Stronger Fighter Training

To become a stronger fighter, you must use resistance training correctly... Historically, old-school fight coaches claimed that weight training makes fighters big and slow. But that’s only true if you use resistance training poorly. When used in the right way, weight training can either make you much stronger WITHOUT getting any bigger, or both [...]

Stronger Fighter Training2023-08-06T09:17:32+01:00

Exactly Why A Big fighter Isn’t Always Stronger

Understanding exactly why a big fighter isn’t always stronger is crucial for fight performance. It explains why some fighters perform well in their weight class and others don’t, and informs how you can best train to dominate your weight class too. As we’ve seen in the previous two videos, it’s speed that kills! However, [...]

Exactly Why A Big fighter Isn’t Always Stronger2023-08-06T09:17:32+01:00

Being Both Big AND Strong Hits Harder – Bigger Weight Class

Continuing our look at who hits harder, now we consider fighters in different weight classes and the effect this has on the physics of striking! The last episode, “Fat Loss: Who Hits Harder, Big Or Fast?” created some fantastic points of discussion. And shone a light on some areas of confusion too. In this [...]

Being Both Big AND Strong Hits Harder – Bigger Weight Class2023-08-06T09:17:33+01:00


Following over a months lay off from training due to a persistent illness, I've lost a lot of muscle. Stepping back on the scales I'm nearly 5kg lighter. My composition remains good, but I need to get my weight back were it was so I'm competitive in my weight category at 75kg max (day [...]

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