The Science-Driven Approach to World-Class Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai:

Don Heatrick

“Make more progress by focusing on LESS”

The best fighters & teams in the world know that the difference between good, great, and best is NOT the amount of time and effort spent training.

It’s the laser focus on the quality and purpose of every moment in training that allows them to get more out of their limited time and energy.

The ambitious yet average fighter doesn’t know that willpower and determination means nothing when used in the wrong way.

That no matter how much time, effort, and energy he puts into training…

A fighter who only trains hard will always be surpassed by a fighter who trains better.

This is why most people fail – the 2 major problems when it comes to doing S&C for Muay Thai

1. Many fighters and coaches are still stuck on the traditional “Thai style” of doing things, and don’t think learning new things will bring their game to the next level.

This is usually out of over-attachment to “tradition”, or simple lack of knowledge. They’ll often say “Thai fighters are the best Muay Thai fighters in the world, and if it works for them, it’ll work for us too.”

Unfortunately, that’s usually not the case.

Young Muay Thai Fighter - credit Nicolas Asfouri

Thai fighters tend to start young, and have more years to make progress using inefficient training methods

Thai fighters tend to start at a much younger age, and it’s only after 8-10+ years of training that they’re able to reach those levels using inefficient methods.

On the other hand, most westerners start at a much later age, and don’t have the capacity to train full-time like Thai fighters do because they have jobs, school, or family commitments to take care of.

Secondly, opinions about the effectiveness of “Thai-style” training is largely skewed by “survivorship bias” – the “best Thai fighters” who make it to the top of the sport are the tiny minority of fighters who were able to reach the top, despite using inefficient training methods.

And we become blind to everyone else – the thousands of fighters using the same inefficient methods, but aren’t as lucky and never make it to the top of the sport.

In truth, the vast majority (tens of thousands) of fighters who resort to traditional “Thai-style” training never even get close to competing at a high level in the sport.

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you know the vast majority of Thai fighters are only in it to make money and fight at local stadiums in the countryside, with no intention of reaching the top.

They do what they’re told, without ever considering if there’s a better way, because that’s the culture in Thailand.

Most only every fight lower-level competition in local stadiums or in the countryside to make money for their families, until they find a better way to make money, or get injured and can’t compete anymore.

Yet many coaches and fighters still live in the fantasy that doing things “Thai style” – running, skipping, push-ups, and pull-ups – is all the “Strength & Conditioning” that’s needed to grow as a fighter and reach the top of the sport.

Somehow they’ve missed the fact that today’s top teams and fighters in Thailand are adopting modern Strength & Conditioning to get a leg up on everyone else that’s still behind the times!

You don’t have to be an expert to see that after the initial phase of “newbie gains”, there’s a limit to how many more push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees you can add on until you hit a glass ceiling in your growth as a fighter.

2. There’s a lot of misunderstandings around how to do Strength & Conditioning properly for Muay Thai.

Joey Boy Money shot!

Westerners might make a bit of money fighting, but do it mostly for the love of the sport

Muay Thai is currently a “passion sport”, not a “money sport”. Most people in Muay Thai are in it for the love of the sport – not because it makes good money.

And as a professional Strength & Conditioning coach, it’s much more lucrative to focus on training athletes who compete in “money sports”, because they’re capable of paying MUCH more for top-level training.

It’s a better ROI (return-on-investment) as far as a career in Sports & Performance Science goes, and very few coaches & trainers are fully dedicated to the sport of Muay Thai.

Because of this, Muay Thai fighters are mostly left to figure things out for themselves – often resorting to whatever they can find on the internet – which usually results in a less-than-optimal regimen of Strength training and “cardio” (usually long runs and HIIT).

While this does create some athletic development in the right direction, it usually results in an overall imbalanced profile of athletic qualities.

The adaptations made aren’t exactly in the right form or ratios that are optimal for Muay Thai, and after a few years fighters tend to:

  • Develop poor movement patterns & lack biomechanical efficiency – which leads to poor habits & improper in Muay Thai technique, and an inability to move quickly, smoothly, or beautifully

  • Lack flexibility & mobility – usually have tight hips, more tensions in the body which is apparent in their punching/kicking technique, and prevents them from striking with full range or power

  • Gas out quickly in training and sparring – can’t perform as well when training longer or higher-level combos, and are ineffective in later rounds of sparring and clinching

  • Have an overemphasis of “raw strength” – can lift heavy loads, but aren’t able to produce force explosively – which means they can’t throw strikes with power and speed in sparring and fights

  • Lack balance, stability, and coordination – this is also apparent in their technique & movement, but also results in slower reaction times

  • Rack up injuries frequently – due to muscular imbalances, poor range of motion (ROM), and poor movement patterns that cause extraneous stress on certain joints & muscle groups

  • Have limited offensive & defensive options – different levels of coordination & power between different sides of the body makes these fighters more predictable, and less adaptable in both their offensive & defensive choices

  • Don’t develop as quickly in technique, timing, skill, or IQ – many fighters (or their coaches) try to programme their own exercises, intensity, & loads and rack up more fatigue than they realise (even though they “feel fine”) – which diminishes the progress they make in their Muay Thai sessions

The sad reality is that despite their best efforts, a lot of fighters will never become as great as they aim to be, because no one ever told them…

Strength & Conditioning for Muay Thai is NOT the same as for other sports!

I’ve been in this industry for a long time, and I’ve seen everything that can go wrong in a fighter’s athletic development.

And I can say that the BIGGEST problem among ambitious fighters and coaches, is that they implement exercises & methods WITHOUT understanding how it fits into the context of Muay Thai!

If you don’t know me yet, my name is Don Heatrick – I’m a family man from the UK, a former mechanical design engineer and pro thai boxer, a Muay Thai coach, podcast host, and the go-to expert on Muay Thai strength and conditioning.

  • I’ve amassed 25 years of experience in Thai boxing, both as a competitor and coach

  • I’ve won amateur Muay Thai titles (as many as three different titles in one year), and a European Silver Medal

  • I’ve formerly been pro ranked 4th in the UK at the age of 40 years old

  • Trained 1000+ fighters in 40+ countries worldwide, from beginners to Yokkao fight team champions such as Liam Harrison, Singdam, and Manachai

  • Been featured in Fighters and Combat magazines, and the MuayThai Guy, Lawrence Kenshin and MuayThai Scholar websites and podcasts

I’ve spent over half my life deep in the trenches of the sport, and as a fighter I wanted to rise as high as I could and compete with the best.

But between a career in engineering and family commitments, I didn’t have as much time to train as the full-time fighters I was competing against.

To make the most out of my limited time and energy, I looked to Sports & Performance Science to find the best these fields had to offer.

I wanted only the best methods that would produce maximum results with minimal time and effort, so I could compete at a high level despite being at an age that was considered “out of my prime” and having a more demanding schedule than most.

And despite holding a full-time career in engineering, raising a family, and being well past my “prime”…

I was able to compete and win against fighters 10 years younger, who were in their prime. I won a lot of fights I “shouldn’t” have, considering how much older I was than the fighters I was competing against.

I was able to win multiple amateur Muay Thai titles, a European Silver Medal, and even climbed the rankings and became the #4 ranked pro in the UK at age 40.

I’ve since retired from fighting, and am now a full-time Strength & Conditioning coach specialising in the sport of Muay Thai.

It’s my mission to help the next generation of fighters reach new heights and take the entire sport of Muay Thai to the next level.

And this means cutting through all the myths, misunderstandings, and overall BS that’s plaguing the industry and preventing fighters and coaches from achieving their highest goals.

“Don Heatrick is a special case because he has been in the trenches as an athlete and spent his life towards studying athletic development from the greats as well. I can assure you that his training principle and programs are well thought out and filled with both experience and research.”

Lawrence Kenshin

Combat Sports Analyst, Owner Striking Breakdowns

Proper Strength & Conditioning is STILL a huge unfair advantage in Muay Thai

And it’s the least-abused unfair advantage, because there are VERY few coaches and fighters who know how to use Strength & Conditioning specifically for this sport.

The industry is so behind that it’s almost a “hack” or “unfair advantage” to have a well-developed athletic profile, especially early on in a fighter’s career.

A fighter who does their S&C properly in the first 3-5 years of their training, has a HUGE advantage over everyone else in their weight division:

  • They develop better biomechanical efficiency that allows them to throw with more power and speed while using less energy

  • They tend to have better technique as a result of well-developed movement patterns

  • They’ve got a fearsome power-to-weight ratio that turns their strikes into deadly KO bombs

  • And they’ve got the gas tank and overall endurance to throw hard, fast, and relentlessly to totally overwhelm their opponents

In all honesty, it’s what makes fights look unfair, especially at the amateur level where experience is lacking, and there’s a larger variance in skill and athleticism.

Even then, the more athletically dominant fighter often looks to have even better skill, because they’re better able to sustain proper form and technique throughout the course of the fight.

All in all, fighters optimise their S&C early on tend to grow faster, rise higher, and achieve the most fruitful careers in the sport, because…

Strength & Conditioning done PROPERLY accelerates a fighter’s growth & maximises their potential unlike anything else!

Proper S&C provides the exact stimulus needed to induce the specific adaptations that improve performance in Muay Thai.

Proper S&C results in athletic development and  adaptations that directly transferable to practical performance in the sport.

It builds BOTH Movement Qualities:

  • Stability
  • Mobility
  • Coordination
  • Balance

AND Performance Qualities:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Endurance

And it builds all of these qualities simultaneously, but emphasising each in the right order using the right exercises & timing required to establish peak performance levels AND long-term athletic development.

Proper S&C directly improves striking technique by building fundamental movement patterns & athletic qualities

Proper S&C focuses heavily on improving movement patterns & biomechanical efficiency – which is the basis for developing smooth, clean, and powerful technique

Because the effectiveness of any technique is the result of the proper execution of the movement pattern behind it

Training movement patterns allows us to first focus on the fundamental, proper use of the human body – then integrate the strengthened movement pattern for better, smoother, more efficient technique

And improved biomechanics allows the body to sustain higher levels of power output for longer periods of time, simply by means of greater efficiency in each movement and strike.

Proper S&C helps fighters get more out of every training session and has a compounding effect when combined with skill & IQ training

Proper S&C does NOT compromise skill sessions, but is designed to induce as much athletic development as possible while ALSO leaving as much in the tank as possible for Muay Thai sessions

Proper conditioning & energy system development greatly delays time until physical & mental fatigue, due to more efficient recovery & energy usage.

As a result, fighters are able to train harder, longer, and with higher levels of focus and mental clarity.

This creates a larger window of opportunity in each skill session to work on the “mental” side of the game (timing, strategy, technical skill & fight IQ) and results in fighters making more progress out of every training session.

This is why I focus so heavily on Strength & Conditioning, even in the early years of a fighter’s development.

It’s also why I’ve produced over 247 articles & videos on the subject, in hopes that fighters and coaches will be able to take advantage of everything Strength & Conditioning has to offer the sport of Muay Thai.

But because there’s so much to consider when it comes to both the physical & mental demands of a rigorous Muay Thai training schedule, putting it all together isn’t as easy as reading articles and following videos.

So in order to help fighters take advantage of all this and grow more quickly, without dealing with all the overwhelming theory, details, and potential complications…

I put together what I believe to be the best training programme for fighters who want to make as much progress as possible, in the least amount of time, but still want to optimise for long-term athletic growth.


The Muay Thai S&C Accelerator

A Fully Comprehensive 8-Week Strength & Conditioning programme to Build the Foundation for Optimal Athletic Performance in Muay Thai

Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning Accelerator Program
  • Designed with Conjugate Periodisation to develop multiple athletic qualities at the same time

  • Programmed to create the specific adaptations needed for optimal performance in Muay Thai

  • Optimised to make the most progress in the least amount of time & break through your body’s current limitations – both the ones you’re aware of, and the ones you never knew existed

Turn Your Body Into A Fighting-Optimised Machine

This program was designed specifically to accelerate athletic development & overcome the most common struggles faced in the first 3-5 years of training Muay Thai, with the ultimate goal of turning your body into an optimised fighting machine.

Improve Mobility & Unlock Full Range of Motion

Unlock full range of motion to execute even the most complex & demanding techniques

Opening up tight hips and ankles results in better balance, power generation, and the ability to throw strikes with a full range of motion

Optimise Your Energy Systems

Aerobic capacity & power training develops a bigger “gas tank” and faster rate of recovery between explosive bursts and entire rounds of fighting & sparring.

You’ll be able to train harder, longer, and get more out of every session with an increased ability to put in more rounds & high-quality reps

Develop Biomechanical Efficiency & Better Technique

Learn and strengthen functional movement patterns so you can move with greater efficiency & speed (beautiful, efficient movements)

Increase the body’s capacity for functional strength, explosive power, and maximum speed

Build Fight-Ready Athleticism & Body Composition

Rapidly improve your physique & energy levels both in and out of the gym.

Following this programme in combination with proper diet and recovery (quality sleep) is the fast-track to building a body that fights as hard as it looks!

“As an experienced coach and fighter for many decades, I can unequivocally say that Don Heatrick’s online Muay Thai strength and conditioning programs is one of the best you’ll find.

Plus, Don answers questions and helps with individual training planning. It doesn’t get any better than that. I highly recommend the course for both coaches and fighters.”

– Dr Joe Conway, USA

Build Multiple Athletic Qualities At Once Using Conjugate Periodisation (Focused Training Cycles)

The Muay Thai S&C Accelerator incorporates 2 training blocks designed using Conjugate Periodisation to build multiple athletic qualities in each training cycle.

These blocks coincide with the “Movement & Mobility” and “Functional Strength” blocks in the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint, and were designed to build the foundational movement & performance qualities needed for more advanced phases of training.

Block 1 (Weeks 1-4): Movement & Mobility 

Master Muay Thai Movement Patterns & Expand Range of Motion

  • Develop movement qualities – mobility, stability, and coordination – for better technique both in the ring and in the weight room

  • Strengthen tendons, ligaments, and joints to prevent injuries and overtraining

  • Prime the body to withstand intense levels of training in the following 12 weeks

  • Conditioning focuses on aerobic capacity to develop sustained endurance and quicker recovery throughout a fight

  • Exercises specifically chosen to

    • Improve mobility, core strength, and joint stability to increase the body’s capacity to throw powerful strikes
    • Strengthen the entire kinetic chain by engaging all joints with varying levels of intensity
    • Activate all major muscle groups using functional movement patterns

Resistance Training sessions consist of:

  • Soft Tissue & Flexibility Work

  • Activation & Movement prep (warm-ups)

  • Bodyweight Movement / Functional Strength Circuits

Movement Block piechart

Block 2 (Weeks 5-8): Functional Strength Block

Build Foundational Strength, Power, and Speed

The second block of training deals with the Performance layer of the pyramid, while continuing to improve the Movement qualities developed in the previous training block.

This coincides with the “Functional Strength” block in the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint, and develops foundational levels of strength, power, speed, and endurance.

  • Focus on building a solid foundation of strength that will later be converted into power & speed

  • Continue anatomical adaptation (functional strength/hypertrophy) started in the previous block, and begin to train muscle groups & nervous system to generate maximal force

  • Develop dominant clinch strength and performance through increased stability, and coordination

  • Exercises specifically chosen to

    • Improve striking technique by strengthening the same movement patterns used for punches, kicks, blocks, and teeps
    • Increase capacity to generate power from the legs for BOTH lower-body strikes (kicks and knees) and upper-body strikes (punches and elbows)
    • Increase efficiency of power transfer from legs to striking limbs by building a stable core

Resistance Training sessions consist of:

  • Soft Tissue & Flexibility Work

  • Activation & Movement prep (warm-ups)

  • Plyo/Speed Circuits

  • Explosive Power Circuits

  • Functional Strength Circuits

  • Active Recovery (mobility & accessory work in between main “working sets”)

Functional Strength Block Resistance Exercise Conjugate

“In around 4 months, my strength, power, speed, and fitness were at an all time peak.

Commit to the program and even the seasoned athlete will see improvement by way of the strategic and accumulative approach to training.”

– Dave Yeomans, UK

Includes Performance Testing, ROM & Mobility Testing, and Aerobic Conditioning

Baseline Performance Assessment

The program begins with a Baseline Performance Assessment to measure your current athletic abilities, identify your strengths & weaknesses, and determines the intensity, volume & loads you’ll use in the rest of the program.

This baseline assessment helps us adjust the program for your current level of athleticism, so we can target your most-needed areas for improvement with the exact quantity & intensity that’s most efficient for you.

ROM Testing & Mobility Module

The ROM Testing & Mobility Module consists of a 5-point mobility test that assesses the ROM of each of your individual joints & pinpoints exactly where your mobility is lacking, then prescribes a structured stretching program to unlock, strengthen, and solidify a full range of motion based on where you need it the most.

Many stretching programs you’ll find on the internet won’t yield permanent results, because they only work on “opening” the range of motion, but not strengthening & solidifying it.

The ROM Testing & Mobility Module works not just on opening, but also strengthening & solidifying it to create strength across the newly opened ranges of motion and ensure the “stretching gains” are permanent!

Range of Motion Quick Fixes

Aerobic Capacity & Power Conditioning

Both training blocks incorporate conditioning in the form of aerobic capacity & power development.

The conditioning work done in these training blocks will build a larger “gas tank” of energy, and an increased aerobic metabolism (energy conversion from O2 (Oxygen) to ATP). 

This results in both a larger energy reserve and greater aerobic efficiency, allowing you to both sustain higher levels of output AND recover faster between extended bursts and fight/sparring rounds.

You’ll be less susceptible to fatigue or gassing out, you’ll be able to train longer and harder, and you’ll increase your rate of development by making more progress in every training session!

Biggest result I can see is being able to make it through class without gassing out… before I really couldn’t make it through without gassing out, I’d be toast by the end of the class – but now I’m ready to go, and even the instructors noticed.

It’s so hard to focus on the technical aspects if you’re tired, because you’re more focused on being tired – your physical limitations… if those improve, it makes it a lot more efficient and easier to focus on the technical aspects”

– Michael Johnson, USA

Ready to start training like a true professional?

This is what you get when you enrol in the Muay Thai S&C Accelerator:

Muay Thai Strength and Conditioning Accelerator Program
  • The entire training programme including

    • Performance Testing Module
    • Mobility & Flexibility Testing Module
    • Movement & Mobility Training Block (Mobility, Stability, Coordination)
    • Functional Athleticism Training Block (Functional Strength focused, concurrent power and speed introduction)
    • Aerobic Capacity & Power Conditioning
  • Detailed personalised training plans & PDF print-outs

  • Step-by-step exercise video tutorials

  • 2 types of weekly training models (allowing for anything in-between)

    • Minimum Training Model – for beginners, enthusiasts, and busy fighters
    • Full (Pro) Training Model – for the most ambitious & dedicated fighters
  • Access to Heavy Hitters Forum, where I personally answer your questions & give exclusive recommendations

Price: £149.99

Tim R. kicking

As someone who’s super-competitive, obsessed with optimization & always wants to do things as efficiently as possible… I used to spend hours researching and planning in addition to training because I wanted to grow as fast as I possibly could.

Having Don as my coach took out all the guesswork. I was able to spend less time reading & researching, more time actually training, and I got results faster and better than I ever did on my own… And the gains still aren’t done.

I keep coming back to his program every time I have access to a proper gym for one reason only:

I get stronger, faster, and more powerful when I run his program – every single time.

I don’t just look and feel better – my punches, kicks, knees and elbows all get visibly better, faster, and more powerful too. Everything he teaches directly translates to better performance in the sport, at least in my experience.

Honestly recommend anyone who’s serious about their growth in the sport to start working with Don ASAP – definitely one of the best investments you can possibly make in the first few years of your Muay Thai career.

– Tim R. USA

What makes this different

  • It’s not about building muscle or lifting higher numbers – it’s about becoming a better fighter by building an athletic body optimised for performance in Muay Thai

  • It’s not just about exercises, sets, and reps – it’s also about understanding of the body’s motor patterns, energy systems, and how to maximise the body’s potential and use it to the fullest

  • It’s not about following a one-size-fits-all training plan – it’s about doing what’s best for you, based on performance testing and your individual circumstances (which is why routines are adaptable, and I personally provide exercise substitutes & adjustments for all kinds of situations and circumstances)

  • It’s not about isolation or bodybuilding splits – it’s about mastering the entire body and developing intermuscular coordination for better power, speed, and efficiency in all movements and strikes

  • It’s not about training all day, every day or using the latest and greatest training methods – it’s about focusing on what works, so you make more progress more in less time, and have even MORE time & energy for both Muay Thai training and the other important things in life!

The Heavy Hitter Guarantee

I’ve spent the last 25 years developing this Strength & Conditioning system for Thai boxers and I have never seen any other program that consistently and reliably generates significant results like this does.

This system has been tested with over 200 athletes, ranging from total beginners to world-class fighters, and the system has produced significant results in every single athlete that followed the program.

And I have never even once been asked for a refund. Simply because this system works, as long as you do.

So here’s my promise:

Go through the 2 training blocks, and run the 2nd block twice – sticking to the program consistently for  3 months.

If, by the end of the second Functional Strength block, your performance hasn’t significantly improved as a result…

Just shoot an email to to get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can certainly figure it out on your own. I’ve even provided the scientific basis for this program in a video series – The Science of Building Champions – and have summarised the most important, practical elements in The Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint.

But this is NOT just another program with sets / reps like you can find for free anywhere online.

And the exact programming of sessions throughout the week to optimize energy systems and recovery is not so easy to figure out, especially for the sport of Muay Thai where you have to balance cardio, resistance training, and technical training across the week.

This is what makes my program unique from any other Strength & Conditioning program:

  • It is a complete S&C system that builds the 4 fundamental athletic qualities of a complete fighter –  strength, speed, power, and endurance – using only the most efficient and effective exercises and training methods
  • It’s designed precisely to meet the training and recovery demands of a Muay Thai fighter
  • It develops the exact qualities needed to excel in a fight, in the right order, with exact ratios and timing needed to peak exactly on fight night
  • It is designed so that you do NOT lose gains each time you move onto a new block of training… but systematically builds upon each quality, block by block, to ensure maximum strength, speed, power, and endurance by the end of each 12-week training camp

And not only do you get the exercises, reps, and instructional videos…

You get the principles and theory that teach you how it all comes together, so you understand the why behind everything you do.

As all champions know, the road to victory is never a straight path. You will surely run into less-than-ideal situations where you’ll need to use your knowledge to make the best possible training decisions based on your specific circumstances.

So I’ve made videos to cover the fundamental principles and theory in addition to all the step-by-step plans and instructions, so you can make the best possible decisions no matter what obstacles you run into, both now and for the rest of your career.

I’ve had many experienced fighters and athletes use this program to get faster, better results than anything they’ve tried before.

In fact, it’s the experienced ones who often get the fastest and best results, because they’ve already got the athletic foundation or skill needed to run the program properly.

They’re experienced in the weight room and don’t need to take as much time learning the movement patterns and exercises. And they’ve got the work ethic and discipline to do what needs to be done without excuses.

So the biggest game-changer in joining this program is learning how to learning how to structure their training – including cardio, skill work, strength training, and sparring – in a way that optimises for maximal gains, and manages both recovery and fatigue.

This allows them to break past those plateaus they’ve been struggling with for years, since they’ve already made significant progress toward their genetic potential.

The closer you get to your genetic potential, the more careful & strategic you have to be with your training to ensure you continue to grow rather than plateau.

A single session programmed incorrectly, with too much volume or in between other grueling technical/sparring sessions, can leave you too fatigued for your body to recover and kill your progress for the rest of the week.

The Muay Thai Accelerator is optimized to ensure maximum gains with minimal fatigue, and prevent compromise between different training sessions.

So for more experienced athletes and fighters, this program takes the work ethic and discipline they already have, and channels them toward the most efficient efforts and methods, to create growth and development faster than anything else they’ve tried before.

Dedicated Explosive Power and Maximum Speed training blocks are beyond the scope of the Accelerator program.

The Accelerator program provides a rock-solid introduction to genuine Muay Thai specific strength and conditioning – which includes the two initial training blocks:

  1. Mobility & Movement Block
  2. Functional Strength Block

Along with mobility testing and performance testing modules too.

The Functional Strength Block primarily develops strength, while concurrently introducing power, and speed.

It’s a highly efficient, structured training regimen that can be run for 3-12 months…

Using Accelerator for up to a Year

To progress your training on a consistent basis there are two options:

  1. Continue to run through the Accelerator modules to rinse all the gains possible
  2. Move on to the Heavy Hitters Program

How To Re-run The MT Accelerator

You can repeat the Strength Block many times and still improve… because you can re-test your rep-max levels for each exercise, and work through the block with a new set of personalised training loads.

This process looks like this:

  1. Retest rep max results and repeat the Strength Block again to improve general athletic qualities even further

(effectively stringing 2x 4-week blocks back-to-back to create an 8-week Strength Block… See Strength 1 followed by Strength 2 below)

  1. Retest and repeat the Movement Block for 1 or 2 weeks (choosing any week, or 2 consecutive weeks from the block, whatever intensity levels suit you
  2. Repeat these first two steps (the 8-week Strength/1-2week Movement cycle) can be repeated as often as you like… See Strength 3 onwards!

Note: I only recommend you perform 8x continuous weeks on one block emphasis (i.e. 2x 4-week Strength blocks), because your body needs a change of stimulus to prevent a plateau.

This approach typically provides great results for up to a year, then your training program needs to be changed up to continue to maintain progress.

How To Upgrade To Heavy Hitters

This option is there if you feel you’re ready to progress onto targeted Explosive Power, Maximum Speed Blocks, and way beyond!

You can upgrade your Muay Thai Accelerator Program to the Heavy Hitters Program… AND you get the price you paid for the Accelerator off the price of the Heavy Hitters program!

If you’d like a more detailed breakdown of the difference between the Accelerator and Heavy Hitters programs, just reach out and let me know in the chat window (to the right ) and I’ll send you some further info.

I completely understand. It’s tough to be a fighter. Muay Thai isn’t a money sport, and you’ve got other bills to cover, including your MT training, food, rent, and all your other life expenses.

I’ve been in this boat myself. Even pro fighters don’t make a huge amount of money in this sport.

So I’ve made this as cost-efficient as possible, to allow dedicated fighters to get all the benefits of a personal S&C coach, without the massive price tag that comes with working with someone in person.

And not only do you get full access to all the modules, instructional videos, training plans, and the Dynamic Progression training algorithm for life…

This system is also designed to prevent injury by strengthening your joints/tendons/ligaments, installing proper functional movement patterns, and increasing your balance, mobility, and range of motion.

By following this program you will significantly fortify your body, and are likely to spend much less money fixing injuries in the long run.

When you buy this program, you get access to it for life – so you can start whenever you like, and pause whenever you like too.

The commitment required for this program is 2 resistance training sessions (60+ minutes each) and 1-3 conditioning sessions (15-40 minutes each) per week.

This amounts to about 3-4 hours of training per week.

If you absolutely do not have time to add more training to your schedule, this is not for you.

However, if you are already training Muay Thai 6x or more per week, it would most likely be worth it to replace 1 or 2 of those sessions with Accelerator S&C sessions (due to the 80/20 principle and “diminishing returns”).

This program is already optimised to ensure you get the greatest results in the least amount of time possible.

I’ve spent years researching and testing all of this, and I’m still learning and improving every day. This is my life, and it is my mission to bring proper Strength & Conditioning to the world of Muay Thai.

I made this system to provide dedicated fighters with the best, most productive training methods precisely so they could spend less time trying to figure it all out themselves.

So all that time you spend sifting through all the conflicting information on the internet, researching and testing methods that may or may not work – you can now use this for training.

It’s common to believe you need lots of fancy gym equipment to train strength and conditioning effectively…

You don’t!

To carry out World-Class training, you’ll only need a minimal amount of training equipment. It’s how you use them that makes all the difference.

All you need is at least the following items…

  • Barbell and plates
  • Dumbbells
  • Squat rack
  • Weight bench
  • Somewhere to do chin ups
  • TRX suspension trainer (or similar)
  • Ideally, some kettlebells too.


Eventually with plates totalling up to 2x your body weight, but you certainly won’t need that much to get started!


Various pairs, depending on how strong you are.


Just a simple squat stand like the one shown is just fine. If you have access to a more sturdy power rack, then even better… you’ll usually get a pull up bar with those too.


A flat bench is all you need. An incline bench will give you even greater flexibility in the future.


A chin up bar is awesome, but anything you can hang from will work just fine.


Any suspension trainer is ok, it doesn’t have to be an expensive TRX!


Although strictly speaking, we can get away with just using dumbbells, having some kettlebells will make things easier.

If you want to set up you own gym at home this year, this is what you’ll need!

You can put your training on pause, or modify your program to help accelerate your rehab.

We’ll make sure you get back up to speed as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can continue your progress from where you left off before your injury.

It’s made this way in order to ensure that you get the results you signed up for.

We live in an era where almost everything sold online is supposedly a “magic pill” or “instant success formula”.

This is not a magic solution that will make you a champion overnight.

This is a system based on principles and theory. It is meant to be molded to fit your specific goals and training situation.

This system works only if you put in the work. And it does NOT create “instant” results. It takes consistent effort in the right direction to achieve success and move toward your goals.

I’ve received many testimonials from clients and students telling me they’ve achieved significant results as early as the first couple of weeks. But after 3 months, there should be no doubt that your performance has significantly improved.

If this is not the case, just shoot me an email at to get a full refund.

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