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Plan Your Training Using the Optimal Fight Camp Blueprint

Optimal 12 Week Fight Camp Blueprint
A Guide to Programming S&C for Superior Athleticism & Ring Dominance

Plan your strength and conditioning effectively, and you’ll become an athletically dominant fighter in the long-term, no matter where you’re starting out now.

You’ll surpass anyone who doesn’t abide by scientific principles in their training. It’s just a matter of time and putting in the work.

• Program your fight camps like a world-class professional – optimised training and recovery cycles ensure maximum training efficiency and athletic gains

• Seamlessly integrate strength training, cardio, and Muay Thai (including drills, bagwork, padwork, and sparring) – learn how to minimise fatigue without sacrificing performance or training quality

• Learn the exact types of exercises, sets, and rep schemes needed to create fight-specific athletic adaptations… and how to avoid training schemes that make you a slow, bulky, or awkward fighter

• Includes guidelines on how to optimise shorter fight camps: 10-week, 8-week, 6-week, 4-week, and even 2-week fight camps (in case you ever choose to take a fight on short notice)

I know it can be confusing to figure all this out, so I’ve put this “Optimal 12-Week Fight Camp Blueprint” together into a PDF guide to help you plan your training.

Learn How to Train to Dominate Fights

Out of the well over 200 articles on this site, the following content has been selected, and categorised to illustrate a cross-section of what strength and conditioning for Muay Thai is… if you get it right!

S&C Fundamentals – Build Your Foundation…

If you’re new to Muay Thai strength and conditioning, this content will rapidly accelerate your understanding.

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S&C Exercises & Routines – Functional Training for Muay Thai…

Want to jump in with some exercises, or training routines that will boost your Muay Thai performance? This is the category for you.

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Muay Thai Cardio – Build Relentless Conditioning…

Everything in this category is designed to get you fighting fit, so you can relentlessly outpace your opponent.

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Muay Thai Sports Science – Optimise Your Training…

If you need to know what’s going on under the hood, this category shares the science of Muay Thai strength and conditioning programming – how to put it all together and why.

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Muay Thai Mechanics – Sharpen Your Technique & Develop KO Power…

This category specifically breaks down Muay Thai techniques, and shows you how to make them stronger and more powerful.

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Fight IQ & Mental Training – Dominate The Mental Game…

Here you’ll find everything that will help you learn to enhance your fight IQ and build a robust, successful mindset.

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Nutrition & Weight Cuts – Optimise Your Nutrition…

This section shows you how to fuel your body for peak performance, and the most competitive fight weight.

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Injury Rehab & Prevention – Fix & Avoid Common Injuries…

How to train to prevent injuries, or get back to training after injury as quickly as possible, and in the best shape possible.

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Heatrick Scientific Muay Thai S&C

What this website, and I’m all about…

I’m here to help Muay Thai fighters use sports science to build high-performance minds and bodies that exceed their fight IQ, taking their game to the next level.