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Elevate Your Game

Inside every fighter is untapped potential waiting to be released. With Heavy Hitters, you’re not just training; you’re transforming into the best version of yourself.

The Heavy Hitters Difference

Maximised Efficiency

Your aspirations deserve the best tools. Get more from each session, cutting through the noise to focus on what truly makes a difference.

Peak Physical Potential

Redefine your limits with a program tailor-made to elevate your strength, agility, and endurance. Witness a transformation that leaves both you and your opponents in awe.

Augment Your Skill

No sacrificing Muay Thai skill sessions, they’re your priority. Enhance skilled movement patterns, and plug-and-play your S&C around your MT!

Safeguarding Your Passion

Intensive doesn’t mean injurious. Our program is crafted with precision to minimise risks and promote longevity in the sport you love.

Pro Membership Program

Achieve mastery without compromise. Heavy Hitters respects your dedication to the sport and your life outside it.

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Our doors open to aspiring champions only twice a year, ensuring the quality and focus you deserve. Although the enrolment is paused, opportunity doesn’t wait.

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Be in the frontline when we reopen in Sep 2024. And because early birds should get the worm, enjoy a £200 discount just for showing your enthusiasm.

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Pro Membership Program

A Journey of Transformation

Joining Heavy Hitters isn’t just an enrollment—it’s an evolution. Here, your passion meets our expertise, turning potentials into palpable results.

Voices of Victory

Paul Banasiak – Pro Fighter (2x World Champion)

Paul Banasiak

I first started working with Don as a last resort to a number of serious injuries, and man I wish I had done it sooner.

After the first few phases, not only was I able to trust my body in not breaking again, I was moving with better stability, speed and overall power.

My aerobic conditioning has always been a naturally strong part of my game, but Don’s programming showed me the holes that needed to be patched up when doing threshold training and anaerobic work.

I had three major injuries in back to back fights before working with Don.

Since we started working together 3 years ago, I haven’t had a single major issue and that’s a godsend– there is nothing more limiting than the mind of an athlete not trusting his or her own body.

Don gave me the confidence that has translated itself into three straight knockout wins and a WBC title.

Panicos Yusuf – Pro Fighter (2x Muay Thai World Champion)

“I’m getting in the gym, I know exactly what to do, and then I’m going home”

  • Darius Thurk – Amateur Fighter

    “It’s so much fun working with you… Tears of joy my friend, it’s really amazing.”
  • Yin Ling Kwan – Amateur Fighter

    “…I could sort of see it translate into my padwork… a little more force… it’s a little bit louder than before!”
  • Rolf Eijsink – Muay Thai Enthusiast

    “I feel this program gives me the things that were missing…”
  • Jon Mora – Muay Thai Enthusiast

    “I wish I would’ve did this 15 years ago instead of, you know, 3 years ago!”
  • Mo Morel – Muay Thai Enthusiast

    “I can feel the improvement…”
  • Adrien Pastant – Muay Thai Enthusiast

    “Honestly, I’ve never felt that strong or athletic in my life. So that’s quite crazy!”
  • Pascal Schmidt – Muay Thai Coach/Enthusiast

    “I love the program to be honest, what you’ve put together is amazing…”
  • Ricardo Alvarez – Pro Fighter

    Ricardo Alvarez

    “The best I have seen by far! If you want to improve your fitness and strength levels, I truly recommend this program”

  • Julian Nguyen – Pro Fighter

    Julian Nguyen

    “Hey Don! I won my fight last weekend! Just wanted to thank you for all your help. I truly enjoy your S&C coaching and program, very happy with the results. The S&C program meshes really well with the MT training.”

  • Ryan Forgeron – Amateur Fighter

    Ryan Forgeron

    “Got back in the ring last night for the first time in five years. Have heard so many good things about this programme so decided to give it a go. TRUST the programme, it works!”

  • George Mead – Amateur Fighter

    George Mead

    “I just won my 5 round fight and thanks to Dons programme I didn’t gas and felt I was striking with power until the last bell! Great progressive and structured progamme to follow!”

  • Dr Joe Conway – Muay Thai Coach

    Joe Conway

    “As an experienced coach and fighter for many decades, I can unequivocally say that Don Heatrick’s online Muay Thai strength and conditioning programs is one of the best you’ll find. Plus, Don answers questions and helps with individual training planning. It doesn’t get any better than that. I highly recommend the course for both coaches and fighters.”

  • Trinidad Salvala – Muay Thai Coach

    Trinidad Salvala

    “Don Heatrick really knows his stuff. The program has been a wise investment. I have gotten some great results from his teachings and so have my students. He is the man.”

Frequently Asked Questions

You can certainly figure it out on your own. I’ve even provided the scientific basis for this program in a video series – The Science of Building Champions – and have summarised the most important, practical elements in The Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint.

But this is NOT just another program with sets / reps like you can find for free anywhere online.

And the exact programming of sessions throughout the week to optimize energy systems and recovery is not so easy to figure out, especially for the sport of Muay Thai where you have to balance cardio, resistance training, and technical training across the week.

This is what makes my program unique from any other Strength & Conditioning program:

  • It is a complete S&C system that builds the 4 fundamental athletic qualities of a complete fighter –  strength, speed, power, and endurance – using only the most efficient and effective exercises and training methods
  • It’s designed precisely to meet the training and recovery demands of a Muay Thai fighter
  • It develops the exact qualities needed to excel in a fight, in the right order, with exact ratios and timing needed to peak exactly on fight night
  • It is designed so that you do NOT lose gains each time you move onto a new block of training… but systematically builds upon each quality, block by block, to ensure maximum strength, speed, power, and endurance by the end of each 12-week training camp

And not only do you get the exercises, reps, and instructional videos…

You get the principles and theory that teach you how it all comes together, so you understand the why behind everything you do.

As all champions know, the road to victory is never a straight path. You will surely run into less-than-ideal situations where you’ll need to use your knowledge to make the best possible training decisions based on your specific circumstances.

So I’ve made videos to cover the fundamental principles and theory in addition to all the step-by-step plans and instructions, so you can make the best possible decisions no matter what obstacles you run into, both now and for the rest of your career.

I’ve had many experienced fighters and athletes use this program to get faster, better results than anything they’ve tried before.

In fact, it’s the experienced ones who often get the fastest and best results, because they’ve already got the athletic foundation or skill needed to run the program properly.

They’re experienced in the weight room and don’t need to take as much time learning the movement patterns and exercises. And they’ve got the work ethic and discipline to do what needs to be done without excuses.

So the biggest game-changer in joining this program is learning how to learning how to structure their training – including cardio, skill work, strength training, and sparring – in a way that optimises for maximal gains, and manages both recovery and fatigue.

This allows them to break past those plateaus they’ve been struggling with for years, since they’ve already made significant progress toward their genetic potential.

The closer you get to your genetic potential, the more careful & strategic you have to be with your training to ensure you continue to grow rather than plateau.

A single session programmed incorrectly, with too much volume or in between other grueling technical/sparring sessions, can leave you too fatigued for your body to recover and kill your progress for the rest of the week.

Heavy Hitters 2.0 is optimized to ensure maximum gains with minimal fatigue, and prevent compromise between different training sessions.

So for more experienced athletes and fighters, this program takes the work ethic and discipline they already have, and channels them toward the most efficient efforts and methods, to create growth and development faster than anything else they’ve tried before.

You will still follow the 12-week fight camp structure. This is the ideal format for developing your fundamental athletic qualities – strength, power, speed, and endurance – in the balanced ratios ideal for Muay Thai.

While fighters will want to prolong specific blocks for “more gains” in a certain area, there is a significant disadvantage.

For example, some may want to extend the Functional Strength block for as long as 8-12 weeks because they’re ecstatic about the progress they’re making in their squat/deadlift/bench press numbers. So they want to continue full-speed ahead and continue to make as much progress in this area as possible.

The problem with this is that it creates an imbalance of strength-to-speed that is counter-productive to performance in Muay Thai. The extended time period training slow-twitch contractions takes a toll on their explosiveness, agility, and speed.

So they inevitably become slower in padwork, bagwork, sparring, and fighting because their training created adaptations suited for slow-twitch functions.

And when they finally start to convert strength into power, the process loses efficiency – a lot of conditioning and movement patterns must be undone in order to re-optimise for Muay Thai, and some of the strength they built in the last block isn’t fully converted into power later on.

To put it simply… they satisfy their ego with bigger lift numbers in the short-term, but gains are lost in the long-term.

The key is to train to create the right adaptations, in the right order, with the right ratios and timing.

Otherwise your body will optimise for other activities – e.g. olympic weightlifting or powerlifting – rather than for Muay Thai.

It’s a delicate balancing act that must be treated with respect and precision. This is where Functional Training and Periodisation come in – to ensure your body is optimised specifically for Muay Thai, rather than anything else that doesn’t matter come fight night.

Trust me when I say I’ve put a lot of thought and consideration into this, and I’ve tested with countless athletes and have fairly considered all options – until you’ve used this system for about 1 year to reach a certain level and balance of strength, power, speed, and endurance… it’s not worth it to play around with what’s laid out in the program.

Yes, absolutely – in fact, so many of my students are frequent fighters that I’ve included modules that explain exactly how to program your S&C to fit your frequent fighting schedule.

And we can use your 1-on-1 calls to optimise the program for your specific fight dates, to ensure you’re successful in both the short-term and long-term.

Although I designed this program specifically for Muay Thai performance, it directly enhances any striking art.

For example, many combat sport athletes and martial artists from different disciplines such as kickboxing, western boxing, Taekwondo, Kyokushin Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, etc, have all worked through the program, and shared great results with me.


Despite me honestly explaining that I haven’t designed this program for MMA fighters, many have joined the program anyway. And they’ve all found it has massively improved their fighting foundation.

I’ve even had Heavy Hitter members tell me that they’ve now aced the fitness and agility tests required for military or police academy selection, after failing to pass before.

It’s apparent that a solid training program designed to enhance the various body weapons of Muay Thai, carries over incredibly well to anyone needing “all round combat athleticism”.

And the reality is that most MMA fighters haven’t used a combat sports specific program before, that properly develops mobility and movement, functional strength, explosive power, and maximum speed, all in a progressive fight camp (periodised) structure.

So embarking on a combat sports specific S&C program completely changes their game.

That being said, there are some tweaks to the HH program that I’d suggest for MMA – to take care of a few additional wrestling/ground-work based performance requirements…

Such as adding specific grip work, bicep strength/isometric work (to better resist arm bars), and a general increase in the volume of strength exercises (by adding extra sets) to better suit the demands of wrestling on the ground, as opposed to purely upright clinching.

The fight camp specific energy systems (cardio) also changes a bit, depending on the number, and the length of the rounds that you compete at.

However, we can discuss the specifics of what to use and where in the program, while we’re on our private video calls together.

I’m confident that MMA fighters benefit immensely from the Heavy Hitters program, just like those already using it.

When you know, you know – but it’s not so obvious if you don’t know what’s under the hood. So let’s explore.

If you want to get the ball rolling, the Accelerator program is for you. It’s designed for Muay Thai enthusiasts, fighters, and coaches to set a rock solid athletic foundation and create a successful Muay Thai lifestyle…

That is, it builds a weekly training structure that’s both sustainable (fits in with your daily work and family demands, and doesn’t overload you and burn you out) and progressive (pitches the right amount of challenge to keep you moving forward without going stale and hitting a plateau). 

The Accelerator begins by checking out your mobility, and giving you personalised fixes. This way you fast track through any limiting factors that will prevent you becoming the best fighter you can be, and become a more robust athlete.

It then sets your movement and mobility foundation, ensuring you have both the stability and control to coordinate your body to both prevent injury and transfer your power efficiently.

Next up, functional strength is the focus. Foundation strength lifts are introduced and programmed, along with just the right amount of concurrent explosive power and maximum speed exercise to not confuse or stifle your strength gains.

Cardio conditioning endurance training in these first two blocks ensures you have the aerobic capacity to last the course, and have the recovery capacity to tolerate the increasing levels of training as your journey continues.

If you’re familiar with my Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint, this marks the end of the first two blocks, Mobility & Movement and Functional Strength. But there’s more…

Finally, there’s also a Muay Thai Performance Testing module complete with physical tests and scored performance profile report. So you can see how you rate, and which athletic areas need the most work to level up your game.

By the time you’ve finished the Accelerator modules, you’ve made significant progress.

You’re now ready to take on the rigours of fully integrated strength and conditioning, alongside your Muay Thai training, in preparation for a fight date or for long-term athletic progress if you don’t compete.

That’s where Heavy Hitters takes over…

Heavy Hitters includes everything in the Accelerator and then goes much further. In fact, over 10x further. It takes you all the way to the most athletic, fight-ready version of yourself you can be, with dedicated:

  • Explosive power training blocks
  • Maximum speed training blocks
  • Cardio endurance training shifting to aerobic power and finally anaerobic lactic power development
  • Full fight performance peaking
  • Personal video calls with me to get any answers you need

And there are many extra supporting modules in Heavy Hitters too. One I’ll mention now is the Minimum Equipment Program (MEP), a 12-week fight camp program that doesn’t require gym facilities at all!

Included in Heavy Hitters, this MEP is so powerful in its own right that it’s available as a stand alone program too.

We’ve only skimmed the surface here. Delving into our online training portal, you’ll find in-depth training modules and committed support. For those genuinely ready to invest in their future fight performance, the journey starts here.

I completely understand. It’s tough to be a fighter. Muay Thai isn’t a money sport, and you’ve got other bills to cover, including your MT training, food, rent, and all your other life expenses.

I’ve been in this boat myself. Even pro fighters don’t make a huge amount of money in this sport.

So I’ve made this as cost-efficient as possible, to allow dedicated fighters to get all the benefits of a personal S&C coach, without the massive price tag that comes with working with someone in person.

And not only do you get full access to all the modules, instructional videos, training plans, and the Dynamic Progression training algorithm for life…

This system is also designed to prevent injury by strengthening your joints/tendons/ligaments, installing proper functional movement patterns, and increasing your balance, mobility, and range of motion.

By following this program you will significantly fortify your body, and are likely to spend much less money fixing injuries in the long run.

There is a cashflow-friendly monthly payment plan for those who can’t afford full payment, but are committed to running the program this year.

Because intake for this program only happens 1-2 times per year, those who join the program now will be able to postpone their private coaching start date until they’re ready. You can even save all your coaching calls until you need them, and simply work through the program steps in your own time.

Also, this is a lifetime program! There’s no time limit on your access. Once you’ve completed payment, you have lifetime access to all updates and additions to the program.

The commitment required for this program is 2 resistance training sessions (60+ minutes each) and 1-3 conditioning sessions (15-60 minutes each) per week.

You dial this in to suit the time you have, and the training you’re accustomed too. This amounts to about 3-4 hours of training per week in addition to your existing Muay Thai training.

If you absolutely do not have time to add more training to your schedule, this is not for you.

However, if you are already training Muay Thai 6x or more per week, it would most likely be worth it to replace 1 or 2 of those sessions with HH S&C sessions (due to the 80/20 principle and “diminishing returns”).

This program is already optimised to ensure you get the greatest results in the least amount of time possible.

I’ve spent years researching and testing all of this, and I’m still learning and improving every day. This is my life, and it is my mission to bring proper Strength & Conditioning to the world of Muay Thai.

I made this system to provide dedicated fighters with the best, most productive training methods precisely so they could spend less time trying to figure it all out themselves.

So all that time you spend sifting through all the conflicting information on the internet, researching and testing methods that may or may not work – you can now use this for training.

It’s common to believe you need lots of fancy gym equipment to train strength and conditioning effectively…

You don’t!

To carry out World-Class training, you’ll only need a minimal amount of training equipment. It’s how you use them that makes all the difference.

All you need is at least the following items…

  • Barbell and plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Squat rack
  • Weight bench
  • Somewhere to do chin ups
  • TRX suspension trainer (or similar)
  • Ideally, some kettlebells too.


Eventually with plates totalling up to 2x your body weight, but you certainly won’t need that much to get started!


Various pairs, depending on how strong you are.


Just a simple squat stand like the one shown is just fine. If you have access to a more sturdy power rack, then even better… you’ll usually get a pull up bar with those too.


A flat bench is all you need. An incline bench will give you even greater flexibility in the future.


A chin up bar is awesome, but anything you can hang from will work just fine.


Any suspension trainer is ok, it doesn’t have to be an expensive TRX!


Although strictly speaking, we can get away with just using dumbbells, having some kettlebells will make things easier.

If you want to set up you own gym at home this year, this is what you’ll need!

We can put your coaching on pause (there’s no expiry on your calls), or use the calls to modify your program to help accelerate your rehab…

We’ll make sure you get back up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can continue your progress from where you left off before your injury.

And remember, this is a lifetime program! There’s no time limit on your access. Once you’ve completed payment, you have lifetime access to all updates and additions to the program.

As soon as you are recovered, you can resume training and make up lost ground easily.

First we’ll get on an Acceleration Call in your first week to get acquainted and clear on your individual goals and circumstances. I’ll give you my personal suggestions and advice to help you meet your goals with this program.

Then each month after that, we’ll get on a call every month to review your progress and ensure you’re on the right track for the next block of training.

If you feel that you’re making great progress in the program, and you’d prefer to save your calls for when you really need them (such as if you become injured, or have a fight date you’d like help peaking for), then you don’t have to take them. There’s no expiry.

You also have personal message access to me, so you can ask any questions that you want answered without having to wait until our next call.

This gives us the best of both worlds… all the benefits of a personal coach, with the freedom and flexibility to do your training on your own schedule.

In order to succeed, you need to have the focus and discipline to put in the work yourself. I am committed to you, but I cannot be committed for you.

If you have the work ethic and discipline to put in the work, and follow the guidance I give you in the program, there is no doubt you will completely transform as a fighter and athlete even as soon as the end of the first fight camp.

There are program modules that lead you through fat loss, functional muscle gain, carbs and energy periodisation, and that calculate daily calorie and macro requirements depending on your goals.

Along with this, if nutrition is your priority, we can discuss your personal situation in our video calls together to finetune your approach.

I don’t provide meal plans, as I find they’re really only a short-term fix…

They don’t provide you with the knowledge and habits to sustainably manage your nutrition once you come off the plan.

I believe in smaller, incremental changes to your current nutrition habits, that can create a permanent shift toward improved body composition and athletic performance.

And that means empowering you to make better decisions about what you choose to eat and drink every day and why

Not becoming dependent on a rigid meal plan that can’t accommodate your personal taste in food, or personal daily circumstances in your part of the world.

It’s made this way in order to ensure that you get the results you signed up for.

We live in an era where almost everything sold online is supposedly a “magic pill” or “instant success formula”.

This is not a magic solution that will make you a champion overnight.

This is a system based on principles and theory. It is meant to be molded to fit your specific goals and training situation, which is why instructional & theoretical videos are included, as well as 1-on-1 coaching calls.

This system works only if you put in the work. And it does NOT create “instant” results. It takes consistent effort in the right direction to achieve success and move toward your goals.

I’ve received many testimonials from clients and students telling me they’ve achieved significant results as early as the first couple of weeks. But after 3 months, there should be no doubt that your performance has significantly improved.

If this is not the case, just shoot me an email at to get a full refund.

Will you be the next Heavy Hitter?

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Stay committed. Stay formidable. And let’s make every minute of training count.

Footnote: We respect your commitment, passion, and time. Heavy Hitters is a result of relentless pursuit of mastery in Muay Thai, and we can’t wait to share it with you.