

Unlike some or most S&C trainers, Don has competed in the sport for years at a very high level, so he fully understands the fight game and knows how to use science to get the best out of a fighters performance

He doesn’t just give me a plan and leave me to it, he explains the reasons why I am doing certain exercises and why it will impact positively on my performance better than other exercises

And he is flexible and will give you a plan to work around your Muay Thai training, work/school or any other commitments you have.

When I started doing S&C on my own, I was doing normal bodybuilding gym workouts with normal 20-25 minute runs and fatiguing my body out, which wasn’t needed at all.

I was never as strong or fit as I wanted to be, no matter how much work I put in.

I wanted to have better strength and conditioning… and wanted to learn more about all the physical attributes needed for proper Muay Thai performance, to make me a better fighter.

While I was in Thailand, a friend introduced me to Don and pushed me to get into his program…

I trusted him, began to work with Don and I have no regrets whatsoever.

Things changed a lot. I stopped my bodybuilding workouts and 20-25min runs. Strength and Conditioning routines were introduced along with a proper cardio conditioning program.

Working with Don really helped me achieve my goals – I got the proper strength and conditioning workouts and schedules, and of course learned more about my body more and performance… and I’m still learning as we speak.

In Don’s program, you don’t just get better Strength & Conditioning and better ways of doing cardio…

You’ll get more knowledge about how your body works and performs.

You’ll learn the science of performance in Muay Thai, and how you can correct your technique and energy usage.

He gives you everything in the program.

One more thing… gradually as you’re on the program you will start to see more improvement in your performance. The more you keep going the more you will achieve.

Trust Don and the program. You won’t regret it… I sure haven’t :)

Yes, I want to join Heavy Hitters!