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  • thoracic spine rotation test for fighters

Thoracic Spine Rotation Test For Fighters

How do you score on this thoracic spine rotation test? 9 out of 10 fighters can’t adequately twist their torso! They don’t have enough t-spine rotation, especially on the dominant side of their body. This [...]

  • Barbell vs Dumbbell Shoulder Press For Fighters

Barbell vs Dumbbell Shoulder Press For Fighters

Both barbells and dumbbells have their place in a fighters program for exercises like the shoulder press... Either to target specific qualities in different blocks of training, to accommodate shoulder mobility or injury, or simply [...]

  • Hill Sprints Without A Hill

How To Do Hill Sprints Without A Hill

Fighters instinctively feel that hill sprints boost their fight performance. And mixing these High Resistance Intervals amongst your “roadwork” develops your endurance in a way steady state running can’t. But, not everyone has access [...]