How Jonathan Haggerty Did That to Sam-A

I’ve been asked why I thought Jonathan Haggerty, at only 22 years old and 16 professional fights to his name, managed to defeat Thai legend Sam-A (with 336 wins and only 46 losses) to claim the ONE Championship flyweight Muay Thai world title. So here are my thoughts... I’ll begin by putting fight [...]

How Jonathan Haggerty Did That to Sam-A2023-08-06T14:59:46+01:00

How To Get Good At Muay Thai Fast & Keep Getting Better & Better!

If you want to know how to get good at Muay Thai fast... Here I share my Muay Thai performance coaching principles – that'll not only reduce how long it takes to get good at Muay Thai, but also sustain consistent improvement year on year too. In every session, the objective is to [...]

How To Get Good At Muay Thai Fast & Keep Getting Better & Better!2023-08-06T14:57:43+01:00


There's a lot of video clips out there showing snapshots of Anthony Joshua's strength and conditioning training. I thought I'd take a quick look specifically at reaction training, and chat through some thoughts. And if there's another video out there that you'd like me to discuss, please get in contact and let me know! ;) [...]


Muay Thai Fighter – Are You An Addict?

Here’s the thing… You might not admit it, but I guarantee there’s something in your life that you’re powerless over… …And it’s become unmanageable. That’s an addiction, and denial is one of the characteristics! If you’ve read my blogs before, you’ll know I’m no stranger to drawing inspiration and expertise from diverse fields. And [...]

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Do You Cop Out?

You might not be ready to hear this, but I’m going to say it anyway. Guess what, everything that happens to you is your fault. …I can feel a wave of aversion rising – “but” what if this, or that… Ok, to pander to this argument a little... other people can affect what happens to [...]

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Muay Thai & Ballet Common Ground

No, I’m not joking! I’m influenced by excellence regardless of the discipline or activity. I see the common ground everywhere. Every experience of successful individuals teaches me something – opens my eyes to something new, or provides confirmation of a principle I’ve already recognised. Recently, through my 10-year old daughter’s successful pursuit of a [...]

Muay Thai & Ballet Common Ground2023-08-06T14:53:08+01:00


My wife forwarded the following video to me, showing an apparent impact conditioning drill. Now, it's pretty obvious this is the dumbest idea ever. This kind of deliberate repeated trauma to the brain causes damage, and you can only accumulate so much brain trauma in a lifetime, so don't waste it with this kind [...]

BRAIN SAVING SPARRING – DON’T BE DUMB2023-08-06T14:53:10+01:00

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I was privileged to spend 2-days with Joel Jamieson of, widely recognised as one of the foremost experts on strength and conditioning for combat sports, and someone that has heavily influenced my personal approach to athletic training and energy systems conditioning in particular. This was his first time [...]

Fighter Conditioning: Body, Brain & Training Environment2023-08-06T14:53:11+01:00

Cornering Fighters – A Few Good Words

Sitting watching the 2014 Commonwealth Games, I was struck by the coaches activity — grabbing fleeting moments to refocus their athletes. The boxing corner-teams were especially interesting... What's imparted during these brief exchanges? What's useful, and (more importantly) what's not useful? Tuning Out? Although understanding how to coach effectively during competition is crucial, [...]

Cornering Fighters – A Few Good Words2023-08-06T14:53:22+01:00

Muay Thai: Balancing the Extremes

Every element within your being constantly swings between two opposite extreme states like a pendulum. This fluctuation is normal as your body strives to maintain balance. But, if the pendulum swings too far, balance is lost, problems arise and breakdown is inevitable. This principle is true at every level of existence, from the solar [...]

Muay Thai: Balancing the Extremes2023-08-06T14:53:23+01:00

Movement Rhythm & Muay Thai Economy

Following last weeks post, this article shares more in-fight relaxation tips inspired by my private session with Yodsanklai Fairtex in Pattaya. Every move Yod makes comes from a relaxed, shuffling fighting stance – which is a focus in his coaching. Muay Thai is rhythmical movement, with an escalating tempo from the first to the [...]

Movement Rhythm & Muay Thai Economy2023-08-06T12:27:52+01:00

Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training

It's commonly known that a fighter must be focused. An unfocused, mentally distracted fighter doesn't perform well. But, what isn't commonly known is there are two types of focus. One that can help a little (or potentially overload and paralyse you), and one that taps into your flow state, unleashing your full potential. This [...]

Mindfulness Muay Thai — Flow State Mental Training2023-08-06T12:28:07+01:00


Last weeks post served as an introduction to this one, if you missed it please click here. I'm sure you've all heard before that a fight is 90% mental and only 10% physical. With this blog, I'm keen to share with you my thoughts on all aspects of Muay Thai performance, not just the physical. [...]

MUAY THAI FLOW STATE2023-08-06T12:28:08+01:00

Quality Before Intensity

Weight training sessions are far more than merely pumping iron. They're an opportunity to learn and practice movement patterns that when performed correctly will transform your athletic ability and protect against injury. Sadly, without a coach overseeing the training session, all too often, ego takes hold and too much load is manhandled with poor [...]

Quality Before Intensity2023-08-06T12:17:41+01:00
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